Monday, July 14, 2014

Halloween "Would You Rather?"

Do you guys remember playing "Would You Rather?" when you were kids? It was a fun game that made you think and have to justify your weird decisions. I ran into a Halloween version of the old game on Tumblr and it brought back the memories. I thought it would be fun to answer these questions and explain my answers. I'd like to hear your answers to some or all of these!
I know the type is a little small, so I'll write out each question.

Would you rather walk through a graveyard at midnight or spend the night in a spooky, abandoned house?

Graveyard! I got near to doing that once anyway. It wasn't on purpose, though. I'd been out with some friends (for Halloween bar hopping no less!) and we had to walk directly alongside a graveyard at midnight to get back to a friend's house. Graveyards don't scare me anyway. Staying in abandoned houses is another thing. I've watched enough ghost hunting shows by now to not want to do that! Besides, there's no light/electricity, rotten old floors, and who knows what animals running around. Even with no ghosts, that's icky.

Would you rather dunk for apples or carve a jack-o-lantern?

Jack-o-lantern. I love carving pumpkins. I've never dunked for apples, so to be fair, I might love that too. Dunking for apples is one of those things that fits with my image of Halloween parties 100 years ago. It's a quaint image, but I'm not sure how much I'd like it.

Would you rather be allowed to eat as much Halloween candy as you want for a week, but then have what is left taken away or be allowed to eat only one piece a day and never have it taken away?

Umm... After about a week, I've eaten through all the good stuff (chocolate) anyway! So option #1.

Would you rather meet a vampire or a werewolf?

It's hard to answer this one. It's like asking how you'd like to be attacked. I guess if we're talking the modern movie vampires and werewolves, like in Twilight, I wouldn't have to worry so much about that. Hmm... As traditional movie monsters go, a vampire. As Twilight goes, a werewolf.
Mock My Fear Of Garlic - Speed Bump
Would you rather read a spooky story or watch a spooky movie?

I guess I can't answer "both" but I enjoy doing both! I guess it depends on my mood.

Would you rather have a costume that is really amazing but also very uncomfortable or have a costume that is not anything all that special, but is comfortable to wear?

How uncomfortable are we talking here? Yeah, I'd go through being a little cold or wearing high heels to have a really amazing costume. Anything beyond that level of discomfort, no.

Would you rather have a homemade costume or a store-bought costume?

Homemade all the way! I think homemade costumes are the most creative. Not that I don't buy some parts for my costumes, but I like putting together what I have around. I appreciate seeing the kids come trick-or-treating who are wearing homemade costumes. There aren't many. Sometimes I don't know what the heck they are supposed to be, and they don't know either! Seriously, I asked some kids what they were last year and they didn't know. Still, they were creatively dressed! Maybe it would be good if their parents' explained to them what they were supposed to be.
A witch and two dog ghosts?

Would you rather get 20 of your favorite treats on Halloween or get 50 treats that are not your favorites on Halloween? 

The 20 favorites! This is pretty black and white for me. I can have 20 of something I really like or a whole lot more of something I don't like all that much? Huh?

Go trick-or-treating with a group of friends or get paid $20 to take a little kid trick-or-treating?

There's something sad about this question. You get the guilt trip for wanting to hang out with friends instead of babysitting, or there's the guilt trip of accepting $20 to take the kid. That seems like something that should be done for free. Why isn't the child's parent or guardian taking him? Why doesn't he have a friend to go with? This is sad. Maybe I can compromise and take the kid along with me and my friends? Oh, and for free. Seriously, paying someone to take your kid trick-or-treating? Sheesh.

Would you rather go to a really great Halloween party where you didn't know anyone or go to a kind of lame Halloween party where you knew almost everyone there?

I'd go to the really great one and meet some new people! If I know everyone at the other one and it's still lame, that says something...

Would you rather win a contest for having the best costume or win a contest for making the best jack-o-lantern?

Either way, it's flattering. Someone appreciated something creative you did! I won pumpkin carving contest once, and that felt pretty good. I carved a vampire jack-o-lantern with blood (red paint) tipped fangs and won a gift certificate. So maybe I'd like to win the best costume and feel like I accomplished something new. I've been to bars where there are costume contests, but I never enter them. Someone usually wins who is dressed in some giant, extravagant costume, and can barely get through the door. So that seems to take a lot of effort.

Would you rather have to sleep in a coffin or live in a giant pumpkin? 

So we're assuming that to sleep in a coffin I have to be a vampire? Or am I just eccentric? Either way, I'm going with the pumpkin. A pumpkin house would be so cute! I'd have to do a lot of cleaning and refurnishing on the inside, though. I'd have to do some major pumpkin gut scooping!

Would you rather have to eat six fish eyeballs or eat a small frog?

Is the frog so small that it's smaller than a fish eyeball? ;) I'd eat whatever is smaller. Probably the eyeballs, because you could fit them in something else like a sandwich to get through the experience.

Would you rather have to wear your Halloween costume to school every day until Thanksgiving or have to wear a jack-o-lantern over your head for the first three days of November?

This one is random. I'm reminded of that scene on The Office when Dwight wears a jack-o-lantern over his head and it gets stuck!

I'd go with the costume. The costume could look tasteful enough, depending on what you went as.

Would you rather help to design and make a haunted house or go to a haunted house that someone else has created?

I'd rather design and help! I'd love to be involved with a project like that some day.

Would you rather be chased by five zombies or chased by one werewolf?

I see where they're going with this one. Zombies are a lot slower than a werewolf. I guess five zombies = one werewolf. So, my answer is zombies. I can run pretty fast, as can a werewolf from what I've seen in the movies. A zombie, not so much. At least in the olden days.

Would you rather trick-or-treat in a neighborhood or trick-or-treat in a mall?

Neighborhood, if it's a safe one. Is there trick-or-treating in malls now? I know there have been some new options for trick-or-treating because of safety concerns, but I hadn't heard about it happening in malls. I guess that could be cool, if every store gave out candy, but the kids are probably all limited to the food court or something.

Would you rather eat all of your Halloween candy or trade your Halloween candy for $10?

I'm having to imagine that I'm a gradeschooler to answer some of these questions. My gradeschool self probably would have taken the $10. I'd still choose money over junk food any day. Then I could buy something tangible that stays around for more than five minutes.

Would you rather dress up as a devil or dress up as an angel?

I've dressed up as both! I had more fun dressed as a devil, so I think that's the costume I'd choose again. Plus, those wings get a little inconvenient.

I had a pretty good time answering these questions! For the most part, I knew right away how I felt. I'm anxious to hear some of your answers!