Friday, October 9, 2020

A Sunny Autumn Day at Stein's

What a beautiful day to visit Stein's Garden and Home! Bright orange pumpkins look perfect against clear blue skies. Like this one! I love this happy pumpkin lamp post cover. There's something so friendly and vintage about it.

Here's the sea of pumpkins in the Stein's lot. There were actually less pumpkins here than in past years. I'm wondering if people really came out early this year and bought up the pumpkins. Have you guys noticed the pumpkins and fall decorations moving fast?

You might remember this giant wood pumpkin from years back. I was thinking how this could make for a good photo backdrop.

This is the kind of photo that fills me with happiness.

This last pumpkin is a little different...

This cornstalk photo is one of my favorites from the day. I think cornstalks also look their best against an intense blue sky. 

Check out that little cutie on the Sorghum Stalks!

How pretty is this red grass? It looks lit up with the sun shining through the blades. This is one of those photos where I'm not entirely sure what I captured until I get home. Sometimes the sun is so intense at the time that it's hard to see through the viewfinder. I really like how this turned out and now I'm wishing I'd checked on the name of this grass. I think something like this would be really neat to have in the garden for fall. 

Some sunny mums:

You will remember this planter. I have to include at least one of these in each year's Stein's post. 😄

When I saw this little butterfly fly by, I said out loud "Oh, a Halloween butterfly! If you land on something, I'll take your picture". And it did land on something just then. And what's more, it landed on a pretty cool something. I wasn't familiar with these flowers before now. They look like Bleeding Hearts, but in clusters.

This flower is listed as "Pink Diamonds" Dicentra. Hmm... Now wait a minute. I just googled Dicentra and they're listed as being Bleeding Hearts. So, this must be a different variety of them. Looking up the Pink Diamonds, the internet is telling me that they are an alpine version of Bleeding Hearts. 

More familiar cuteness I need to include each year.

This ceramic piece might have been a new one. I don't think I remember a ghost alongside the pumpkins.

This one is definitely new. It reminded me of a sugar skull with those designs.

There were a few aisles of Halloween items inside the Stein's store. Weirdly, they had a whole lot more Christmas set up! Here are some of my favorites of the Halloween that was there. 

For those of you who watch DIY craft videos on YouTube, you've probably noticed people doing the sign within a wreath look. Sometimes, like with this, it works pretty well.

I just realized that this Pumpkin Farm sign has the same frame as the Black Cat Brewery sign. It just looks a lot different in white.

Jack-o-lantern jingle bells:

Jingle bell Spider:

These would look good coming out of the grass.

A cute ghost lantern. There was something sort of vintage looking about this to me.

A very creepy tree! It appears this lights up. Part of what's creepy about this to me is that it looks like there are several human fingers growing from the top of the tree.

Mercury glass owls sitting on their spell books:

I just noticed that squishy little spider on the books.

And for those of you who can't stand to see Christmas stuff in the stores this early, how about this? 😏

This may have very well been left over from last March, unless they were really thinking ahead! 

Stein's has a Halloween section on their web site if you're interested:

Stein's Halloween Pages

I already found something funny there: Monster Couple Flag

Any gardeners out there probably already think of these critters as little monsters, even if they're not in costume! 


  1. They have some great stuff this year. I love those monster hands, the spooky trees and those owls on the books.

    1. Lady M ~ Yeah, they did have some nice things this year. It felt good just to roam the pumpkin area outside on a sunny day. Those owls, which at least look like Mercury Glass, were a highlight for me. I like pretty much anything made out of that material!

    2. I like anything that's not covered in glitter!

    3. Lady M ~ HA! I'm the opposite. It's funny, people are either really one way or the other with glitter.

  2. Wow! I could spend all day in there along with too much money. LOL! Glad to see Halloween is alive and well in your area this year.

    1. Alison ~ Hey! Sorry it took me a few days to respond. For some reason, your comment was sent to the "promotions" folder in my inbox. Who knows! Anyway, yeah the weather that day was so nice and sunny. I could not have asked for a better day to peruse the pumpkins. :) Halloween shopping is definitely alive and well. I should have some more Halloween store blog posts coming up soon!