Tuesday, November 7, 2023

My favorite leaf photos from this autumn

Over the last several months, I have seen a lot of beautiful autumn leaves. If I happened to have my camera with me at the time, I'd photograph them. This amounted to a lot of leaf photos! Out of those many photos, these are my favorites. We'll start out with some stained glass leaves, at least that's what I call them. I just googled "stained glass leaves" and got some really pretty results. I am probably sending someone down a shopping rabbit hole with that search suggestion!

I feel like I can almost see the process of the leaves turning colors here. Red at top, yellow at middle, and green at bottom. I'm reminded of traffic lights.


These leaves are from an Ash tree:

How cool are these neon green shapes in the middle? I love when this happens. I don't know if it has something to do with a sudden shift in weather or if some Maple trees just have this color formation.

Refreshing green.


How perfect is this blue sky with the colors of this tree?

Ginkgo leaves soon after it rained:


Even the dry leaves on the ground are looking interesting. The ground in a local park was covered with these. Actually, it feels like every piece of ground around here is covered in dry leaves lately.

I had to display this red and black beauty somewhere it would show up. The other "leaves" around the bottom of the pumpkin are actually fake ones that are on a garland.

This is another photo taken in the park. What are the chances that there would be so many colors in one bunch? These were all low growing shrubs or vines. I think the red leaves in the middle were part of a wild grape vine.

Here's another one with bright green veins. The next several pics were other lucky finds with this pattern.


I saw a lot of Oak leaves this fall, yet I realized I didn't take many photos of them. These red ones seem unusual. There have been tons of brown Oak leaves around.

I'm not sure what this little saw-tooth leaf was.

This was a funny one to photograph, because each time I took a picture, the wind would flip it around. I felt like the leaf was saying "Get my good side" 😄 Isn't it interesting how this curvy leaf makes a perfect, circular shadow?

One thing I like about dry leaves is that they sometimes take on a leathery look. I thought this leathery leaf looked just right on a brick path.

I carried this whole leaf bouquet home.


This might be my favorite leaf vein photo I've ever taken. It looks like a map, like the kind you might see if you looked at the satellite view (from a far distance) on Google Maps. It also reminds me of the view from out the window of a plane. The more I stare at this, the more I see pieces of land. It helps that the leaf is green.

I took many photos through leaves that were stuck in the grass. It's a great way to capture the light going through them without having to hold the leaf.

I still remember which hill I was walking up when I saw this. I looked down and saw what looked like a spotlight on the leaves. There must have been some shadows from the trees. I couldn't get my camera out fast enough.

I'll end with some "Squirrel Vision" through a super vibrant leaf. I took a walk through this same park today and it was actually teeming with squirrels. They were leaping around in the leaves and jumping around in the trees. It was surround sound leaf crinkling and squirrel chirping.

Were any of these leaves new to you? I know there are some people who read this blog that aren't in my area of the U.S. or in the U.S. at all. I wonder how this time of year is looking for people outside my state. I know that we are lucky in the Midwest as far as colorful fall leaves go and I'm aware that there are some Eastern states that are lucky with this too. In fact, I heard recently that some Eastern states are having issues with too many people traveling there to take selfies with the leaves. These people are clogging up traffic, etc. I guess we're doubly lucky here then - all the great leaves without those pesky people in the way of them! 😉 We just have so many squirrels...


  1. Leaves are what makes Fall I think. I'm lucky here, the trees aren't entirely bare yet, so there is still some nice colour to enjoy!

    1. Alison ~ I agree. Leaves are a major seasonal sign from nature! We have had such an unusual fall this year. First, it was like summer, then we had a surprise snowfall, and now it's back to warm fall temps. So the trees went through a lot. Luckily, there are still some leaves on the trees after the snow, but we lost a lot of them! I feel like I've been raking nonstop over here.