Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Halloween is beginning to appear at TJ Maxx!

Hello everyone! Long time, no blog. I have been having a very busy summer, mostly because of gardening and other outdoor activities. I hope you've been having a fun and busy summer as well. 

Yesterday's trip to TJ Maxx has pulled me back into the Halloween sphere. I was going to say that I was surprised to see Halloween items there already, but I'm really not. Heck, JoAnn's started putting out their Halloween stuff in June! I still have to get back there and take some pics. I'm sure the shelves are stocked by now. 

TJ Maxx was just getting their start with putting things out, but it's just as well. I tend to get pretty carried away with taking photos, so it's good I was limited. They had some fun new decorations. (I've gotten used to seeing a few repeats over the years.) If you're into cute cat and dog Halloween items, you might want to head over there. 

TJ Maxx always has beauty products with cute labels out for the holidays.

I think I remember the stacked pumpkin soap container from last year.

This Day of the Dead label was pretty and a little more metallic than it appears here. That glass skull has bath salts in it.

This reminds me of a skeleton lady cameo I have. 

This cute little guy dances around and I think plays some music. I didn't try him.

This ghost is pearlescent. It's not exactly white, but more like opal. 

I love these two! They're like Hello Kitty in ghost form. They're made from a soft, plush, sherpa-like material.

I'm not sure what the intended use of this next decoration is, but I think it's really cool. I imagine this as a centerpiece with candy in the cauldrons. Or you could put flowers in there instead. If it was much larger, the cauldrons could hold chips and dip. 

I believe these next metal cauldrons are like jack-o-lanterns in the way where you'd put a candle or light inside.

Snake candleholders: 

TJ Maxx had plenty of decorative Halloween "books" and I have a feeling they're going to have more coming in. 

This book cover reminds me of a vintage postcard. Maybe it is taken from one. I love that spooked looking cat.

So there we have it (so far). I may go back and take some more photos as TJ Maxx gets more in. I think they had a pretty good selection for early July. Is this more or less what you guys are seeing at your TJ Maxx stores? 

It's so funny how when I get home and look my photos over, I end up liking some of the items more. It could be that I'm taking more time to notice the details at home. Some of these are looking like DIY inspiration, like the candleholders and books. Don't the books look like something a person could do with decoupage? Hmm... I'm thinking of a possible project now. 🎃