Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Looking back at the warmth of autumn

Has anyone else seen some surprise early snow this year? We had some snow several days ago. It puts you in a weird mood, a weird Christmassy mood for early November. Even being inside, the light feels different. I think in part because of the way the sun is bouncing off that bright white snow.

After this quick change of seasons, even if the season hasn't technically changed, I'm nostalgically looking back at my autumn photos. Never mind that they're only from a few weeks back! Every autumn, I take lots of nature photos. Here are a few of my favorites. Come take a walk back in time with me, several weeks ago!

My photos were taken over several different days so you're going to notice some changes in light. The sun wasn't giving that fiery appearance to the leaves on this day, but they were still pretty.

Something I find cool about this leaf was probably the result of an insect paying it a visit. You might have to click on this picture to see what I'm talking about. That lighter spot looks almost like fine lace with the light going through it.

Does anyone know what those red bud type things are growing out of the tree?

"Squirrel View"

These oak leaves are almost a silhouette

This is one of my favorite leaf photos. The bright colors are on the other side of the leaf but because the sun is so strong, the colors are showing through in an opaque sort of way. It reminds me of an opal.

I was calling this the "Packer Branch". It was in the process of changing color.

One early leaf

An Ash Tree

A Burning Bush

This is another favorite photo. I'm not sure if I've ever seen a fallen leaf with two distinct colors going on. There's usually more of a blend. This leaf looks like it was spray painted with a stencil.

These next two make me think of stained glass.

And what better goodbye to fall than this?

I feel warmer just looking at these pictures! And I really need to feel warmer right now. I think it would be fun to look at these in slideshow form or click on them one by one as larger pics while listening to this:

For those who get this blog by email:

Relaxing Celtic Music - Evening Breeze

The next blog post or two will probably be about Cedarburg. I have many, many pictures to share from Cedarburg this year. My mom and I went on actual Halloween day/night, which is something we've always wanted to do. It was pretty darn cool. I took an almost unmanageable amount of pictures to sort through. That's basically a tradition. Eventually, I'll have those up to share. I noticed that last year's Cedarburg post was shared in December! So I guess it always takes a while.

Maple Leaf Canada GIF

P.S. ~ If any of you are looking for some easy to use, free photo storage, I found a good site: www.irista.com It's a Canon site, but your photos don't have to be taken with a Canon to use it. Some of you, like me, who were using Flickr previously probably noticed that you're now being limited to 1,000 free photos on there. So before any of your Flickr photos are deleted, you might want to move them over to Irista. You can transfer photos from Flickr to Irista with a click of a button. I have over 5,000 photos on Irista now and still have room for more! They give you 15 GB for free. So I'm just passing this info along to my fellow photographers and photo-storers. 😃 It's always nice to have an online backup of your important photos.