Monday, September 9, 2019

Halloween at Menards

I have some more Halloween store pics for you guys, this time from Menards. This will be a fairly quick blog post for me. I was going to combine it with my Marshalls Halloween pics, but I just realized how many pics I took at Marshalls! So I'm going to split up those two shopping trips.

Menards had a selection of Halloween items that I haven't seen anywhere else. This is the first Halloween thing I saw upon entering the store. How cool is this dragon? It has almost that traditional Chinese dragon look to it. There's something funny about the "Pet Supplies" sign underneath it.

I love these inflatables! I just noticed the baby pumpkin.

Doesn't the dad pumpkin have an almost Mr. Potato Head vibe? Or maybe a Mario Bros. vibe with that hat.

There was a pretty strong skeleton selection at this Menards, and they were for the most part new to me. It's amazing how people keep thinking up new animals to make skeletons of. I'm having trouble thinking of an animal that hasn't been made into a skeleton yet. So, first off is this skeleton pig:

Check out his curly tail:

This little T-Rex is adorable, especially at his size. It goes to show that anything is super cute when it's small. I can imagine this being used in a science class for kids.

This owl cracks me up for whatever reason. Maybe it's his serious attitude.

I saw some variation of this little dragon at a craft store this year. It's probably in a previous blog post.

This dragon is neat because you can move his little wings up and down. How about that creepy photobombing clown behind him?

And speaking of creepy...

I can imagine these being used in a yard display. I think they're about life size for an evil goat.

Now onto something cute! These will just make you say "Aww!" if you see them in person. This pumpkin person and ghost move their little arms up and down and wag their tongues while making cute noises and saying "Trick or Treat". At least that's what I remember them saying.

I just found a 30 second video of the little ghost doing his thing:

Funny Face Plush Ghost in Action

If you'd like to check out what Menards has up for Halloween on their web site, here's a link: Halloween section at Menards

They have a pretty cool looking Halloween section. Be sure and check out their inflatable page, because you'll see some good ones! 🎃