Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My Pictures of the Super Blood Moon Eclipse

Last Sunday, September 27th, there was something amazing in the sky. Many of you were probably aware that there was a full moon that night. It was also a super moon, a blood moon, and featured a lunar eclipse! This was a pretty big deal because these events have not occurred since 1982. We won't see this moon action in the sky again until 2033!

I was fortunate enough to witness the eclipse. The weather was good and the skies were clear. The eclipse happened a lot faster than I expected. Not to say that the shadow whooshed across the moon, but there was steady movement over the course of an hour. If you took, say a five minute break from looking up, you'd see a definite difference in the moon.

Something cool and almost eerie was the red cast to the shadow once it had nearly covered the moon. At times it looked purple too. I had to laugh at one point because I heard a dog howl. I swear, in the darkness someone's dog howled! How perfect is that?

So of course I had to take a ton of photos through the moon's process of eclipsing. Here they are now, from the bright beginning to the dark end.

And then it started getting red... Funny enough, this is how it looked to my eye, but I could only capture the red from far away. When I closed in, it looked more like a fade from yellow to purple to red.

I cropped in to show you better.

After the eclipse, the shadow across the moon faded back the other way. It was sort of bright from the bottom too. Then it was its normal self again. I had some fun with my fisheye lens for the next two shots. Quite a dramatic sky.

Pretty amazing, hey? I was sure glad to have the opportunity to see this full/super/blood moon with an eclipse! Did any of you see this?