Friday, November 15, 2019

Halloween Leftovers

I don't know about you guys, but I could sure use a reminder of warmth right now. When I started writing this blog post a few days ago, it had just snowed a couple inches and the temps were in the 20s. It got so cold that we broke the record for low temperatures on that day. It was also so cold that I couldn't bear to sit in front of my computer and freeze. I was feeling about as cold as this guy:

At least I assume a skeleton would feel cold outdoors. :) So now that it has thawed out enough for me to get out from under the layers of blankets, I can get back to writing this and reliving the warmth of our very brief autumn season!

I have some leftover Halloween pics that didn't make it onto my blog before Oct 31. They're daylight pictures I took around town about a month ago. So take a trip with me back in time and enjoy a little sightseeing.

You might remember this yard. Some people in my town put up this elaborate skeleton/cemetery display each October. Just look at those vicious little skeleton dogs!

The lounging skeletons were a new addition. How do you like that umbrella? ;)

I love this tombstone. Looks like something has already taken a bite out of it.

A good use of Dollar Tree skulls as an archway.

This pack of ghosts was also in their yard. It looks pretty cool when there's a breeze and the ghosts float around.

These next pics were taken in the more Main Street area.

This seemed to be the year of the scarecrow, because they were popping up all along the street. I thought this one was pretty adorable.

This looks like a reaching hand or Freddy Krueger's glove to me.

There were a couple handmade scarecrows out there too. How about this Jack Sparrow with a noticeably tiny head? I'm still getting a good laugh out of this.

He's a fierce one!

The ship he's holding:

A classic:


This has been such a strange fall with weather that snapped into winter so fast. A lot of the trees barely had time to change colors before we had snow! But I did manage to catch a couple with their fall colors.

Behind the Main Street area, there's a small park where you guys might remember seeing some giant pumpkins in the past. This year there was a funny sign to go with them.

How about that? Pumpkins that can "grow inches overnight".

Out on display:

One of those pretty, leathery leaves:

Mums, which I luckily cut the day before it snowed!

I like the texture of this tree. It looks like a bunch of feathers to me.

Some Honey Locust pods up in a tree. These always fascinated me when I was a kid. Don't they look like snakes?

I'll finish with some daytime pics of the pumpkins you saw in my Halloween night blog post. So far, you've only seen these guys lit up a night. I think this spider stand is so fun. Probably some of you have one of these stands.

Now you'll be able to better see the different shades of green on some of these.

Here's another one of those fun pumpkin-vision pics, except in the light of day. I might even prefer this one to the night shot, because you can see part of an actual scene through the face. It's just how I'd imagine a pumpkin would see what's going on around it, which I think is an interesting thought. I'm pretty sure this is the exact pumpkin I took a pic of at night, from the inside.



Looking these photos over, I do actually feel warmer. How about you? Maybe some of you are lucky enough to not be cold right now! I checked and we'll be up to a high of 37° tomorrow, which believe it or not, I'm happy about!