Saturday, September 22, 2018

Halloween at Michaels ~ Another great skeleton selection!

This is going to be another long one, since these photos are from two different Michaels stores. The first Michaels had a lot of skeletons, and some of them were bringing the attitude.

Haha! What?

I guess this one looks grumpy enough, or maybe sultry?

I love this! The Evil Queen's spellbook:

Now, here's something very cool that I hadn't seen before: A Venus Flytrap garland! I think these are pretty realistic looking.

How about this "rabid squirrel"? That's what Michaels is calling it. I think it's gone a little beyond rabid, myself!

Witchy pumpkin creatures? I just noticed that cute little toad one is holding.

Onto the next Michaels! This store also had skeletons, but they were more cartoony. I think these were candy holders.

You're freaking meowt! I actually once used that cat clipart on the cover of a Halloween mix CD.

Another cute vintage looking cat. I'm imagining orange and black jellybeans in these jars.

A little bit of "Spooky Town", the bit I could get to over the barrier they had set up. So it looks like we have a carnival ride, a water tower, and a cool old haunted house in this town. And zooming waaaay in, I see a "Haunted House of Props". Things sure look different without all that Menards cobweb snow. 😁

That sprinkle of black glitter makes this eyeball look a little dirty.

This second Michaels had some awesome Day of the Dead decorations! I love this wreath, maybe even more than I love the Day of the Dead wreath at Target. I just looked at my last blog post, and yeah, this one is more full of flowers and the sugar skulls are more sugary.

A close-up:

Another candy holder?


So is this about what you guys are seeing at your Michaels stores? Like I said in the Target post, I'm loving seeing all this Day of the Dead stuff!