Tuesday, November 2, 2010

After Halloween Target Haul!

Well, it's that exciting time of year for shopping! Not those after Thanksgiving sales, but the after Halloween sales! My Mom and I buzzed through lots of goodies at Kmart, World Market, and Pier 1 today, but the best luck we had was at Target. We were not alone, either. Target's Halloween aisles were buzzing with people, and we had to hurry to grab our finds! It was a successful shopping trip. We found 50% off deals on a Halloween CD, skull pillow, skull napkins, a t-shirt, spiderweb leggings, spooky socks, an eyeball picture frame and a faux pumpkin! We also took a look at one of those Halloween costume shops that are in vacant store buildings. They were actually open with a 50% off sale going! We didn't find anything we needed there, but if you are looking for a cool costume for half off, hurry into one of those places!

Here's a picture of today's Target Haul:

Here are a few photos of our jack-o-lantern lit up:


  1. Just found your site!
    Nice take at Target and great photo of the pumpkin lit up (with the light spilling on the floor-- awesome).

  2. Thanks for the comment AllHallowSteve! (great name by the way) I was pretty happy with the light that was cast from that pumpkin too! It should make a nice addition to the porch decorations next year.