Sunday, July 21, 2024

The shelves are now filled with Halloween at TJ Maxx!

I have a second trip to TJ Maxx to share with you guys! I was happy to see some full shelves there this time. There's probably even more out by now. I'm starting with Marilyn, because she struck me so funny. Looks like her eyes light up too. 

So here is that full shelf I was greeted with! Doesn't turning the aisle and seeing a full Halloween shelf fill you with excitement? 

Sally and Jack salt-and-pepper shakers:

There were lots of cutesy ghost decorations this time. The colors in some of this photos are more dull than reality. There was some funky lighting and some shadows under the shelves.

I found this ghost to be so relatable. (That string on him comes off.)

I love these three! This is probably my favorite item from the trip. I like frog decorations in general, and these three are so spirited. 

Their little friend here is pretty cute too. He actually isn't all that little. These are mostly sizable decorations. 

This first skull is so piratey. If you look closely at the third skull, you might see that different parts of it are labeled. So it has a sort of medical skull look.  

I have no idea what's going on here! Again, I laughed out loud by myself when I saw this. It's just funny to me. Is it a skull/snail hybrid? Is it a small skull biting a giant snail? Help me out here! Whatever is going on, it lights up.

This is genuinely spooky in person. I think a lot of you would like this decoration in your haunts. I can imagine it lit up with some colored lights in a graveyard display. You could really catch some shadows on her.

I meant to photograph this guy last time. He's my favorite snow globe or I guess glitter globe on their shelves. Just a casual little skeleton man in his private library.

Have you ever seen sheets with a Halloween pattern? I haven't. 

Here's a close-up. These are pretty cute, if you're a change your sheet design for the holidays sort of person. I know some people do that for Christmas. 

OK, now we're getting into probably their strongest section - Mugs! I love their mugs this year. I wish I needed some, had space for some, or an excuse for some. 

Maybe my favorite? 

Pretty much anything Halloween or pink I'm going to like, so these are all a slam dunk. 

And the retro turquoise star snakes! I love them all.

These are candles, although they look like candy containers. Each has a little decorative something on top.

Aromatherapy ghosts! I have no idea how these work, although I would assume they're like a regular diffuser. Maybe some steam comes out of their heads? 

Little bitty Halloween hair clips, like for a two-year-old, or someone who just wants to decoratively stick them around their hair.

There were a few Halloween beauty products left. I think all of what I shared last time was gone. Some "Magic Potion" soap:

How great are these false nails? Oh, I just now noticed that the blood drips are forming hearts in the bottom ones.

I think this is technically Halloween. I'm not sure what you get in here manicure-wise, but I love the packaging. This is the first vampire panda I've seen. This looks Japanese and if you shop at TJ Maxx, you've probably noticed a lot of Japanese beauty products in there lately. Korean too. I learned of that Korean snail mucous beauty cream from shopping at TJ Maxx. 

Again, I'm curious if you guys are seeing the same sort of things at your TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. I still have to hit Jo-Ann's and Michaels. I'm sure they all have their Halloween out by now. 👻