Thursday, May 26, 2011

Morbid Makeovers

My blog buddy Holly (from Holly's Horrorland) is running a zombie of the day feature in her blog! She is doing this for the remainder of May, in honor of Zombie Awareness month. Today I'm the Zombie of the day! So, if you'd like to see me looking undead with the help of Photoshop, here's a link: Zombie Justine

Oh, and Holly's blog is worth following too! If you like me, you'll like her too. :)

Giving myself a zombie makeover (or makeunder) was a really weird experience. Usually, if anyone is changing something about themselves in Photoshop, they're adding an improvement or removing something unattractive. As I worked on this, I was considering what is and isn't attractive. I was thinking about what point a zombie look crosses the line into looking disgusting. I didn't quite want to cross that line, yet it's still kind of hard to look at myself like this.

Thinking about the point at which a makeover blurs into a monstrosity reminded me of a documentary I watched about Comicon recently. I would really love to attend Comic-con, but I never have. Anyway, they hold an annual zombie beauty pageant! Like a regular beauty pageant, there is even a talent segment to the contest. Here's a video clip of the talent portion. You will see singing, belly dancing, and even a poetry reading!

If you would like to enter a zombie beauty pageant, you might want to touch up your makeup skills with a youtube tutorial. Holly had suggested I use one of these for my zombie makeover, but it looked messy and I felt lazy. :) There are a lot of looks to choose from, but here is one of my favorites:

How awesome is this? I've never dressed as a zombie for Halloween, but this makeup technique kind of makes me want to...


  1. Wow, you make one fine zombie! You look like Nicole Kidman ten minutes after coming home to find Keith Urban feeding on the dog.

  2. Sean ~ Thank you! That seriously made my day. :) Ha, well Keith Urban seems like too nice of a guy to feed on the family dog. Even if he did become a zombie!

    PeaceLoveandSharpies ~ Yeah! That's why I'm tempted to try it next Halloween. Can you imagine the reactions you'd get if you walked into a bar with that done to your face?

  3. This is SO cool! I found you through Jeanne over at The Candy Corn Chronicles!


  4. Thanks Lulu! :) I just took a peek at your coastal sisters blog and I love the design!

  5. Thanks Sandra! :) I love that reupholstered chair pictured in your blog!

  6. Wow that makeup in the youtube clip is SICK! (in a good way) :) and I don't know how you managed to still look good in a zombified state but you did...Why can't halloween be tomorrow already :D

  7. Hehe Yeah, I think that is probably the best makeup tutorial I've ever watched on YouTube! That guy is a really good teacher and is so creative. Did you see what he made those teeth from?

    Thanks for the compliment on my zombie look! :) Yeah, I didn't really want to push it into that nasty, disintegrating flesh stage. "Why can't Halloween be tomorrow?" I ask that every day! ;)