Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Happy Halloween! I'll take you on a nighttime walk around town

Happy Halloween Everyone! Are you guys ready for a walk through the village at night? You'll see some of the same decorations as in the last post, only lit up and a little spookier. You'll see some new ones too. I had to be picky in choosing what to share, because there were so many Halloween decorations out this year!

This is one of my favorite photos of the skeleton's eyes. As I said in my last blog post, the eyes change. They look side to side, up and down, and sometimes directly at you.

These 12-foot skeletons are in part being supported by a flag pole.

Here's a close-up of their neon pumpkin decoration. There's something different about how it is lit. There's almost a 3D effect going on in the mouth.

I can't decide if this prop is scarier lit or unlit. It looks really cool either way.

This witch is suspended from the tree with her skirt flying backward. She really is off the ground and if you are standing below her, it feels like she is going to pounce down on you.

She is genuinely scary. Believe it or not, she is even scarier in the daylight. Then you can really see her face.

Here's the full yard in all its glory. As you can see, these figures were towering above the house.

In the next yard we have a creeping tree man! He looks like an actual tree from a distance.

Here you can see his glossy eyes:

This doll or ghost was really creepy in person, probably creepier than it appears here.

I think I saw this neon skull at Menards this year.

I haven't shared a lot of the inflatable photos I've taken, in part because you've probably seen most of them before. But this was something else!

This skeleton was lounging in a tree with a PBR. I told you beer cans were showing up on props this year!

This yard was wild! 

This gremlin genuinely scared me. I'd never seen a prop like this and he looked so lifelike in the dark.

At first, this clown head on a meat hook isn't that noticeable from the street, but when you see it, you see it! I closed in a great deal from the sidewalk to take this. I think we're looking into someone's garage here.

Witch silhouettes in the window:

Remember her from the daytime? Walking around the village at night reminds me of going to the Streets of Old Milwaukee exhibit at the museum. This witch reminds me of how the grandma figure was out in her rocking chair at night.

The witch had a lit-up bicycle.

This sort of vintage looking sign went with the witch. I'm trying to figure out what the glass pieces are. Could these be the ends of a fancy curtain rod? 

Have you guys seen cobwebs like these? They're new to me this year. I imagine they're a lot easier to clean up than the traditional fake spiderwebs.

These people had such a nice yard. I'm trying to remember what was in the background. It looks like maybe a well-lit gazebo.

I've shared this one before but I had to share it again. I really like the way the pumpkin appears suspended in front of the curtain.

Do you remember those decorations that are made of little pieces of plastic? I'm remembering that material being a big thing in the 90s. Well, I think that's what these pumpkins in the window are made from.

I love the purple lights on this fence. This picture was actually my computer wallpaper for part of October.

This is a path I'd been walking in summer during the day. It connects to a lot of other paths. In summer I was looking forward to seeing what it would like on a fall night. I wanted to see some lit-up jack-o-lanterns lighting the path, but I guess people probably aren't thinking about decorating a fenced in path behind a bunch of backyards.

This bridge is another area I'd been looking forward to walking at night. It fulfilled my spooky expectations.

After you cross that bridge, you take a path and end up at this memorable backyard!

They're something at night, aren't they? Just lit up enough to barely see their faces.

This slimy jack-o-lantern is extra creepy to me at night.

The portraits:

And over to her front yard...

Remember the cemetery?

The ghosts in the cemetery are definitely scarier at night. There's something about the shadows and that old piece of fireplace that makes me feel like I'm inside a haunted house instead of out in someone's front yard.

This ghoulie is scarier to me at night because I couldn't see what's going on in his hood.

Keeping careful watch at night was the dragon. There's something eerie about a prop looking down at you at night, even if it is a fake skeleton! 

I hope you all enjoyed this virtual walk around town. It really was a great year for decorations, wasn't it? I'm glad I got out when I did, because the weather got cold. I woke up to snow today! And it has kept snowing. That lady's cemetery and ghosts probably looked spooky in a different way covered in snow. 

I look forward to seeing what some of you have blogged lately. I'll be taking the time to visit your blogs and hope to see some decorations from your neighborhoods. Have a fun Halloween night! 🎃


  1. I started seeing the newer spider webs a few years ago. It's actually beef netting! I think it looks way better than the "traditional" webs because most people don't put a lot of effort into those and they usually don't look great. The new ones you really can't mess up, just have to stretch and tear it. I did see quite a few of those rope webb setups this year.

  2. Dex ~ I'm surprised to hear that these new webs have been around a few years. This is the first and only house I've seen this webbing on. Beef netting! So people are buying that product and then tearing their own holes in it? Here, I thought the webs were being sold with holes pre-cut. How about that!

    It's true that the traditional webs can become a mess. I've seen some of that webbing stretched across the kinds of bushes and shrubs where you just know it's not going to come loose easily. And then the leaves start collecting in it. A few leaves look cool and spooky, but I'm sure you've seen those webs become messy with leaves and even trash after a point.

    Still, some people know how to work with the traditional webs and there are times I think they add something, like in the cemetery pics above.

    Yeah! I like the rope webs, especially if a giant spider is added.