Tuesday, November 5, 2013

After Halloween Target and Michaels Haul 2013

It's that time of year again when I post my after Halloween shopping finds! I went to Target and Michaels this year. The Target merchandise was 50% off and Michaels had their Halloween stuff marked down 80%.

This is probably my favorite of the Target finds. This cute little battery operated jack-o-lantern was only $1.50!

Here's how his face glows in the dark:

I also found some cool Halloween coasters. The designs on these are spooky bottle labels, like "spider venom" and "Bat Wings". This was one of those purchases that looked even cooler at home than it did in the store. This pack of eight coasters was only 50 cents in what is usually the dollar section.

These party invitations were also 50 cents. I generally make my own invitations, so I was more interested in the envelopes than the cards. The cards are pretty cool, though! I think eight fancy envelopes are still a good deal for 50 cents!

Here's a closer view of the spooky spiderweb covered chandelier on the envelopes.

I didn't take these paper decorations out of the package yet, but the photo on the cover shows what they look like hanging. I think they'll be neat with the orange and black lanterns that already hang over the table. They look like vintage party decorations to me. This set of decorations was $1.50.

These little rhinestones are the kind that come with adhesive on the back. I've used round ones similar to these for crafts. They've come in handy on cards and jewelry. The skulls and crossbones are extra cool. I think they might be added to something pirate themed.

These fingers are the coolest sticky page markers I've ever seen. Those regularly look like skinny post-it notes. They were also 50 cents.

This really bright string light set has a vintage feel to it. It was $4.50.

This shiny owl mask came from Michaels. I don't know if you can see all the sequins in this picture. I had planned for it to be worn by one of the pumpkins, but I think I'm going to keep it for myself.

This coffin was the best deal of the day at 19 cents! I think probably the best deal at crafts stores are the wooden items. They're usually $1.00 at most, unless you're getting something huge. I look forward to painting it and putting some kind of little skeleton or creature inside.

Martha Stewart cupcake wrappers with images on the bottom. I think these were 79 cents.

Raised bat stickers that were also 79 cents at Michaels.

One of the pumpkins is showing off my new Target witch hat. Would you believe this was only $1.50? It was in the section where stuff is normally either $1.00 or $3.00 and it was all half off.

I wanted to show you another angle of the hat and veil. This time, my plastic jack-o-lantern is doing the modeling.

Not to be outdone, my pirate skull is also sporting a new witch hat! Actually this is a mini hat my mom gave me for Halloween this year, but it's just the right size for my skull.

I don't think I've blogged about this skull yet. I painted in the eyes and glittered the teeth last year.  This is where the pirate skull is usually hanging out - in the trick-or-treat bowl:

Different look for him, hey?

*UPDATE as of November 7*

I just picked up a few more Target goodies at 90% off! My eyes light up at the sight of a 90% off sign. I couldn't believe that there was more than just candy left! For 50 cents I got this felt witch hat with all kinds of decorations. I might put the hat on a pumpkin or just use the cool craft supplies for something else.

For 20 cents I got this Halloween wand making kit. Wands are cool to sit around or stick in a floral arrangement. This one has glow-in-the-dark embellishments!

My favorite Halloween item of the day were these "tree finger gloves". They looked nowhere this cool on the shelf. I had no idea how they would look on, but they were worth the risk at 80 cents. I'm modeling one of them here. I felt like I had on Jim Carrey's Grinch hands! Each fingertip has 3.5" of foam extending from it. I've already had fun wrapping them around the side of a door like Nosferatu!

Did any of you run into some fun after Halloween finds?

If you'd like to see my hauls of years past:

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It's fun for me to look back at these blog posts and see when I found certain Halloween items.

Unfortunately, it was raining during the Day of the Dead parade I normally go to and share pictures of. If I'm lucky, I'll still get a chance to see the altars that are up in the gallery. I will still have some photos to share from our yearly trip to Cedarburg! A lot of Halloween decorations were still out this year, so I'll have lots of pictures to share in my next blog post.


  1. You guys have the best stuff there. I'm going to trawl the online sellers, see if there's anything worth having as the stores here are hopeless.

    Only 359 days to Halloween!


    1. Ali ~ There very well might be deals to be had online! A lot of people buy up all the discounted holiday stuff they can find and then sell it on ebay. Sometimes when I'm looking at after holiday merchandise, I see people loading whole cart fulls of the very same thing. I'm pretty sure where that stuff is going to end up! I mean, most people don't need 10 of the very same t-shirt. :)

      I went on ebay this October and found a great deal on a Halloween t-shirt that I could tell someone bought last year on an after Halloween sale. (I could tell from the marked down price tag) So it's worth a try!

      Only 359 days. :)

  2. Great finds Justine!!! I've yet to make it out to the stores for the after Halloween sales, but I'm still holding out hope for this weekend :)

    1. Heidi ~ Thanks! I'm sure you'll still find something in your after Halloween search. Michaels had a lot less than it did last year, but maybe you'll luck out with your location. You might try Walgreens, because I found a few goodies there this year. The candy shelves everywhere still appear to be stocked. If you're into candy corn, you're in luck. ;)

  3. I love the Bats with the colored wings, very cute. And I love the coffin. I think we pretty much had most of this stuff. I know we had the pumpkins. I almost bought one of those myself. We have the hat you bought every year in the 1 to 3 dollar section. Those hats are nice and a good deal, I have bought several colors of those types, black, read, green, purple. I have to admit that I guessed wrong, I thought you bought the witch hats in the back in seasonal. They were regular witch hats but stiffer than usual - nice. But you got a nice one though, kinda of irresistible :) I got two plastic skull goblets after oct 31 for $.30

    1. Matt ~ I can't wait to paint that little wood coffin. What a steal at 19 cents! Really? You always have those hats in the $1.00/$3.00 section? I don't remember seeing them before. Maybe they sold out fast in years past. There were only a few left after Halloween this year. I saw them in purple and black. I didn't even see any witch hats in the seasonal stuff! Yes, a $1.50 witch hat is totally irresistible. :) Good job getting those goblets for only 30 cents! I didn't see them this time, but I have seen some goblets with skeletal hands around them.

      I actually ended up back at Target today and thought I'd check out the Halloween stuff. I'd been at a different one a few days ago and it was pretty cleaned out. I was very pleased to find some Halloween stuff left at this one and it was 90% off! I love a 90% off sign. :) I'll be updating my blog with those new finds tonight.