Friday, November 4, 2022

A bit more of an autumn view around town

After having such a pleasant time in the village the other day, I decided to go back again. I read a little more and wandered around taking photos of the autumn leaves and a few natural decorations. 

Some of my favorite photos were of parts of the cornstalk decorations that were standing around the shop fronts.

To my surprise, there was some actual corn hidden in there!

This pretty vine was growing on the side of the library building. I don't think I'd ever noticed how many different colors are on it.

Although, maybe I just hadn't peeked around the library at just the right time of year? I wonder what kind of vine this is. It looks like some kind of wild rainbow grape vine. If you google "rainbow grape vine" as I just did, you'll see something else. Evidently, there are some rare grapes that grow in a way where there are several different colors on a bunch.

This bundled up pumpkin was sitting outside a shop.

These next photos were taken behind the gazebo you saw in the last blog post. There are some nice, large trees back there.

I think this one turned out interestingly. The leaves are almost silhouettes. 

And of course there's the statue of Norman Rockwell, all ready for the crisp weather. (Not that we've had much of that yet)