Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pumpkin Cats and Witchy Crows

Last night, I went to a pumpkin carving party. I decided to bring along my little Dollar Tree pumpkin and my roll of black duct tape. For those who don't know, I'm entering a duct tape pumpkin contest. So while my friends carved their pumpkins, I duct taped mine. I found that duct tape is surprisingly easy to work with! I was cutting strips of it with a utility knife and then bending it to fit my cat design. It's so malleable.

One of the party guests brought her cousin, who was visiting from Germany. Halloween in Germany isn't celebrated in the same way or to the degree that it is here in America. This was her first time carving a pumpkin, and she asked if this was something we did every year! She did an awesome job, and I'm sure she'll carve more pumpkins in the future. I probably left her with the impression that Americans like to duct tape their pumpkins too!

Here are the wonderful designs the other party guests carved:

We had a nice time watching Practical Magic while we carved and taped. It's funny how a movie can mean different things to a person depending on what time in their life they watch it. I remember taking that movie pretty seriously in 1998! Although, I guess it's good that I've matured a little over the past 13 years.

The hostess had several bottles of wine out and I chose to drink from one because I liked the bottle. I didn't even know what was in it! I've been on the hunt for the perfect bottles for those Halloween labels I won. So I was pleased to finish that wine and take the bottle home with me! My next blog post is going to be about the bottles I collected over the weekend.

As I poured myself a glass of wine at the party, I was reminded of my last blog post. Times sure have changed. I would have been breaking the law by drinking that glass of wine 80 years ago! It really makes you think. I guess law abiding Americans were drinking soda during their parties back then.

Speaking of parties, I finished my invitations for the Witch Party. We're going with a crow theme this year. I guess this is what happens when I paint while watching shows about Prohibition!

The little Dollar Tree crows are getting dressed for the party too! They will be wearing their little witch hats and holding place cards for each guest.

I can't wait to share more photos as party time draws near!


  1. Oh, what a great post! Your duct tape pumpkin cat is wonderful, and the pumpkins your friends carved are amazing, too! What a talented bunch! Sounds like you had a fantastic time. Wine, 'Practical Magic' and pumpkin carving sounds like a fun evening!

    I love your crow painting for the invitations! The little place card crows are just adorable, too!!

  2. I thought that was a photo of you for a moment until I read that you were watching PRACTICAL MAGIC. I wondered if you'd upgraded your witch hat from simply sinister to grand sinister!

    And the invitation looks terrific. Bravo on rendering such a cordial crow for the celebration!

  3. P.S. Our local supermarket is selling Halloween pumpkins for $4.00!!!!! Maybe all my complaining has finally paid off.

  4. Little Gothic Horrors ~ Thanks! :) I was pretty impressed with everyone's pumpkin results too. I'd never been to a pumpkin carving party before and it was lots of fun! It sounds like you could have a pumpkin carving party of your own with those prices! $4.00 is pretty close to American pumpkin prices, depending on where you shop. So, I guess Australia is finally getting in the Halloween spirit!

    Thanks for your compliments on my invites and crows! I'm hoping to have a whole crow party theme going. We'll see if I can figure out a crow cake!

    King Unicorn ~ Aww... Thank you for making that comparison! :) Yeah, I'd agree that her hat is "grand sinister". I would love to have that hat. I doubt I'd be able to walk through any doorways, but it looks great. Thanks for your compliments on my invite as well!

  5. Love this one, girl! Your crows are looking FANTASTIC and that duct tape pumpkin? So cute.

    What an awesome idea. Now I want to have a pumpkin carving party! And thanks for reminding me of that movie. I've spent part of my day making potions bottles, and now I need to look up what they looked like in that film. You give me great ideas. Keep it up!

  6. Oh wow! I absolutely adore your kitty pumpkin! The protruding whiskers are a really cool touch!!

    I love creative pumpkins that aren't the usual pumpkin face and those are some great examples! My favourite is the spooky tree one, it's awesome!!

    I can't wait to see pictures from this years crow themed party! Those invitations are wonderful. Your guests must be spoilt! I'd love to join you!

    The hats on your crows are so cute!!! :| xxx

  7. P.S. As I'm going home to visit family and friends this Hallowe'en I cant possibly take a pumpkin down on the train so I've roped my mum into getting me 2 pumpkins from a local farmer haha! I can't wait to start gutting them! xxx

  8. As usual, a very entertaining read Ms Justine.
    Pumkin carving is hard work ~ your friends amazing designs make it look so easy! I just love your clever Kitty creation, the invitation and the cute crows all dressed up!
    Can't wait 'till the big day!

  9. I love the duct tape pumpkin. What a cool cat. The other pumpkins are great as well. Love the little Dollar Tree crows.

  10. I can't wait to see pics from your party! The wee crows are looking darling!

  11. Love that pumpkin! Such a neat idea. :)

  12. Nice work on the invitations. Looking forward to the bottles and the party pics!

  13. The party was so much fun Saturday! I think this needs to happen every year:-)

    The name card holders are looking too cute! I can't wait till I get mine.

    I was thinking the same thing, you could totally pass for Nicole Kidman in this film!

    See you Saturday!

  14. I'm lovin those lil' witchy crows!! Very clever!
    And the Cat-pumpkin is cute. Good luck with the contest! :0)

  15. It sounds like you have a lot of interesting parties in your life. I love your duct tape cat pumpkin it turned out wonderfully.

  16. Pensive ~ Thank you so much for your nice words! :) Yeah, pumpkin parties are lots of fun. I hope this becomes a yearly tradition! You could always include pumpkin carving in a Halloween party you're already having. I have the impression that you have Halloween parties each year. Am I right?

    Cool! Take some pics of your potion bottles and we can compare notes. :) I have to label and photograph mine today. It turns out that I have some vintage and antique bottles. I was doing a little research on them yesterday. Glad I'm helping to inspire you this season!

    Vain Glory Sinner ~ Thanks! :) I was pretty happy with those whiskers, myself. I used the same black duct tape for those, only I reversed it. So the white looking whiskers are the sticky part of the tape. I had to kind of bend it backwards on the end to make it stick. I was impressed with that tree pumpkin too. What's funny is that I can't remember who carved three of those four pumpkins! I guess I was really into duct taping. :)

    Oh yeah, the guests are being spoiled! But it is so fun to put all of this together. I look forward to sharing every step of my party process with you guys. Congrats on getting some pumpkins! Do you have your carving designs all planned out already?

    Goth Shoes ~ Thank you! :) I'm glad you enjoyed this one. Haha! "the big day" sounds like a wedding or something. The party is probably nearly as much work...
    I'm glad you like all the little party parts so far. What are your plans for Halloween?

    Vivienne ~ Thanks! :) I'm glad you like my little creation. You can't beat Dollar Tree for awesome Halloween deals. I've actually found some of my best stuff there! Have you been working on your duct taped pumpkin for the contest? As I remember, you had some tape left over from something else.

    LuLu ~ I can't wait to share party pics with everyone! I thought you'd like the crows, because I saw something on your blog that inspired the crows in hats look. This was a while back, but it got stuck in my head. I think you have a little crow with a top hat?

    Halloween Spirit ~ Thanks! :) I had a lot of fun designing and decorating that pumpkin.

    wicKED ~ Thank you! I was really happy with how those turned out. I look forward to sharing everything as it's put together.

    Stacey ~ I agree! This would be a great tradition. I have some more pictures I'll have to email you.

    Yeah, I think those crows will look even cuter once they have their little name signs!

    Thanks! It might have been her hair at the time this was filmed. I always liked Nicole Kidman better with long, red hair.

    Yes, see you Saturday! I can't believe how quickly this is coming up...

    Jeanne ~ Thanks, me too! The other day, I was outside and saw a few crows fly by. I imagined how cute they'd look with little hats on. :) Can you imagine a group of actual crows in hats? I might actually be scared if I saw that...

    Thanks, I plan to send my picture in to the Duck Duct Tape people today!

    Jessica ~ I do! I'm very fortunate to have a busy October each year. I have three parties this month counting the one I just shared. I'll try my best to document each one for the blog! Thanks. :) I'm glad you like my little pumpkin cat!

  17. I SO wish I had the room at my place to have a pumpkin carving party! What a great idea. And Practical Magic is SUCH a great movie. Also, I saw those crows at the dollar store, but I never imagined doing something so creative and cute with them. I LOVE your blog so much!!!

  18. Twig ~ Well, all you need room for is a table and a few chairs. If you wanted to have more than several people over, you might need more space. I'm sure you have room for a party of two anyway. :)

    Watching Practical Magic was like going back in time for me. It's like that when I haven't seen a movie in over a decade! I had that "Put the Lime in the Coconut" song in my head for a whole day after watching the movie!

    Yeah, there are probably endless decorating ideas for those crows. I think those are one of the best items Dollar Tree has to offer!

    Thanks for your sweet words. :) I'm glad to have you here!

  19. What a great idea!!! A pumpkin carving party! Get drunk and play with sharp things, Ha ha! They all look great! I liked your black tape idea... pretty cool!

  20. Annie ~ Haha! That's actually pretty much how it went down, but there were no injuries. Except to the pumpkins of course. ;)

    Thanks! I'm glad you like our designs. I liked working with the black tape, so now I'm searching for more duct tape projects!

  21. Oh unfortunately this Halloween my family and I will be away from home so I'm not too sure what we'll get up to yet.
    It's a bit sad because we live in a very small, safe friendly town and Halloween is a wonderful event filled with costumes, painted faces, pumpkins, creepy things and heaps of sweet treats.
    We're trying not to pay too much attention to it this year as the we're all a bit crushed... :(
    Oh well... Looking to the positives.
    I'm sure you will all have a marvellous time and we will be creepy in our own small way. ox

  22. Goth Shoes ~ Aww... I'm sorry to hear that you will be away from your regular Halloween festivities! I'm sure there's some way to make your trip spooky. Although, I have no idea where you're going. I'll try to do my best to share my Halloween with you through this blog! At least you can celebrate vicariously. :)