Sunday, September 25, 2011

Decorating and dressing with duct tape

In searching for Halloween contests to enter, I ran across a contest being held by Duck brand duct tape! You can win $1,000 for decorating a pumpkin (real or fake) with duct tape and sending in a photo!

I remembered seeing some fake, carvable pumpkins during one of my recent trips to Dollar Tree, so I went over there yesterday and bought one. Since it only cost $1.00, I'll feel free to experiment on the pumpkin (and possibly mess it up).

I'm a little skeptical about actually being able to carve a Dollar Tree pumpkin, but who knows. I'm also a little skeptical about eating the candy I bought there, but who could resist this packaging?

Or a candy called "Pirate Choppers" for that matter. It seemed like it should have said chompers instead of choppers, but what do you want for a dollar?

I found some black duct tape at Target today for $3.39, which is by far the cheapest I've seen it. Actually the color wasn't listed as black, but as "Midnight Madness". That Duck company sure knows how to market their duct tape! I was tempted to buy the zebra print tape, but I stayed focused.

Would any of you handy people out there like to be my competition in this contest? I'd be curious to see what you think up!

Here's a link to the contest page:

Duck Brand Stick-or-Treat Contest

I managed to find a little inspiration! This is a how-to video for decorating pumpkins with duct tape. I swear there are how-to videos for everything now.

In other duct tape/pumpkin news...

That's just how strong duct tape is: Strong enough to lift 600 lbs of pumpkin!

I kept thinking of the Red Green show while writing this! I'm hoping that at least my Canadian followers will know what I'm talking about. Red Green calls duct tape "the handyman's secret weapon". I'm sure he could think up a great invention involving a pumpkin and duct tape. Here's one of his many projects:

In searching the terms "Halloween" and "duct tape" I ran across a book titled, The Original Duct Tape Halloween Book. Has anyone out there read this? I looked through a few pages on the book's Amazon page, and the costumes looked bizarre. I did, however, like their duct tape spiderweb idea!

Not that you couldn't fashion a cool outfit out of duct tape. The very Halloweeny couple above did just that for their prom! In fact, the Duck company held a duct tape prom outfit contest on their web site. The contest was titled "stuck at prom". Want to see the winners and runners up? I know you do...

Winners and Runners up for the Stuck at Prom contest

There are actually duct tape prom photos all over the internet. I guess these kids really want to show off their handy work. Just google "duct tape prom" and you'll see what I mean. I have to admire teenagers with the confidence to wear these flamboyant outfits, although I wonder if some of them were able to dance that night... 

It looks like the boy got a hold of some of that zebra print duct tape I mentioned before! This is one of the flashier couples I ran across. Some of the outfits I found were really quite tasteful, considering they were made of duct tape! I'd consider wearing this one for instance:

I was going to say that the kids probably saved money by making their own prom outfits, but I'm not sure. Considering that I saw duct tape selling from $3.39 to $5.00 for a colorful roll, and a lot of tape is needed to make a dress or tux. The ballerina dress could be done on a budget, since I saw the regular silver duct tape being sold at Dollar Tree...

So do you feel inspired to fashion a duct tape Halloween outfit? Or decorate a pumpkin with duct tape? Or maybe even use duct tape to turn your vehicle into an insane monster truck like Red Green did? This stuff really does have a million uses!

In unrelated news, I'm turning 30 tomorrow! I probably won't be answering too many comments tomorrow, but I'll get to them as soon as I can. :)


  1. Cool idea. I'll have to think of something to come up with. I might have to challenge you on this one.

  2. Wonderful! There's another competitor in the ring! ;) From what I've seen on the web site so far, the competition isn't too steep. I shouldn't get so full of myself, though. Cutting shapes in duct tape with an exacto might end up being harder than it looks. I've actually never done anything artistic with duct tape before!

  3. How very bizarre!

    Duct tape sure isn't this popular in the UK.. in fact I didn't even know there was patterned duct tape!

    I love the pumpkin idea and can't wait to see what you will create. The fall leaves in that video was a really nice idea!

    My favourite prom dress has to be Celeste & Nora's. I absolutely love the orange dress. It looks like a flaming phoenix! They should have won!

    Thanks for looking up that Autumn garland for me. I wont be decorating the house this year as I'm going to be at my mums over Hallowe'en but I'm definitely going to add that seller to my favourite sellers list so I know where to go for them in future! xxx

  4. I might have to enter that contest! Such a cool idea. My daughter loves all the decorative duct tape available now--decorates her school binders with it.

  5. This is a great idea. My son made me a purse out of skull duct tape this summer. It is really amazing what you can do with duct tape. I may have to enter the contest.

  6. "Duct Tape is what holds the World together" as my sin says. This post was a fun read. :0)
    And Happy (early) Birthday!! ♥

  7. I'm still laughing at your Dollar Store candy caution. I believe that's a bit of hesitation that your health will thank you for. Although, that is some serious packaging and that $1 you paid to share it with us was well-spent.

    And many happy birthday wishes to you!

  8. A very Happy, Happy Birthday to you!!! Have a fabulous day!!!

    Well, this was an eye-opener. VainGlorySinner's comment about the U.K. goes for Australia, as well. Duct tape is just... well, duct tape, here. Plain industrial grey, completely utilitarian. The idea of using it for decoration has seriously never occurred to me, but I'm deeply impressed by all the uses that you've showcased here. America has gone boldly where no duct tape has gone before!

    By the way, it's Google's (13th) birthday today, as well. On the Google search page there is a picture of a birthday cake. For a moment I was thinking that you must have extraordinary influence! Haha!!!

  9. Happy Early Birthday! Mine is coming up soon as well, so now we know why we love the Black Holiday!

    My nephew likes the duct tape wallets, so I told him about the prom wear. He's a sophomore in high school, and all the senior ladies keep asking him out so Prom seems like a certainty...

  10. Alright, I have a little time to answer you guys now!

    Vain Glory Sinner ~ Oh, there are all sorts of patterns for sale! Animal prints, polka dots, and even a hello kitty print! I wanted all that tape. Although, I have no idea what I'd do with it. Really, duct tape isn't a big thing where you are? I'm learning so much about other countries/cultures through this blog! I'm not sure how much you're missing, really. :)

    Yeah, those leaves were lots of fun. I didn't see any of that fiery duct tape for sale at Target. I think she made that leaf out of just one kind of tape.

    I agree that those girls made great dresses. The bird masks were so cool too! Those fit with the whole Venetian mask topic we've been discussing! I'm not sure why the winning couple came in first. The boy in that couple looked like he had an attitude. Maybe he was just that proud of his duct tape creation. :)

    Cool! Yeah, that seller seemed to have a lot of those garlands on hand.

    Ravenswick ~ Let me know if you enter this contest! It sounds like you probably have lots of neat duct tape around the house to work with. Duct tape would be a good decoration for binders. I remember putting it around the corners of those homemade book covers we had to make out of brown paper bags. :)

    Jessica ~ Ooh! Skull duct tape! That sounds awesome. I haven't seen that print for sale. Yeah, let me know if you enter the contest. If you guys have any of the skull tape left over, that would be perfect for decorating a pumpkin.

    Jeanne ~ Thanks for the birthday wishes. :) Haha! It's always fun to hear new duct tape quotes. So, it sounds like your son is a duct tape fan. Maybe he should give the pumpkin decorating contest a try?

    King Unicorn ~ I'm glad you got a laugh from that. :) It probably would be safer to not eat the mysterious Dollar Tree candy that's made in China. The list of ingredients was interesting... I maybe should have read that before buying the candy, but it looked so cool! (Don't tell anyone, but I plan to give it out at the Witch Party.) Or maybe I should save it to give with the old candy to the naughty trick-or-treaters! I'll figure something out... Thanks for the birthday wishes! :)

    Little Gothic Horrors ~ Thank you! :) I had a really nice birthday. Um... if I had the influence over Google to get a cake and birthday theme posted on their page, I would be maybe the most powerful person online! I swear, Google rules over everything now. I saw that birthday themed Google page today, although I couldn't see it yesterday. I was confused until I remembered the difference in time between America and Australia!

    "America has gone boldly where no duct tape has gone before!" I love that. :) Well, us and Canada anyway. Judging from the Red Green show... Really? No fancy duct tape? Hmm... What's funny is that it doesn't really work all that well for its intended purpose! It's probably better as prom dress material than for working on ducts. If you go on the duct tape Wikipedia page (yes, really) you will see that duct tape is not even inteded for ductwork!

    Pensive ~ Thank you for the birthday wishes! :) Haha, the Black Holiday, eh? Well, that sounds sinister. I'm guessing you mean Halloween, unless there's something scarier that I don't know about. ;)

    Aww... So your nephew sounds pretty popular with the girls! I'm not sure if a duct tape tux would help with that or not... Although, some of the guys wearing duct tape tuxes looked cool. They all looked confident anyway!

    When I went to school dances, I saw some very weird outfits on the boys. Some of these boys were with me. Yikes. I never saw any duct tape tuxes there, although I did see some shoes that were duct taped. I think this trend is catching on as more duct tape colors and patterns are available.

  11. Duct Tape Tuxes and Candy teeth. You are truly the queen of macabre and weird.

  12. Haha! That's wonderful. I will wear my title proudly. :)

  13. Every home should have a roll of duct tape. It can fix anything and apparently it is useful in decorating and fashion.

  14. I once had a boyfriend that gave me a bouquet of duct tape flowers. It was kinda awesome.

    BTW - I came over from "Out of the Shadows" to check out your blog.

    You're obviously delightfully twisted, so I'm definitely following!!

  15. Lil Dreamer ~ Thanks for the delightfully twisted comment and for following my blog! I just followed you back. :)

    Oh, I saw a picture of some duct tape flowers online. They were really cool! It looks like a lot of work to make those, so in a way it's a more thoughtful gift to give than a bouquet of regular flowers. That and they last forever!