Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fall colors and creatures in Cedarburg

Last weekend, my mom and I went on our annual trip to Cedarburg. It was a beautiful day and I took a ton of pictures! I have a feeling I took more this year than usual.

It's nice to visit this area when the leaves are still colorful and on the trees and sides of the buildings.

I love this little vine that was creeping along a stone wall.

You might recognize this outdoor store display from past years. It's more or less the same each year plus or minus a ghoulie or two.


They had lots of cool metal yard decorations for sale, like this wild frog monster.

This picturesque scene along the creek is what you see behind the store.

You might remember the shed I've talked about in past years. Behind the store there's this little wood shed filled with goodies. This witch is one of the things I saw in there. Kind of a goofy little potato voodoo witch.

There were witches in all shapes and sizes for sale.

This could actually be a pretty spooky silhouette in the evening.

Inside the main store, there were lots of decorative Halloween items.

Isn't this cool? Somehow this head fits with the Halloween theme for me. She seems like she should be outside the Disney Haunted Mansion on top of a cement column.

I saw this guy creeping around a corner. At first glance he comes across as real because of his height.

A cute pumpkin scarecrow lady in a jewelry shop window.

This devil looks related to the frog monster.

These pics were taken in a little alleyway type area by a garden shop.

Peaceful pumpkins.

I know I've shared a photo of this guy before, but I couldn't pass up doing it again. How creepy.

Disembodied feet. You can't tell from this picture, but they were super tiny.

Mom on the Interurban bridge over Cedar Creek. This bridge was built by Carnegie Steel in 1907. It was designed for the train line that traveled between Milwaukee and Sheboygan. It's so crazy to think about standing on a bridge that trains used to travel over.

There's a law office that always has a great Halloween display out front. One time there was a big Bethany Lowe looking pumpkin out there reading a book. This time there's what looks like a Halloween playhouse.

Check out this cool old movie theater! It's so reflective that you can see the building across the street. This building was a dry goods store in the 1800s but opened as a movie theater in 1936. This explains the lovely Art Deco facade. I read on the theater's web site that the front of the building is covered in black Carrara Glass and chrome.

Look at the ironwork on The Washington House Inn! This was Cedarburg's first inn and was founded in 1846.

More for you iron lovers:

I share pics of this place each year, but how could I not? Look at those gingerbread details! It's like a cute storybook house.

I know you guys like the caramel apple pics, so I took a bunch!

This place is a blast! Another older home turned into a holiday store. This house has different holiday items by room - Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, and St. Patrick's Day. But of course I only took pics of the Halloween stuff. There's so much in here that it's almost overwhelming!

So let's start with some of what was outside in the front yard. Some adorable vintage inspired pillows. Love those spooky cats.

I like the way they have their witch hats displayed along the fence.

Why does this make me laugh? I'm smiling at it right now. I don't know, I know it's hideous! I think this was a mask.

These photos were taken inside the store. A little muscle man pumpkin:

I'm not sure if this witch was just decorative or a mask. She looks like she could make a good lantern. It would be cool if her eyes lit up.

I love this skeleton moon!

I just noticed this is Bethany Lowe. It was convincingly vintage to me!

A "Steampunkin"

Haha! "I like to eat a charbroiled bat". Well, there's a rhyme for ya. I was just laughing and laughing at that one.

A tree full of Halloween goodness! I'm looking at some of these pictures and thinking how they could make a good jigsaw puzzle. So many little details.

They were probably just hanging this way randomly, but doesn't it look like these little skeleton girls are whispering to one another?

Another vintage looking Bethany Lowe creation:

See the cat eyes? I shared a photo of these eyes from the inside of the house years back: From the other side.

This guy was looking out one of the front windows on the lower level.

The Kuhefuss House Museum of Cedarburg history:

Another house I take a pic of every year and share, but again how could I not? This is shaped like a classic haunted house. It's now The Cedarburg Art Museum.

The Cedarburg City Hall:

Maxwell's bar and restaurant, which I have not been in. But I like the architecture.

Lumpy pumpkin

This is by far the best pumpkin stem I've seen this season!

A spooky scarecrow with dark, shadowy eyes.

This one is walking the line between cute and creepy. I think because I don't know what's going on under that hat.

And... This one's just creepy.

We passed some cornfields on the way home and I took a pic of the blur of corn.

My fisheye lens got a workout on the ride home as I took some photos of the spooky trees. The trees here look more or less like what I saw but the land has a more dramatic curve.

If you'd like to look back at our trip to Cedarburg over the years, here are some links to my previous blog posts. I can't believe I've been sharing photos of this place since 2010!

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  1. Always enjoyable. Now I must get caramel apples tomorrow!

    1. Old Fashion Halloween ~ Thank you! :) I thought these pics might inspire someone to go get a caramel apple... I had a caramel apple this year at the usual place out in the country, but some day I might have to try one of these Cedarburg apples. There were a lot of tempting ones in that window!

  2. I love the witches hats, skeleton moon, and the art museum! Looks like a classic town for Halloeen night. The kids must love trick-or-treating there! The drive home looks scenic.

    1. Matt ~ I love all of those things too! That skeleton moon might have been my favorite of all the things in that shop, and there were a lot of things. Wasn't that a neat way to display the witch hats? I was wondering if the shop owners come out and take all these things in at night. That would be a lot to take in, but a hat can easily fly away with the wind. In fact, that happened with one of the witch hats I put on one of the pumpkins this year. Luckily, I was outside to chase after it when that happened.

      It does look like a classic town for Halloween night. It's funny that you mention that and the trick-or-treating, because they go all out on Halloween night for the kids. I've never been there for that celebration. Cedarburg isn't all that close for me. But I hear it's an amazing night. All the shop owners put out lit pumpkins, there's a parade, and the kids trick-or-treat down the main street. I should look and see if I can find some photos of Halloween night in Cedarburg online.

      Yes, the drive home was scenic! Listening to Halloween music in the car and taking photos of spooky trees and cornfields. Plus, there were lots of old farms and farmhouses to see on the way back. My kind of scenery!

    2. Justine - A Main Street trickOrtreat parade sounds great! Yeah, my relatives lived on farms and I always enjoyed driving through farm lands and looking at farm houses - seems like a great place to live.

    3. Matt ~ I think it would be a great place to live too. I'm drawn to farm land/houses and Victorian houses so you can imagine how much I love exploring Cedarburg!

  3. What fun - did you buy anything? So many awesome choices. I would have a hard time deciding.

    1. Lady M ~ It was! Yeah, we picked up another spooky tree which was similar to the one we found last year. We also found a cute little cookie cutter of a deer for Christmas. There's this baking supply shop on the main street that has pretty much any cookie cutter you can imagine, and even some you couldn't imagine! But we didn't take home anything pictured here.

  4. Superb photos Justine. I love all those witch hats! I like to see old buildings preserved and still full of life, but then I tend to favour the old over the new. Hope you had a great Halloween last night!

  5. Ali ~ Thank you! :) Me too! What a nice variety of witch hats and such a unique way of displaying them. Displays like that make the shopping experience even more fun!

    I tend to be drawn to old architecture too. It is nice that buildings that are over 100 years are not only still standing, but still being cared for, decorated, and enjoyed!

    I did have a great Halloween! It was surprisingly eventful. I hope you did as well. :)