Monday, May 16, 2016

A little Halloween bird

At least that's what I thought when I saw its colors. This is actually a Baltimore Oriole. Have you guys seen these?

I was lucky enough to see two Baltimore Orioles in a week's time, and they're not exactly something I see every day! They must migrate through our area around this time of year.

I was also lucky that these birds stuck around long enough for me to get some photos of them, although it was a challenge. They were both hopping around high in the trees.

Baltimore Orioles have a really pretty song, if you're lucky enough to hear it.

You can hear it now actually, with the help of The Old Farmer's Almanac web site:

Baltimore Oriole Calls

A little closer

So pay close attention to the tops of the trees and you might just see some of these birds! I read that it's pretty common for them to be way up high. I've also heard that you can attract these birds with pieces of orange or jelly. They seem to like sweets and fruit.

Here is a very detailed schedule of their migration:

When you could plan to see orioles