Tuesday, September 11, 2018

At Home Halloween

Do you guys have an At Home store? We got one recently and I think it's great! If you're not familiar with At Home, they carry mostly housewares. No matter what your decorating style is, I bet they carry it. They have stuff for people who are into rustic, country, modern, glitter, and glamour. They also have their Halloween stuff out! And strangely enough, Christmas. But we're not ready for Christmas yet, are we?


Here are some photos of my favorite Halloween items from At Home...

The headless trick-or-treater? That's kind of weird when you think about it - "Just put the candy in my head". But this pumpkin pail reminds me of the one I used to trick-or-treat with.

Meow! This is my first time seeing a black skeleton critter. And how about that eye! I was considering maybe spray painting some of the (plastic) skeleton animals I've picked up lately. I don't think I'd go with black, though. They could even look cool in bright colors.

A close up of a cool spiderweb design on a lantern:

Creeping out of the ground!

A little floral design inspiration:

They had a lot of decorations with eyes. I thought that was pretty cool and mystical.

This eye has an Ancient Egyptian look to me. Like something on the wall of an Egyptian tomb. That's how I'm imagining it. And how cool is that spider hourglass next to it?

These eyes are on springs and stake into the ground. They'd be fun sticking out of the bushes or a large plant.

Cutesy pumpkins with eyes:

In further pastel pumpkins, donut pumpkins!

How about this creeper? Sometimes the simplest things are the most scary.

That's another creature's hand, by the way.

On a nearby shelf was this... ghost? doll? Whatever it was, it was walking the disturbing line for me. The more you stare at this, the more it stares back.

Here's something cute to clean that last one out of your brain:

More cuteness, in the form of vintage cat inspired trays:

I just noticed the heart-shaped eyes on this cat.

There was a sort of graveyard/party type display up. That's where I found these next three creatures. How cool are the hands on this pumpkin creature?

My favorite skulls, starting with an energized looking skull bust:

It might be hard to see what's going on here, but this is a skeleton spider with a pumpkin body, holding a monocle. How often do you see that?

A side view:

Not your average garden gnomes:

I love this pillow design!

They had several amazing pillows, like this one that looks inspired by a vintage postcard. I'm noticing now that it was postmarked as departing Transylvania on October 31.

And these pillows look like tickets to a haunted house, again on October 31. 😃

I'm going to end with the big inflatables. For the most part these were new to me. I had seen this Jaws last year, actually in someone's yard. You guys might remember the photos. This shark actually thrashes back and forth and his eyes glow red!

If you guys would like to see the At Home Halloween selection for yourselves, here's a link: If you've got it, haunt it

I have plenty of photos from Michaels to share next time!


  1. Awesome! I love the female mask and the donut pumpkins!

    1. Bob ~ Thank you! :) I can totally see how you could see that as a female mask, but that face is actually on a fairly large standing witch figure: Here it is

      It's one of those times where I show a cropped in photo and it gives a different idea of what the item is. It's interesting how cropping can change the view of something.

      I like those donut pumpkins too! I'm feeling inspired to put some paint and glitter "frosting" on some pumpkins this year.

  2. I've never heard of this store before but it sounds very similar to Home Goods which is owned by TJ Maxx.

    My favorites: the spider hourglass, the bunny trick or treaters (too cute!), and the gnomes. I need to find a few of those!

    1. Dex ~ It is similar to those stores, but with more of an emphasis on home decor and organization. You wouldn't find any clothes or shoes at an At Home store.

      That spider hourglass is so cool! What's funny is that I wasn't even paying much attention to it. It just happened to be in the picture. But when I got home and got a look at that picture, I thought "Hey! That hourglass is pretty cool!"

      Yeah, those bunny trick-or-treaters are adorable. They stood out for their cuteness, because a lot of what was there would go in the dark, elegant, occult sort of decorating category. And those gnomes were so fun. That actually wasn't my first time seeing skeleton gnomes. I'm trying to remember where I've seen them before. I think Menards.

      I meant to mention to you that I saw your inflatable black cat in At Home! It wasn't easy to get a pic of, because it was behind some of the others. But I thought of you when I saw it.

  3. Fantastic selection, will have to make a pilgrimage now... loved the Moth Decor.

    1. Bohemian ~ I loved those moths too! I liked all the patterns that were somewhat taken from nature with those eyes on the wings. And the moths made me think of Silence of the Lambs. I wonder if that's at all what they were going for?