Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Halloween and Autumn Leftovers

I remember once posting a "Halloween Leftovers" blog post, but I think that was more just random Halloween photos I'd had "left over" after the holiday. This time the leftovers are Halloween decorations that I saw up during my walk last Sunday and some of what nature had leftover from autumn. 

Although, to be fair, I'm not sure if this guy is in the tree all the time.

I'm pretty sure these two aren't, though.

This tree that has been taken over by an owl, random Halloween decorations, and a bunch of tiny fairies and gnomes is in a local park. It's become a bit of a community project I think. Every time I walk by it, someone has added something new.

Speaking of trees, I'd say maybe half of them still have their leaves around here. I thought this was an especially pretty one.

Looking at these photos now, I'm amazed at the intensity of blue in the sky. I was walking sometime around 11-11:30 am. It just looks like it is so much later in the day. That's something to get used to around this time of year.

In this case someone was just adding leaves to a tree.

Some pumpkins still remain. I wish I'd run across some of the rotty jack-o-lanterns to take photos of. I'm not sure I even remember where I saw those. But recently, I saw some pretty funny caved in pumpkin faces on a porch.

This one looks like it is growing some kind of mushroom or fungus. For real! At the time, I thought it was just one of those warty gourds going to seed. But I'm looking at this picture now wondering what exactly was going on. Maybe this is just how the warty ones go when they go?

I always love to see orange pumpkins up against a house that is painted blue.

At least one more of those giant skeletons remains out! This one is great because he's creeping around the side of the house.

It's fun to study these photos, because I'm noticing things I didn't at the time. Like how the skeleton's hands are almost webbed. 

I happen to like this house a lot even without a giant skeleton creeping around it. I don't know how old it is but it looks like a little old cottage. And the ivy is a perfect touch.

There's a nice winding path near this skeleton cottage.

And a tiny wooded area alongside the path:

I did manage to find a few leaves around there. Very few...

And this teeny-tiny "waterfall" which is probably more water rushing over a log. But still, it was cool.

This picture was taken over the side of a nearby bridge. I really like how this one turned out with the sun reflecting all those little shapes around the water and rocks.

Some classic autumn red berries:

I found this little guy by the library. I'd like to decorate something with those miniature scarecrows, I just don't know what. They're so cheerful.

I'll end with an image that is pure Wisconsin: A skeleton with a snow shovel. There could be some very real crossover with those two decorations. Actually, we did have some measurable snow this Halloween. I'm pretty sure whoever left this out wasn't being jokey so much as prepared. 

Happy Thanksgiving to those Americans reading this! 🍁🍃🍂


  1. I love these! There are a few rotted jacks around the neighbourhood but I've not seen any other Halloween decorations. I like how some people reuse their Halloween decor for Christmas.

    1. Alison ~ Yeah, those rotted jacks are still all over the place here. Some of the pumpkins that were uncut look quite fresh! The temps shot way down and fast, so those uncut pumpkins could possibly be preserved a really long time.

      Yeah! I plan to check back at some of these houses and see if their skeletons are dressed up for Christmas. :)