Thursday, September 17, 2020

Michaels Part 2: This Time More Halloweeny!

To my surprise, I am writing a second blog post about Michaels! I'm writing a second post, because recently I visited a Michaels with a different selection of Halloween items. It could be that some time has passed and they are just more fully stocked by now or it could be that this store ordered some different items. Either way, this might as well be a different brand of store from the last one I shared.

I found the selection at this store to be a whole lot more Halloweeny, and in that classic sort of way. I mean, these could be vintage blow molds. They were about the size of the smallest blow mold yard decorations. And how about that fierce little cat? I love that.

This pumpkin man was near the top of my favorites list from this trip.

This sign was set to 39 days till Halloween. I guess someone was thinking ahead at that point. Let's see... We actually have 44 days as of now. So this is getting near accurate.

A can of Authentic Black Cat's Hiss and Premium Bat Wings from "The Hocus Pocus Pharmacy". 😺

Oh, and I see they were bottled in Old Salem too...

The Genuine Bone Powder label is my favorite.

A couple adorable vintage-inspired pillows:

Another favorite:

I think these characters are candy bowl holders.

It was difficult to photograph this sign without catching a bunch of glare. But still, I'm sharing it because it's just so different. Kind of creepy in a way, with all those cats crawling around.

There's something sort of circusy about this one.

How cute is this?

I thought it was clever how someone designed this label to look like a Ouija board even though it has different text on it. You can still tell what it's referencing.

As I recall, this was made from a heavy ceramic type material.

This Michaels had quite the fun kitchen section. Just look at all these designs.

I would think a lot of these items would be good just on display. I wouldn't want to get them dirty with actual food or dishes.

This is actually a pumpkin made of super thin wood pieces. 

I saw a couple more pieces of what I was calling the miniature haunted bar crawl. I think it was called "Spooky Town" or something like that. Here we have "Death's Door" cemetery gates.

And the way I see this is as a witch leading her cat choir in song. I mean, what else could this scene be?

This was a fun, new kind of skeleton animal which looked more painted on than bare bones. It reminded me of some Day of the Dead folk art I've seen. It appears like the eyes might light up too.

This could be cute year-round and if I got my hands on it I would probably make the light pink bow a bubblegum pink and glittery.

I liked how this photo turned out, with those little skulls looking at me. It's like they're saying "Cheese!" for the camera.

I love these! When Michaels has their After Halloween sale, I might be back for a cluster of Venus Fly Traps. And in those bright colors too! They would be great in with a Halloween bouquet.

Michaels had several different takes on the Audrey 2. 

Nice skull vase:

I now notice those little tombstone votive holders back there. I bet those would look pretty good by candlelight. 

It looks like these three are singing to me. And I liked the way that little skull ended up peeking through. Remember that skeleton cat from earlier? I just noticed its box to the right. It looks like those eyes light up and big time.

And speaking of light up eyes...

What a furry coat! A somewhat less furry version:

How about this gremlin? Pretty spooky stuff. I'm not sure if he talks or lights up, but it seems like he should. And that sign: "Boo it yourself"☺

Don't you get excited to decorate when you see a wall of decorations like this?

This sign looked like it was laser cut from wood.

Selfie skeletons☺

There's a lot going on with this book design. Kind of a Sacred Heart, Loteria card mash-up? But with the eye... It looked familiar. I'm seeing stuff about the Eye of Providence. Is Michaels getting all Masonic here? 

Anyhoo... I'm not usually much up for things in cages, but I don't mind the skulls in there. This makes me think of some kind of pirate display.

There was a small but very fun Day of the Dead display too.

I like that they thought to add the marigolds. And how great would these look lit up?


Some fairly large skull platters: 

And lastly, this little cutie reminds me of Lydia from Beetlejuice. I mean, if she was a skeleton girl. It's the outfit. 

Well, there's Michaels Part 2. I doubt there will be a Part 3, but you never know!