Thursday, October 4, 2018

Classic fall fun and a giant pumpkin update

Last weekend my mom and I went to a local fall festival. It was one of those classic, wholesome events, with scarecrows and pumpkins everywhere. Some of what you'll see here might look familiar from past years.

Like these whirligig kite critters:

I don't think I've shared this scarecrow one before. Maybe it's new. Cool neon kite sign in the window, hey?

I think this turkey is new. He isn't Halloween themed, but he's so cute that I had to include him.

There were a lot of scarecrows on display. I'm guessing there was a scarecrow making contest, because a lot of them were labeled with the name of the scarecrow and the creator. I see that this one is "Sunflower Susy".

Mom with the scarecrows:

This one is kind of a witchy looking scarecrow with what I'm guessing are glow-in-the-dark teeth. Doesn't that look like glow-in-the-dark paint?

This one is a riot! A vet with his patient:

A close-up of his name tag shows that he is fittingly named "Dr. Carecrow".

In person, this figure's face just looked white. Looking at this picture now, I can see perfectly that it's Voldemort. I'd assumed it was Voldemort at the time, given the "Voldecrow" name. I just couldn't see his face. Even now, it's subtle. Pretty creepy, eh?

I got a chance to be a scarecrow in a way too. 😁 It's hard to get your head through one of these circles when you're wearing a hat!

This was new to me: "Scarecrow Pumpkin Bowling"

The full bowling alley:

I'd actually feel bad knocking over all these cute scarecrows! Not that I saw anyone playing this. So I think they're safe.

So here I am with the Norman Rockwell statue that's now in football mode. I'm hoping someone puts that cool skull mask on him like they did last year. That was surprisingly scary, in the dark anyway.

There were a number of gourds sprinkled throughout the main street area. Doesn't this one look like a large bird's foot?

There were still a few sunflowers in good shape. Most sunflowers are looking pretty worn out by now.

Does anyone know what these berries are? They look like something a bird would love, or something poisonous. I don't know. A lot of red berries look alike to me. I like this shot, because I think they look like miniature cherries.

Remember those giant pumpkins that were surprisingly growing in the middle of the park a few blog posts back? Well, they've been harvested and were somehow moved next to the library. Each has a name. This one is "Boss Nass".

"Fat Bottom Girl"

"Johnny 5", the pumpkin with the big ? on it. The ? is there because there is a competition going for those who would like to guess Johnny's weight. I might give it a shot.

And lastly, I have to share this 1939 car that was parked at the festival.

How great is this? It's like something out of Dick Tracy!

You know, I don't think I'd mind if we went back to riding in cars like these. They have so much style!

In the next blog post, I'll share the photos I took at Steins today. It was bright and sunny today, so that will be a colorful series of pics. I'm looking forward to sharing them!


  1. I love the scarecrows especially. Scarecrows are scary.

    1. Guillaume ~ Me too! Yeah, Dr. Carecrow and Voldecrow are pretty spooky. I ought to check back and see how they look at night. Probably a lot spookier! Scarecrows can be scary, alright. I'm thinking of the scarecrow scene in Jeepers Creepers.