Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Venomous Villain

A few nights ago, I saw the movie Rango. It probably seems like a bit of a stretch to write about this movie in a Halloween themed blog, but there were actually a lot of scary parts in it. That and I wanted to recommend this to someone, so here's a way to recommend it to 46 of you at once! :)

I'm almost not sure how to explain Rango. If you watch the trailer, it looks like a standard slapstick movie without much of a plot. That's why I didn't post the trailer here. If you watch the entire movie and not just the few dumb parts they stuck in the trailer, you'll be surprised by how complex the plot is.

I'm not really sure what the intended audience for Rango was. It seemed more directed to adults than kids, and to really specific adults at that! There were Hunter S. Thompson references, Clint Eastwood references, bits about Las Vegas draining all the water away, spiritual life after death thoughts, general "Who am I?" questions, and Los Lobos as singing owls.

Johnny Depp voices the main lizard character, Rango. It was fun to imagine him saying some of his lines. For some reason his voice was reminding me of Kermit the Frog. Bill Nighy voices "Rattlesnake Jake" who is pictured below. I had to include some pictures of him, so there's something scary in this blog entry. :)

The snake's movements are actually pretty freaky. He also has a gun as a rattler. Look at those fangs!

Rattlesnake Jake isn't the only spooky thing in this movie. There are also walking cacti that come alive to look for water. Their glowing faces appear behind, well whatever dry plant stuff they're made of. I really tried to find a picture of those to share, but I couldn't!

I found a surprising amount of Rattlesnake Jake tribute videos on YouTube! Most of them have really bad metal playing in the background and are taped off TV, but I managed to find one I like! This one does have Insane Clown Posse playing on it, but the music fits and I like how this clip shows the snake's creepy movements.

P.S. ~ I just read an article this morning (Friday now) about some real life snake drama. This is just ewww: Snake House


  1. Most of those movies surprisingly are very good. I loved UP!

  2. Yeah, I really like watching animated movies. The animation now is so well done and real looking.

    I heard that UP was really good! I can't believe I never saw it, but I'll get around to it some day.

  3. I was actually planning on watching Rango with some friends this weekend...After reading this im even more excited to watch it!! :D

  4. Aww, yeah you should totally watch it! I hope that you like this movie as much as I did. :) I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on Rango after you see it!

  5. I think Rattlesnake Jake takes the cake.

  6. ...and you always have a good comment to make. Har Har

    Glad your hand is healed enough to type again!

  7. I freakin LOVED it!! It was such an awesome and witty movie and the graphics were super kickass too. Im not afraid of snakes in real life but watching Rattlesnake Jake had me rethinking if maybe i should have this phobia.His movements were so quick yet fluid and when he hissed it genuinely gave me chills down my spine.

    Johnny Depp is not only cute but he is such a great and versatile actor and did a great job playing Rango....(ok wait i take that back he is freaking GORGEOUS) haha...jokes aside i loved the character Rango a lot and felt we are quite similar, well minus the fact he is male and reptilian...other than that i think i pretty much have the same sense of humor and sarcasm as him :P

    All in all it was great movie that i wouldn't mind watching more than once.

    Best quote from movie:

    'I found a human spinal column in my fecal matter once'...DEAD SILENCE...'yooooouuuu miiiggght want to get that checked out'
    hahaha *DEAD* XD

  8. Glad you liked Rango as much as I did! I agree, the graphics were amazing. Every little hair on the characters looked real. They can do such great things with animation now!

    I don't have a snake phobia either, but there was something about the way this one moved, spoke, and was much bigger than the other characters. Plus, he was a really mean guy!

    I agree that Johnny Depp is gorgeous, so there was something funny about him voicing this little lizard. Although I guess Rango was cute in his own, wacky way! That's funny that you related to his personality. I actually think that a little of Johnny Depp's personality was coming through in the part. I related most to Beans, although it's probably more fun to be a Rango type person who is less serious. :)

    I would like to watch this movie again too! I felt like there were so many details in the background and quick lines, that I'm sure I'd catch a bunch more things the second time around.

    Haha - I love that quote too. :) Yeah, definitely not normal...

    Thanks for posting your thoughts! It's always fun to compare reviews after seeing a movie.