Monday, November 17, 2014

A little extra Halloween in Cedarburg

With all that was going on this Halloween, I just now had the chance to update my blog with pictures from our annual trip to Cedarburg! I felt just a little bit warmer looking at these photos, as it's snowing already around here.

Isn't this little skeleton witch cute? She was one of several figures standing out in front of shops and buildings. We managed to get to Cedarburg the day before Halloween. If we'd been there on Halloween night, we would have seen lots of lit pumpkins out for the pumpkin walk. I haven't experienced that yet, but it sounds pretty cool. People come out dressed in costume and walk in a parade down the street at night. They bring jack-o-lanterns to light the streets. I'm sure the historic buildings, many built in the late 1800s, look magical lit by the jack-o-lanterns on Halloween night.

I always have to get some photos of the old mills along the creek. A few trees still had their leaves.

A close-up of the waterfall:

Colorful vines cover the buildings. You can see a glimpse of a scarecrow in the window that you'll see again later on.

So pretty and leathery.

This scarecrow looked kind of worried. I don't think the crows have anything to fear from him.

Check out the coffee cup carving on that pumpkin in front. Perfect for outside a coffee shop!

Me sitting in an old school desk outside a consignment shop:

A cute sailor scarecrow rowing a boat:

I love the texture in this photo. The rough old brick, the flaking paint on the wood, and that warty gourd. Three kind of crusty things alone, but I really like them together.

There were lots of different gourds to see:

I don't think I'd ever seen a pumpkin like this in person:

I think I saw a painted gourd kitty like this in a magazine this year.

Isn't this an inviting, happy house? It's like something out of a storybook. This old house now serves as a gift shop, like most of the other structures on this main street.

You can see a metal gazebo type thing to the left of the house. They deck this out with all kinds of Halloween decorations. A few of them:


Behind this shop is a shed full of sale goodies. I love going in here. It's old, creaky, and mildly spooky with the Halloween stuff outside.

This is the view looking back out the door from inside. Looking at this picture, I feel like I'm there again.

There were lots of metal sculptures sprinkled through the yard, like this dragon:

I saw some other garden sculptures, some silly and some scary.

An evil monk?

A giant straw crow:

A cool pumpkin person that stood outside a law office:

You might remember another paper mache sculpture that stood out there last year.

This guy was sitting outside a coffee shop. How about those coffee cup lid eyes? He's holding a bag of coffee beans.

I'm sitting outside one of my favorite shops in Cedarburg here. There are tons of holiday items in this Victorian house! Every room has a different holiday theme. Much of the downstairs area had Halloween stuff, but upstairs were little rooms with Christmas, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, and Fourth of July themes. It looks really cool when an entire room has the same holiday color scheme with a bunch of little critters and decorations sitting around.

There were a bunch of witch hats standing around on stakes in the yard.

This is part of what was going on on the porch. I just now noticed those cool, glittery witch boots! I guess there was so much happening decoration-wise, that I missed a few things.

A pile of bones in the yard:

I was surprised that I found this skeletal, hanging spider as creepy as I did. I was creeped out imagining it crawling around.

Inside the shop were countless cool things. Here are few:

Halloween corn! This would be cool to serve for a Halloween movie night.

Out behind the shop, I found this skull. At first I thought this was made from old rotting wood. On second glance, I think this made from old rotting skull.

I spotted a ton of pumpkins in the backyard of the next door building. My guess is that this collection of jack-o-lanterns was being saved to go out for Halloween night.

Wait until you guys see these caramel apples! I want one right now. Dripping chocolate spider apples:

I like taking pictures in shop windows, especially when I get a reflection of the surrounding buildings. Check out that gummy worm apple up top.

This building has served as a movie theater since 1936. I saw some neat old photos of it in a historical Cedarburg book a few days ago. I don't know if you guys have seen books like this about places where you live, but there are a bunch in our Barnes & Noble. The books are part of the "Images of America" series. I just looked on Amazon and it appears that there are books in the series about lots of American towns. It's fascinating to see the old photos. You might just be surprised to learn what a building you're familiar with now was once used for.

A brief history of the Rivoli building:

I love these decorative kale plants we saw outside the shops!

The Washington House is another historic building that appears in the Cedarburg (Images of America) book. It's now a bed and breakfast. If you'd like to see more of what the Washington House looks like now, here's the B&B's web site:

Look at that beautiful metalwork!

The Washington House was Cedarburg's first inn and was founded in 1846. Wisconsin was founded as a state in 1848. It's amazing to think that this building was built before the state it exists in now was even official.

This is the Schroeder House, another bed and breakfast. There's some information about it on the Washington House site I linked to above. I love that one pumpkin on the fence.

There were lots of scarecrows in The Old Woolen Mill/The Shops of the Cedar Creek Settlement. The mill now houses a bunch of shops and is rumored to be haunted. These scarecrows weren't the standard kind you see. They had long necks, twisted faces, and crow heads. They were unique and some were kind of scary.

A witch scarecrow that I think would look scary at night.

A twisted grin:

This is the scarecrow you saw from behind in that earlier photo of the window.

A crow scarecrow. There's something kind of funny about that.

I didn't think I was sitting on that scarecrow at the time...

I hope you enjoyed this virtual trip to Cedarburg!


  1. Ah, just what I need in mid-November, I can practically feel Autumn going through your post :)

    1. Dex ~ Glad to hear it! This is just what I needed too - to scan through these photos and pick some out during last night's cold weather. It was unseasonably cold. Temps in the teens during the day and it was probably around zero degrees when I posted this! What's funny is that it wasn't all that warm when we went to Cedarburg. Still, it's all relative! At least there were leaves on the trees and the light was warm. It was pure autumn there that day!

  2. Great pictures! There were so many lovely scarecrows. I think I could have walked around there all day just soaking up the Halloween spirit of that town.

    1. Heidi ~ Thank you! Yeah, there was a pretty wide variety of scarecrows. I think the people who made them did a good job of making the scarecrows look homemade, but in an artistic way. Cedarburg is such a fun place to walk around! We were probably walking up and down that main street area for a few hours. Well, that and checking out all the shops. I know you'd love it there! The Halloween spirit was really evident, probably more than ever since it was the day before Halloween. I'd love to check out that Halloween night parade!

  3. Wow, it looks magical . I'd love to witness halloween in America. We don't celebrate it much at all here. That shop looks awesome, by the way. I just want to go inside!

    1. Ali ~ It was magical! The shop I'm sitting on the porch of? That place is a blast. There were so many decorations all over the walls and ceiling. There wasn't a blank spot in that place! I probably missed half of it! There's something there for every holiday, so I think anyone could visit that shop and enjoy it.

      I had to check your profile to see where outside the U.S. you are. Glasgow sounds pretty cool! I think you would like Halloween here, judging by what I just saw on your blog. I would think that there would be a lot to work with architecture-wise in your area if people wanted to decorate for Halloween or design a haunt. I've seen photos of such old and wonderful buildings!

  4. I see you are enjoying life as usual, good for you! I see you have your "Wayne" Halloween costume on - looking good!

    1. Matt ~ Thanks! Yeah, I was enjoying life a lot during the last month. So much that I'm only getting this post up now! Hopefully I can think of more fun things to do during winter. It would seem that winter got an early start around here. Haha! Yeah, I guess I've got kind of a Wayne thing going on with my long hair and hat. :) Too bad I didn't wear a plaid shirt - it would have finished off the look! I actually did dress as Garth once with a friend who dressed as Wayne. My hair was Garth-like at the time and I got some black thick rimmed glasses and wore some shredded jeans and a plaid shirt. It was pretty fun!

    2. Yeah, we had mid-November temps here in October, which was really quite different, not to mention cold! I'd like to live in a place like Cedarburg, it reminds me of towns in Maine, very quaint and rustic. Marina used to be more rustic but they've modernized it quite a bit with fast food places and such. Yeah, I've tried wearing hats to block the sun but I keep losing them and my sunglasses, so I finally gave up and just go without. But they really help though.

    3. Matt ~ I think about what it would be like to live in Cedarburg sometimes too. I know I'd be visiting the coffee shops and antique stores often. I like the atmosphere there. Some day I'll have to check it out during a different season. I've only ever been there in autumn. I know they do tons of stuff for Christmas! Is Marina a pretty old town too?

      Yeah, hats and sunglasses are easily lost. I'm wearing this hat pretty much all through summer, which is why the black parts on the hat aren't so black anymore. It really faded! Which I guess goes to show that it did its job. I think I'd go crazy without my sunglasses. I always feel like I'm squinting without them. But some people don't ever seem to have them on and do fine!

    4. Justine - oh, Marina probably isn't as old as Cedarburg, but even 40's, 50's, 60's architecture is going to seem rustic. My aunt lived here when I grew up and we'd come up and visit, the town has only recently changed.

      Yes, it's hard without the glasses and hats, but when you go without it your eyes get used to it so it's not nearly as bad.

  5. What a beautiful little town and you did a bang up job photographing it. I love the Halloween spirit about the place.

    1. Lady M ~ Thank you! :) It is beautiful in Cedarburg. There were plenty of photo opportunities and we were lucky to have some nice light that day. Looking over my photos, I was a little surprised to see patterns in that Halloween spirit. It might just be my taste, or what I chose to photograph, but a lot of the decorations/pumpkins/buildings seemed to go together.

  6. Awe, I love the fall. All your pictures made me smile. I just wish I was with you.

    1. Julie ~ Me too! Obviously. :) I wish it was still more fall-like outside. I'm happy to hear that my pictures made you smile! I wish I could show you around Cedarburg too. I know you'd enjoy it. I watched some of the travel videos you put on YouTube recently, and enjoyed seeing some of your adventures! I can tell that you like to document places the way I do.

  7. Delightfully autumnal. Makes me feel good at heart. Thank you.

    1. Mantan ~ I'm so glad to hear it. :) There is something warm, inviting, and old fashioned about the place. I think we could all use some of that right now!

  8. Small town Halloween, how can you not love it?! Great photos Ms. Justine!

    1. Mark ~ Thank you! :) Exactly. There's something classic about the way they do Halloween. The homemade scarecrows, the carved pumpkins in front of the shops, the caramel apples in the window, and all that old architecture! It feels a little like you're going back in time. All that bright fall foliage helps make it festive too.

  9. Thanks for those wonderful photos. I've not been to cedarburg close to Halloween. Loved the witch's hats on sticks! LOL. You have a great eye for detail, texture and everything! :-) --Liz B

    1. Liz ~ Thank you! :) At what time of year have you been to Cedarburg? I'd like to go around Christmas some time. I know they have tons of events going on and I'm sure all the buildings are decorated to the nines! Yeah, that was a cute display for the witch hats. :) They had a pretty good variety out there! Have you been in that shop?