Sunday, September 15, 2019

Halloween at Home Depot

It would appear that yet another blogworthy Halloween store section has emerged! Home Depot really impressed me with their selection. I saw stuff there the other day that I haven't seen in other stores.

This fish made a glub-glub-glub sound when set off, like you're hearing bubbles. I think a chomp-chomp-chomp sound could work too! The full piranha:

It's quite the feat for a store to show me a new skeleton critter at this point. I just noticed his little skeletal fin. I'm pretty sure that "skeletal webbing" is not anatomically correct, but it's cute.

Now here's an inflatable I bet you haven't seen yet! I sure hadn't. Remember the Sandworms in Beetlejuice?

How about that photobombing ghost? :)

Looking at that Sandworm, I'm thinking how cool it would be to do a Beetlejuice themed yard display. How about if someone dressed up as Beetlejuice to hand out treats and had this in his yard? That would be pretty cool.

A random pumpkin dude, who I think was one of those hanging ghoulie type decorations:

For those of you who are into skeleton pirates and ghost ships, which I would think would be everyone, you're going to love this:

I just noticed that Figurehead:

And check out the crew!

It's like they took some props from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

If any of you are looking for some large scale outdoor Halloween decorations, it's looking like Home Depot is the place to go! I was impressed with the amount of life-sized (or I would assume so) creatures. This werewolf was incredibly cool. This was the one I thought would be scariest out of the store. Imagine if someone set this up in the woods and you happened to walk past it at night.

This guy was tall. I would guess 7 ft. He was looming over me. Several of these characters or displays were towering above me, so I can only imagine how much they would spook little trick-or-treaters.

Oh, and when you set it off, its mouth opens as it growls and it lights up like this:

This guy was quite the character. Kind of a mischievous sorcerer type.

It was hard to catch the complete spirit of some of these figures because of the intense store lighting. I'm sure this skeleton knight would look a lot scarier in the dark! He said something about a battle, as I'm remembering it. I mean, these creatures say vaguely threatening things. I was standing in front of it, hoping the sword wouldn't swing (it doesn't).

This was probably my favorite of the large, moving, light up figures. I have always liked the Headless Horseman story, so that may have been part of why I liked this so much. But it really was very cool.

Look at that rotting corpse of a horse! I was so impressed with the way its head moved and its legs moved up and down in a slow gallop. You can see that sort of fabric part around the neck. That's where the head had some flexibility.

Many of these figures had that little button in front of them that you tap with your foot to get them moving and making noise. So in a way, their Halloween section was a lot like Halloween Express.

How cool is the skeleton-driven hearse!? I wish I could have gotten a closer view of it, but it was way up over my head on a shelf. Can you see his red, glowing eyes?

Home Depot had a few classic skeleton floral arrangements out. This one is inspiring me to do something floral-wise. I do have enough little skulls around, as well as fake roses. Hmm...

The matching wreath:

I'll end with a pic of some of the pie pumpkins that were outside the store. I liked the way these looked with the greens behind them. That looks like ornamental chard.

So have you guys been to Home Depot yet? I suggest going and just having a good time in the Halloween section! Make the rounds and set off some of those figures. Watch them light up and listen to what they have to say. I think you'll have a fun time! 🎃