Monday, October 13, 2014

Caramel Apples at The Elegant Farmer 2014

Last weekend, my mom and I had our annual trip to The Elegant Farmer for caramel apples. You might remember this place from previous years.

This is a trip I always look forward to. We had a perfect, sunny day for this outing. We were greeted by the smiley face barn. There's plenty of food for sale inside.

There's a little scarecrow display between the barn and the caramel apple area. As it turned out, the scarecrow and I had matching shirts. I didn't realize at the time that his mouth was dribbling off his face.

The caramel apples were better than ever! I surprised the girl working there by wanting mine on a stick. I guess that's unusual now? It's a little messier, but that's part of the experience.

Mmm.... I swear there was an apple under there somewhere.

My mom's easier to manage caramel apple:

You guys might remember the electric train that is behind the barn:

This train runs on the last electronic tracks in Wisconsin.

You can see the electric connection above the train. That tiny wheel runs along the wire above.

We should take a ride on this train some day. It looks like the riders get to see some neat scenery going through the woods.

I took this last photo on the ride home. It is a little fuzzy, as I was taking it in a moving car. Still I had to include it. It's just such a wholesome, classic pumpkin stand.

Going to The Elegant Farmer always makes me feel like it's truly October! I'm glad we were able to fit in before the party. The annual Witches' Gathering is happening this Saturday, so I should have lots of photos to share!

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