Monday, October 19, 2020

T.J. Maxx Halloween ~ Flying off the shelves!

The time has come for me to share the T. J. Maxx photos I've been collecting over the past few months! I've been revisiting the same T. J. Maxx, thinking I didn't have enough Halloween photos to assemble a blog post. Well, the store kept selling and restocking their Halloween merchandise over and again! So before I knew it, I had multiple folders of Halloween items saved on my computer. Who would think that I would go from not enough photos to more than enough? I scanned through my many photos, choosing my favorites. 

This T.J. Maxx moved through a lot of Jack Skellington products. These were the ones I liked best.

Come to think of it, most of the Nightmare Before Christmas designs I saw were on some form of drink holder.

This is just pretty. I think it's a cup with a lid, but I can imagine it more as a vase.

They had a nice fortune teller themed section. I think a person could put together a really nice fortune teller room with what I saw at T. J. Maxx and Michaels this year.

"Talk to the Hand" Palmistry. 😄

I got such a kick out of these musician skeletons.

The lounging skeleton bowl... Yeah, I remember this one well. I was alone in the aisle with this and the skeleton just started talking out of nowhere. It must be motion sensitive. Anyway, it was saying that sort of sassy joke stuff these kind of decorations say while its eyes lit up. That actually spooked me! He's kind of funny looking with nothing in the bowl, hey?

This spider felt like cast iron as I lifted it. He was heavy! But I had to place him in a better location for the photo. So I hefted this rather large spider over to a light colored chair where there would be some contrast. It's hard to tell, but this spider was over a foot long.

I used this cat for the cover of a Halloween mix CD I made once! I probably got it off the Graphics Fairy site. There are some good vintage Halloween illustrations over there. I just checked and yup! If you're curious, here's the black cat section of her site: 14 Black Cats

I noticed a number of decorations and kitchen things with silver skeletal hands on them. That must be a trend this year.

See? I'm not always into glasses that are being held by hands, but I like these.

And how pretty is the orange metallic material in these glasses? It's mesmerizing in its way.

It may be hard to tell from this picture, but these are cutting boards. I really like them both. The black and metallic one gets some points for that funny squatting skeleton, though.

Kitty cat napkins:

They had a pretty good selection of Halloween mugs this year.

I love these plates, but they are super heavy!

A Ouija Board tray:

I thought this radio looked like an actual antique.

Do you see the Mickey faces hidden in the leaves?

This was a pretty fantastic long pillow. I want to say it was embroidered but it was more like someone sewed a patch of embroidery on, if that makes sense.

It's hard to see here, but this pillow had a lot of beading on it.

The Headless Horseman:

More of those three stacked pumpkin towers I'm seeing everywhere! That really seems to be a thing this year.

So, there are my favorites from this year's T. J. Maxx visits. I got to be picky, looking through my many photos. There's no doubt an entirely new selection of Halloween stuff on their shelves by now. 

Somehow I've accumulated a lot of photos from different stores this year, so expect to see more shopping selections. I'm probably most excited to share some pics from Farm Girl Antiques. You guys might remember seeing that store on my blog the last couple of years. Get ready to see some spooky stuff from there! 

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