Monday, October 30, 2023

Some Outstanding Local Decorations

Halloween decorations around town have really been something this year. It could be that people were just in the spirit more than usual or it could be that I've found some new areas in town to look at. Perhaps those areas were always this good!

This past summer and also this fall, walking around town and discovering new areas became a real pastime for me. I started to explore the older areas of town and really got into being around the old homes. I also discovered some little forest areas, hidden bridges, and what felt like secret paths. Since no one else was around, they felt like a secret! Or at least like they hadn't been frequented that much lately.

As I wandered around in the summer, I started looking forward to seeing what these places would look like in fall. I thought "Wow! Great old homes like these are the perfect backdrop for Halloween decorations!" And since we haven't been to Cedarburg in a few years, I was happy to find a replacement. Especially a replacement that is so nearby!

I took so many photos, it's nuts. I have winnowed down my daytime favorites to this set, and I hope to get the nighttime photos up tomorrow for Halloween. That will take a lot more winnowing. I think this is the 15-foot "Towering Phantom". 

These photos I started with were of the massive figures that are all the rage this year. The 12-foot skeletons! And if you guys have seen them, you know how the eyes move. It's almost like they can tell where a person is.

All the above photos were taken in the same yard. These people really went to town. The woman who went with these decorations happened to be out and was super nice. I've noticed that people have a way of appearing as you're checking out their decorations. Sometimes they come over to chat or quickly light up the lights or start the spooky sounds when they see an admirer. 

So onto the older section of town I was talking about...

This life size witch figure actually freaked me out the first time I saw her. I was walking along alone and didn't expect her. Not that she's even scary! She's actually quite friendly looking.

This looks like a vintage witch to me.

The woman who set this up also happened to be out and was very friendly and up for talking about her decorations. She had this shed next to her house.

A few close-ups:

There was a big old rubber bat hanging from the tree. It was a pretty creepy sight to see from below.

Here's a peek inside the shed:

Running alongside her property was this wall-like form. Maybe it was the side of her garage. She set up a whole cemetery scene along it.

Some of what made her cemetery extra spooky was the old, actual rusty metal fence.

She also had what she thought was part of an old altar in the center. I think it was probably part of an old fireplace.

These white figures blend into the white background perfectly. It looks like they are ghosts emerging from the wall.

Perched on the wall and guarding the cemetery was this dragon skeleton. Looks like he broke free of his chain.

I walked this path many times over the summer. 

You can imagine my surprise when one day this fall I was walking the path and ran into these.

What I didn't realize is that this backyard belongs to the same house as the front yard I just showed you. So you can see that she used all the space she had!

These scarecrows have that demented, falling apart, but somehow looking more alive for it look. Wait till you see them at night.

One of the scarecrows had a little owl friend on his arm.

She had some creepy pumpkins sitting below the scarecrows. 

And inside the fence there were all sorts of little horrors. 

When I first saw this scene, I thought "This is the work of a disturbed mind." Imagine my surprise to meet the perky, friendly lady with a blond ponytail who put this together. I'd imagined a grizzled man with an ax doing the decorating. Maybe that's her husband? Haha. Naw, you just never know to look at people.

This part is kind of cute, though.

For once, this sign makes sense. I normally see the sign next to some happy pumpkin and a little ghost and think "Uh huh."

This last pic wasn't in that same woman's yard. It was taken about a block over. I wanted to show you that a child's playhouse can become a little haunted house. Notice the 1428 address. No, this wasn't taken on Elm Street. ;)

I am looking forward to sharing some night time photos from these same yards. You'll see some other yards too. Not every decoration looks as cool in the daylight as it does at night, but the ones I chose to show here hold up pretty darn well in the day!