Friday, August 3, 2018

Halloween is creeping onto the store shelves!

Now that it's August, Halloween items are making an appearance! A few days ago, I photographed any traces of Halloween I could find at Marshalls, Ross, Kirkland's, and T.J. Maxx. That, or any items that could be construed as Halloween themed.

The first stop was Marshalls. If I'd realized at the time I was taking this picture that I was going to include it on my blog, I might have looked to see what this cat/pumpkin was attached to. I think there was a ghost under the pumpkin. It looks like something white anyway.

In further cute cat items, Marshalls had these towel sets. "Purranormal Cativity"

"Creepin' it Real"

They also had lots of shiny/glittery pumpkins.

These rustic wood or wood-like decorations seem to be pretty hot now. I can imagine something like this on a much larger scale outside a pumpkin patch.

This next item was in the beauty aisle. While not Halloween related, I still think it was the scariest thing in the store!

It kind of reminds me of that sassy stretched piece of skin that was on Doctor Who. It's listed as having gold mica powder in it. Another brand claims to have actual 24K gold in it! I wonder why gold would be in a facial mask? If you really want to get scared, look up gold facial masks on YouTube!

Next up was Ross, which had by far the best deals. Marshalls and T.J. Maxx had some of the same products that were in Ross, only for a dollar or two more!

Ross had awesome prices but no Halloween displays. Luckily, they did have lots of Betsy Johnson stuff and Betsy loves her skulls! So close enough. A turquoise Betsy towel:

Love the trim:

This Betsy blanket reminds me of candy. Bright little skull-shaped candies. Looking at this picture is making me want to go back and get the blanket.

The most creative/wacky skull design on a blanket came from the brand Berkshire Blanket. Yes, that's a skull-shaped pineapple wearing sunglasses. Those were all over the blanket. This is equally summer and Halloween to me.

The most fun surprise of the day came from Kirkland's. I didn't know that Kirkland's was a beautiful housewares store with professional looking displays. For some reason I had it in my head that it was an outdoors store that sold camping supplies!

Kirkland's was definitely in the fall mood. They went so far into fall that they shot right into Thanksgiving! And... they bypassed Halloween on their way there. Although, if you visit Kirkland's web site they have lots of Halloween stuff on it:

Kirkland's Halloween section

The store itself had some nice general autumn decorations and lots of pumpkins.

See those succulents in the pumpkins? I've been seeing a lot of those lately. I think I saw some pics online of a foam Dollar Tree pumpkin hollowed out and filled with some Dollar Tree succulents.

This was my favorite display in Kirkland's. I love this! It's like a little flower shop.

Closing in on a few favorite elements here... I love the way these little flowers are displayed. I took a pic of this mainly so I could replicate it. I think a row of glass vases with a different fall leaf in each would look cool too.

And how cute is this candle label?

I like basically any little wagon I see. Add in that this one is shaped like a pumpkin and it's a real winner! If you collect Halloween figures or dolls, imagine how fun they'd look "riding" along in this.

I like the way they tied the colors together in this display and I like everything on it. Isn't that pillow fun and retro?

I'm including this pic because I like the way the shadows fell on the pumpkin.


T.J. Maxx was the last stop. There really wasn't any Halloween there. So I had to stretch things a bit. But either of these two could be a good addition to a Halloween display.

An adorable Betsy Johnson black cat backpack. I want that cat's glasses!

And a classic silver skull along with a matching silver origami cat. The cat is covering its mouth, so maybe it's the "speak no evil" cat in a set? Or it's shocked to see a giant skull in its path?

Are you guys seeing any Halloween stuff on the shelves yet? I'd appreciate any tips on what's out there! Target has previews of their Halloween collection up and that's worth checking out:

Target Halloween Preview 2018

I linked to the indoor decorations, because that's my favorite section. They have outdoor stuff, costumes, etc. on the site too.


  1. I'm starting this blog off with a comment because that way I can click the "notify me" box. For the past several months, Blogger hasn't been notifying me of your comments! So hopefully this way I'll be told of any that are left.

  2. Liked it very much. Here in Puerto Rico we have all those stores but Kirkland. These are the ones where I spot the first traces of Halloween merchandise.

    1. Unknown ~ Thank you! Kirkland's was new to me. I didn't know we had one until running into it that day. It was a fun surprise. Hope you get one soon!

  3. Cute stuff! I can't wait to get there myself! I'll be doing a post about the stuff my little and I found at Big Lots over the weekend :)