Sunday, November 10, 2013

Halloween continues in Cedarburg

I have lots of photos to share from our annual trip to Cedarburg! You might remember my Cedarburg posts from years past. Every year, my mom and I visit this village as part of her birthday celebration. We went slightly earlier than usual this year and I'm so glad we did. Unlike last year, the trees were in full autumn glow and the shops still had their Halloween decorations out!

I'm adding some relaxing Celtic music for you to listen to while perusing my photos. It's an autumn themed mix of music with crows in the background. I think it's the perfect complement to these pictures.

I always have to get a picture of the old mill and current winery set behind the river. I love the reflection in the water!

Colorful autumn leaves were crawling all over the buildings. I like the way these look like they're in the midst of changing color.

I remember taking a photo of this part of the building before and thinking that the leaf formation looked like a giant reaching hand. This time I think it looks like a red spider crawling along the wall.

This building housed a different business the last time we were here. Now it's an art museum. I'm in love with this house. Look at all those Victorian details!

This is another house I love. That metalwork on the roof is a favorite architectural feature of mine and I also really like that gingerbread detail over the porch.

The shops still had a lot of Halloween merchandise for sale and quite a few outdoor displays remained.

Here's a closer view of that hanging light fixture. Part of a string of orange twinkle lights were inside of it. It was a pretty cool decoration that I would have liked to have seen at night.

I loved this skeleton who kept watch over the top of the gazebo.

Behind this shop was another great view of the river. I couldn't help fitting a little metalwork into the frame.

We found a sizable pile of bones outside another shop. It was like running across a giant dog's stash!

This creepy critter was hanging above this bar last year too. When the wind picks up, his material floats around in an eerie sort of way. This is something else I would have liked to have seen at night.

Now we're on to the pumpkins! There were so many pumpkins and pumpkin creatures out this year. Isn't she cute?

This amazing creature was sitting outside a law office. Maybe he's studying law, because it looks like he has a lot of reading ahead of him! I think this was made from something like paper mache, but a material more tough than that since it was out in the elements.

There was a Halloween event in Cedarburg this year that involved a lot of pumpkins. I didn't attend that, but I'm sure it was cool to see. From what I heard, kids paraded through town with their lighted jack-o-lanterns. These well carved and decorated pumpkins were sitting outside the shops, restaurants, and bars.

Jack Skellington:

This was one of my favorites - Homer Simpson complete with a donut!

A dapper skeleton gentleman:

The Bat Logo!

I always like when pumpkins are turned on their sides so the stem becomes a nose.

Kind of a skeleton mouth:

A little vampire pumpkin! They carved away a rectangular mouth and then stuck some of those plastic vampire teeth inside of it. How cool is this?

Attack of the eyeballs! Even the stem has an eye.

I'd like to see this pumpkin lit up at night. It looks like someone did that technique where you scrape away a thin layer of the pumpkin's skin so the design glows.

A crazy, bloody, three-eyed monster pumpkin! I think that the blood is actually dark red candle wax that was melted onto the pumpkin.

A clown pumpkin wearing what I think is a Disney Goofy nose.

How creative is this? It's a swan made from gourds!

These pumpkins looked naturally beautiful against this cobalt blue wall and floor.

Doesn't this bumpy gourd look like a little man? In the way that a snowman looks like a man. It sort of has that form of a head, shoulders, and arms.

Does anyone know what this is?

It looks like a dried up plant or fungus, but I've never seen anything like it.

Check out this old car that was sitting in front of a vintage/antique shop! My guess is that it's from the 1920s.

The back is covered in wood:

We bought our one souvenir of the day in this shop. It's a stone plant holder that looks like the top of a column.

It was only $4.75! When we brought it to the cash register, the shop owner said "Wow, you can't find stuff for prices this low!" I think he was as surprised as we were at the deal. Someone else must have put the price tag on this.

We had such a fun day in Cedarburg! I hope you enjoyed the photos. If you'd like to take a look at our past trips to Cedarburg, here are the links to them:

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  1. Beautiful fall pictures, Justine! Did you go inside the art museum, and if so did it still look the same inside from when it was a shop? My favourite pumpkins are the dapper skeleton and the three-eyed monster - very original ideas! I don't know what that fungus thing is, but it does look creepy. ;o)

    1. Insomniac's Attic ~ Thank you! :) No, we didn't make it into the art museum. We'd talked about going in after walking around, but forgot. I think we got tired after hours of fresh air. I'm sure it looks Victorian inside as far as the interior architecture, but I'm not sure how it is decorated. I remembered there being a dentist's office and some office space in the house before, but I just googled the building and learned it was a bank. I knew it was some business I wouldn't have had a reason to visit. So I have no idea what it was ever like in there.

      If you'd like to read a little more about the place:

      Cedarburg Art Museum

      It makes sense that you'd be interested in this old Victorian!

      I love all the pumpkins, but the three-eyed monster is one of the most creative. I've never seen one quite like it. Yeah, I'm hoping someone will be able to tell me about that plant or fungus. I'm leaning toward it being a dead plant with fungus growing on it.

  2. Celtic music just calls to my roots...
    What a quaint little town, and the colors of that ivy growing up the buildings is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Mark ~ It calls to my roots too! I'd listened to that music so many times that I was glad to have a reason to share it. I love that colorful ivy! I can't think of another place where I've seen ivy that's so many different colors at once. It's fun to look for shapes in the ivy formations. It's like seeing shapes in clouds.

  3. Great pics, as always. I really like that odd pumpkin person on the books. Very original!

    1. Dex ~ Thanks! :) I liked the odd pumpkin person too. He looked a little like a ram to me with those horn-like things on his head, but they're probably supposed to be vines. He had a lot of character!

  4. The houses in GRIMM look a lot like the houses in Cedarburg, that's one of the things I like about GRIMM. I like that vintage rustic atmosphere.

    1. Matt ~ They do! Grimm must be filmed in an older area of Portland. The dark two story Victorian I showed here was built in 1898 while the lighter one with the gingerbread details was built in 1856. I looked up Nick's house on Grimm and found a photo of it:

      Nick's House

      I can see the resemblance to some of the Cedarburg houses. There's a house that has a porch much like the one on Nick's house. That place is a shop now, so the porch is filled to the brim with decorative stuff.

      I like the Grimm atmosphere too. They get some great shots of the woods and Monroe's cabin. Did you see the last episode? I liked it! It was a spin-off of a classic fairytale theme.

    2. There are those episodes w/ Adalind's (the Hexenbeist) Mom. And her Mom has a slender two story Victorian that I really loved. It looks like one half of the Museum above.

      I haven't seen the lastest one because iTunes raised the price on me 10 bucks over night! So now I'm thinking about waiting and getting it on DVD. I'd rather have it that why anyway. But we'll see!

    3. Matt ~ Good memory! I sort of remember that house. I tried to find a photo of it online, but I haven't managed to yet. Maybe I can find an old episode featuring the house.

      Oh, I hate when the price of something suddenly goes up for no good reason. Ten bucks up overnight is just bizarre. The good news is that you can watch all the Grimm episodes for free on the Grimm web site!

      Here's a link to the latest episode:

      "A Dish Best Served Cold"

      The title has a double meaning. It's a good episode! It felt like classic storytelling.

    4. I'm going to see if I can take a picture of the house on my PC w/ my ipad... ;)

  5. What an amazing town. I don't know what that plant is but will ask a master gardener friend to ID it. There are many cool older neighborhoods and houses in Portland. Aunt Marie's trailer exterior shots were filmed near the train tracks in the industrial area. Got see it coming home from Steamcon on the train during that first season. Didn't know what they were filming until I saw it on the show! Signed up to be an extra on the show but sadly they didn't call. :0 )

    1. Old Fashion Halloween ~ It is amazing! I love visiting areas where a lot of the original buildings remain. Thanks for asking your friend about the plant! It looked perfect sitting in with the outdoor Halloween displays.

      Do you live in Portland or were you just there for Steamcon? Aunt Marie's trailer looks like it's in an industrial area. If you haven't been to the NBC Grimm site yet, you might want to take a look. There are a lot of fun extras there like a virtual view inside the trailer:

      Aunt Marie's Trailer

      I just saw that they added a virtual view inside the spice shop! I can't wait to check that out.

      Ah, sorry you weren't an extra this time around. Maybe they'll ask for extras again? I bet they were needed for the recent zombie episodes. They needed a group of infected people for that. If it makes you feel any better, you wouldn't have been looking your best as a zombie extra. ;)

  6. I live in Salem about an hour below Portland. They filmed the trailer near the train tracks is how I got to see it that first season. Nighttime exterior shots. The first season they had a lot of casting calls for extras. They probably have a good pool of folks now to use. It's always fun to watch and see places you know pop up.

    1. Old Fashion Halloween ~ I read somewhere that a lot of people in Portland go out looking for the places they've seen on Grimm - houses, restaurants, etc. It sounds like a fun game. I'm glad they chose to use an existing place instead of building a set. It gives some authenticity to the show, even if there are a bunch of Wesen running around. :)

  7. I love your yearly traditions, I makes me kind of sad that I have none myself but happy at the same time that I can see yours each year! That Victorian house is just... GUH! Imagine living in a beauty like that?! My bedroom would have to be in the round room and above it would be a reading room in the attic! Speaking of reading, I would love to find a book full of images of old Queen Anne style homes complete with a history of the families that lived in them! Thanks for sharing the beautiful relaxing song to accompany this read, I'm going to bookmark it for future listening!!! By the way, this is Sandy from Arsenic and Old Lace, I've changed my name again.. hopefully for the very last time! XD

    1. Ghostly Garden ~ At first I was wondering who had written to me! What inspired this name change? I'll just keep calling you Sandy in my mind. :)

      I'm glad that you enjoy my yearly traditions. I look forward to sharing them each year. Blogging about these outings also makes for a good visual diary. Sometimes I like to go back and compare the photos from various years. I can't believe this is my fourth Cedarburg post! Time is flying by. It's not too late to start your own yearly tradition! You must have lots of awesome historical places to visit nearby. At least it looks that way from the sampling of photos I've seen on your blog. Why not make a yearly tradition out of going to a place you've enjoyed?

      I would love to live in that Victorian house too. I'm pretty obsessed with that style of architecture. All those details! Sounds like you have your stay in this house all planned out. :) Sounds like a good plan. Do you have a specific Queen Anne house book in mind? I've ordered some books of Victorian ornamental designs and also some catalogs. I found a catalog full of gingerbread wood accents you can order. I had no practical use for it, I just like looking at the illustrations.

      I'm listening to the relaxing Celtic music right now. It never gets old!

  8. A few years ago, my whole extended family rented out an entire B&B in Cedarburg for Christmas week. What a treat and a great week.
    —Love your blog, BTW.

    1. DannyFlix ~ That does sound like quite the treat! Do you remember which B&B you were in? Every year when we're in Cedarburg during autumn I see posters and pamphlets about all their Christmas traditions. I want to go every Christmas, but haven't yet! I bet the decorations are outstanding. I'm trying to remember what the events are that they have. I think a parade? Probably some caroling too. Thanks for visiting my blog. :)