Sunday, October 25, 2015

Justine's Halloween Blog Party 2015

You're all welcome to attend my yearly Halloween Blog Party! It's in a new place this year, but it's not hard to find. You have a full moon to light your way.

Just follow that helpful little bat and his friends through the graveyard...

Almost there...

There's the place! Looks like it's raining, so you better hurry in.

I'll just open the door for you...

Welcome! Come on in!

Looks like the bats are staying for the party.

There are already some guests here to greet you!

Miranda was first to arrive as Rita Skeeter, that pesky, poison-pen reporter from the Harry Potter stories. She arrived early so she wouldn't miss a moment to report on.

Next was Alicia as a Mad Hatter Villain. She manages to be both colorful and scary at the same time. Look at those eyes! Alicia is a really talented makeup artist. Check out some of her Halloween makeup looks and tutorials here.

As if that Mad Hatter wasn't scary enough, two of those bats that flew into the house transformed into vampires before our very eyes! Patricia and her date Chris:

Old Fashion Halloween had a more traditional entrance when she knocked on the door. Although, being the Steampunk Seamstress that she is, she'd flown in on a Steampunk airship to get here.

We all heard the sound of dripping water outside. Something had emerged from the sea and was heading toward the house. It was Bob as Jaws!

There's lots of good music at the party thanks to Dead Air 98.3 FM:

I've been listening to Dead Air through October and I've been hearing so many songs I've never heard before. Go listen, and I bet a lot of these songs will be new to you too. Dead Air dug deep, deep, deep into the past for some of these songs. There are quite a few from the 1930s.

Clay, the guy who assembled all of those wonderful vintage Halloween songs for Dead Air, sent his daughter Emily as his representative to the party. She emerged from the graveyard outside and glided to the door as a Corpse Bride!

Next to the door was a really creepy creature: Venom from the Spiderman comics! Just look at those claws. Venom had taken Jason as his host for the night.

A flash of fire shot up outside the window!

Out of the flames emerged Chris as a fashionable Devil!

Chris was also nice enough to bring brownies for everyone! (They were baked in the fires of Hell.)

Melody as Red Riding Hood came running up to the door with the big bad wolf on her heels! Luckily she made it inside in time.

There was more commotion in the graveyard. Look who stumbled out and made their way to the party! The Real Queen of Horror, Zena and her husband as a rebellious and a geeky zombie.

A fun party activity was watching the old Mickey Mouse cartoon "The Haunted House"

You might recognize a lot of the gifs in this post from that cartoon!

There's still time left if any of you would like to join the fun! Just send me a costumed pic and I'll add you to the group.

P.S. ~ As a little party treat to go with the Disney Halloween theme, here are bunch of cute coloring pages you can print out:

Disney Halloween Coloring Pages 


  1. Awesome! Great work, Justine! You throw the best blog parties! I loved your comment about my brownies!

    At first, I didn't see you. I assumed that first photo was of a guest. It was only when I couldn't find you that I went looking, and realized that was not only a mask in that photo, but it was the Harlequin one I got you in Venice! That's so cool! Thanks for donning it for this special occasion!

    1. Chris ~ Thank you! :) I wonder how much competition I have as far as blog parties go? Oh, I thought you'd like that brownie comment. I couldn't pass that one up! Now I'm trying to imagine what a Hell baked brownie would taste like...

      Oh! See, that's just how well I was hidden. I don't think I've ever put on a costume that was so concealing. It really makes you think about how it was to live in Venice during the time when everyone were walking around like that. A range of mysterious to terrifying! Can you imagine walking through those alleyways and corridors in Venice in complete disguise and running into other people who you can't recognize?

      I thought this would be a fun time to show off the mask. The perfect occasion! Thanks again. :)

  2. I love the gifs and the costumes are great! Did you find the gifs on Youtube?

    1. Matt ~ Thanks! Actually, I just googled "haunted house gifs" or things along those lines and searched for images. A ton of choices came up. Most of them were on Tumblr. That seems to be the site for gifs! I'm glad that people take the time to make them.

  3. So great! Sorry I didn't send you my picture. So much to do in October! I'm going to check out that Halloween music!

    1. Midnyte Reader ~ Thanks! Oh, I know how it is to be busy in October! By this point in the month, there's a lot happening. It's not too late if you have a picture on hand. I can still add you to the party!

      That Halloween radio station is really worth listening to! I bet you'll be surprised at how many songs you haven't heard before. All the Halloween people I've talked to about this station have said that!

  4. Thought I had sent a reply. Must have typed but didn't hit publish. My bad!
    Great party and always fun to see everyone all dressed up, Those brownies look so good. Thanks for hosting.

    1. Old Fashion Halloween ~ Not a problem! Glad to hear from you now. :) Thanks for taking part in the party! You made a great addition to the group. Those brownies do look good, don't they? I could go for one of those right now...