Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Annual After Halloween Target Haul!

Halloween may be over, but the fun continues! Today I took part in the annual after Halloween trip to Target.  I'd been eyeing some full price items there through the season, just waiting to pounce on the November 1 deals! I'll return for a few more things, once they're even more discounted.

I was surprised to see so many people in the Halloween aisles. If there's anything you want, you better get over to Target now. Things are flying off the shelves! All Halloween items are marked 50% off, aside from the candy, which is 30% off.

Here is this year's haul...

A Trick or Treat hand towel ~ $2

These metallic pencils were in the Target dollar section. They were marked down to 50 cents.

Skull thigh high socks ~ I think these were $2.50

A cute little Jack-o-Lantern bucket ~ 50 cents


Three little tea light candle holders ~  50 cents

 Pumpkin hair bands ~  50 cents.

The inside of some little plastic bowls ~ Two for 50 cents.

Here's the picture frame I'd been checking out every time I went to Target in October. Two of those pumpkin plates were part of the haul. A close up detail of the frame:

The frame was $2.50 and the plates were around $1 each.

Probably my favorite find was a piece of spooky fabric. I'm not sure what the purpose of it was. It was missing its label and price tag. Maybe it was meant to be a dish towel. I think it would be nice to put over bread for the party. Here are a few views of it:

Pretty cool, hey? If any of you run across this fabric at your local Target, please tell me what the label says it is.

You may remember my Target haul from last year. If not, take a look! I will be interested to see the Halloween deals you guys run across through November. If you know of any other stores I should hit, let me know!


  1. I meant to go to Spirit Halloween and get discount zombie makeup but forgot. You seem to be really on top of things! I love the socks.

  2. I hit Stop & Shop to get a 50% off this year's Halloween Mr Potato Head.

  3. Jessica ~ Haha! Well, I am pretty on top of deals. I'll give myself that. :) You should still have time to hit Spirit Halloween. I think they were open for at least a week after Halloween around here last year. I need to get to Halloween Express for some discount accessories too! Thanks ~ I love those socks too. Those will be worn year round. Well, maybe not in summer. ;)

    Dex ~ Stop & Shop? Is that like a drug store? We don't have any of those in Wisconsin. A Halloween Mr. Potato Head? I haven't seen one of those. Since you said "this year's" does that mean that a different Halloween Mr. Potato Head comes out each year?

  4. Great haul! Everything looks adorable, but my favourite item amongst your Halloween loot is the fabric. That print would make a fantastic Halloween tablecloth! Love it!!

  5. Little Gothic Horrors ~ Thanks! I love the fabric too. I'm not surprised that it was your favorite item, because I know how much you like cool fabric! I remember that neat fabric you posted with the spooky characters on it. I agree ~ it would make a great tablecloth. It might be just big enough to be a table runner!

  6. Nice haul!

    I like the frame, the plate and the mystery fabric.

    The thing I really wanted this year (the Bath and Body Works jack, skull, cat and Frank votives) were gone, gone, gone when I went LAST week. So that will have to be my latest eBay quest for the next few months.

  7. Bought the same socks and scored one of the big skeletons.

  8. I just love a bargain! I love all your goodies but I think the thigh high skull socks are the score of the day!
    Nice work girl :)

  9. I bet that fabric was the dishtowel that I never saw because it was always sold out! I wanted to get the candle tray that had the same design only it was done in black on black, but I missed out on that (and also on the bat wings I wanted for the dog.) The only thing I saw left in that design was 1 candle, done in black and red. We went to 2 Targets, and I did get the gray skull cookie jar, a spider ring, 2 moving spooky portraits and a jack o lantern shirt for my dog. But I envy your fabric and the socks!

  10. Great haul!! I love the socks and picture frame!!!

  11. I think we are going bargain shopping this weekend. Hope there is some left! Great Finds!

  12. Nice job. I've been meaning to get over there. They have a ton of "old School" looking stuff which I like so much. Thanks for the reminder!

  13. AllHallowSteve ~ Thanks! I was pretty happy with my finds too. Hey! I totally forgot about Bath and Body Works! I was planning to go back for this light up coffin shaped soap dispenser too. It just slipped my mind. There was also a cute glitter skull soap dispenser I had my eye on. The prices were just too high for soap before. I'll have to see what's left today. Thanks for reminding me. :)

    Old Fashion Halloween ~ Aren't those socks awesome? I haven't tried them on yet, but I think they're going to be great! A big skeleton? I don't remember seeing any of those at Target. Maybe they sold out quickly.

    Goth Shoes ~ Me too! Bargains are the best! I get such a rush when I see those discount signs. When things go 90% off, I go really wild. I basically scrape up whatever is left. Thanks. :) I was happy with this haul!

    Trick or treat ~ I'm guessing it was supposed to be a dish towel too. I never saw the candle tray, so that must have been a hot seller. I saw those black and red candles. There were also some silver and black ones. If the spider ring was big, with a black rhinestone in the middle, I saw that one! Very cool. I saw a giant black cat ring too. There's some jewelry I'll probably go back for.

    Vivienne ~ Thanks! :) Yeah, those are two of my favorite items as well. That little skeleton on the picture frame is adorable.

    wicKED ~ I'm sure some deals will be left for you! :) I'll be curious to know what you find.

    The October Boy ~ Thanks! Yeah, Target does seem to be going retro this year. Their Christmas decorations look like they were made in the 1950s! Yes, the Christmas stuff was all out already. I'm not quite ready for that, but they have some cool things.

  14. Great finds. I usually do my next years xmas shopping on Xmas sales (cards especially as they are so cheap). The jack o lantern bucket is fab!

  15. I usually do the same thing, but not this year. I love all the great bargains Target and other stores have. I usually will go back a week later to see if things are marked down even more. I do the same thing after Christmas.

  16. Mrs Munster ~ Thanks! Yeah, it's great to hit Christmas sales too. I've found lots of neat things at Target after every holiday, really. I love that little bucket too! Can you believe that was only 50 cents? It was a deal for $1.00 to begin with.

    Adsila ~ Yeah, I'm waiting for the really big deals for some items. I was eyeing some Halloween jewelry at Target, but I have a lot of jewelry as it is. So I'll wait for at least a 75% off deal on that. We'll see if Target saves me some of what I like! I couldn't believe how crowded it was there.

  17. Stop & Shop is a supermarket chain out here.

    There's been one previous Mr.PH. They reused him a couple years in a row. So I guess really "this year's" should be "most recent" =)

    This is the first one, he comes with a sheet to drape over him so he can be a ghost too: http://halloweenerrific.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/potato-head.jpg

    And here's the new one: http://thmb.inkfrog.com/thumbn/global_toystore/monster_mash_potato2.jpg=450

    I can see if there's any left if you (or anyone else) needs one.

    And on another note: For being so super cool and creepy, I'd like to present you with this web award: http://bit.ly/laward

  18. Forgot to mention, stopped at WalMart yesterday and got a couple of those new plastic drink cups that seem to be popular. Of course, these are Halloween decorated and 50% off are only $2.50 each.

  19. Dex ~ Oh, ok. Yeah, it seems that every state has its own unique brand of supermarkets. I remember finding some cool Halloween T-shirts at one of our grocery stores a few years back. You never know where you might find a neat Halloween item!

    How sweet of you to offer to check for more Mr. Potato Heads! I think I'm good on Mr. Potato Heads for now, but thanks for the offer! :)

    Also, thanks for the blog award!

    Oh, I haven't checked Walmart's after Halloween deals, although I did stop at Kmart today. Aside from a few costumes, there wasn't much left. I can't believe how picked over the stores are this year!

  20. I work at Target and I shop there everyday (I get a 15% discount.) I can't resist cruising through the Halloween stuff everyday. Today I got a coffin tin and socks with toes and a skull. Your Jack-O-Lantern looks good in the Dark. I like that expression!

  21. Matt ~ Cool! Aren't discounts great? Sounds like you found some cool things. I bet you were checking out the Halloween stuff through the season, and then you were the first to grab what you wanted when the sales hit! Did you get one of those glitter skulls? Thanks! Yeah, I love how that jack-o-lantern looks in the dark. He has kind of a mischievious look on his face!

  22. Justine, I didn't get a glitter skull because glitter is just a little bit too happy for me - I got one of their other skulls, the brown ones. I like thier pumpkin design though, it's 3D and old timey looking. I also like the black cat design.

  23. Matt ~ Ah, so you were going for more of a scary look than a jolly/festive look. Yeah, then I guess you're better off with the brown skull instead of a pink glittered one. Target does seem to be going with a vintage theme this year!

  24. Great finds! I haven't seen any after Hallowe'en bargains here! Probably because they replaced everything with Christmas stuff as soon as Hallowe'en was over. They started stocking the shelves with Christmas items even before Hallowe'en had arrived! Crazy!

    I love the black and white Hallowe'en fabric! I would say it was a dish cloth also! It looks very Edgar Allan Poe!

    The skeleton frame is so cute and the plates are adorable! I would have definitely grabbed a few of them! x

  25. Yeah, there were lots of Christmas items on the shelves before Halloween here as well! It drives me nuts. As much as I like Christmas, I'm not ready for cold weather and snow. That's what I'm reminded of when I see little snowmen in stores during October! The day after Halloween, I was having to hear Christmas carols play in the stores. It's way too early for that!

    I love that fabric too ~ I think it could be made into an awesome apron. I already have a photo in the skeleton frame and it looks really cute. With the size of the photo, it looks like my mom and I are standing next to the little skeleton. :)