Sunday, March 1, 2015

The coffin bottle I've been looking for!

As most of you know, my mom and I like shopping at estate sales. Yesterday we went to one of these sales and found something great! As my mom and some of you knew, I've been really wanting a certain miniature bottle I've seen online. I have a collection of Wheaton reproduction bottles, mostly miniature ones. You might remember them from these past posts:

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The one I'd been dreaming of adding to my collection was this skull-and-crossbones miniature poison bottle.

So we were in the house's basement and my mom pointed out a box full of Wheaton miniatures. I excitedly picked through and found what I'd been wanting! This time the bottle cost $1.00. Won't it look cute set out with the others this Halloween?

From what I've seen online, these little coffin bottles were available in ruby, blue, topaz, and green. I'm happy with my ruby red bottle. It's a blood-red which seems perfect for a poison bottle. Some of the coffin bottles have wreaths on the back. Mine has R.I.P and then "Use with care Patented". The wreath option comes in green and amethyst purple from what I've seen. The purple is really pretty too!

I did a little googling to learn more about the little bottle and found this site:

The Wheaton Coffin Corner

There are some nice spooky thunder noises there. I learned from this site that my little coffin bottle was made in 1971.

I also learned that there's a little bottle in the shape of a skull and also a larger version of my coffin bottle. The larger one is 5.5" tall while mine is 3". So now I'll have to keep my eyes open for the larger one!