Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween! Trick-or-Treat stories and a jack-o-lantern extravaganza

Happy Halloween everybody! I hope you're all having a fun time celebrating! Some of you might remember a display of pumpkins I shared last year, from the downtown area of our village. I'm happy to say the tradition has continued! So, this year I have plenty more to share.

I'll share a few of my favorite daytime shots with you guys, then a few trick-or-treat stories, and then what these looked like at night.

The pumpkins were all lined up on bleachers.

Pumpkin seed eyebrows!

Jack Skellington

So, I took those pumpkin pics in the afternoon, before trick-or-treating. I'm glad they switched trick-or-treating to the evening around here. It's a little more spooky that way. My frog got the place of honor in the candy bowl this year!

Here's how much candy the frog was sitting in before...

And by the end of the night:

It looks like the frog really cleaned out that candy bowl. 😉 I'd say 75+ kids came by, judging by how much candy was gone. The frog was quite the hit with the kids and a few parents! Some kids told me I had a cute frog, one little girl asked "Who's this?" and another patted him on the head.

I sat out waiting for the kids, as a very bundled up witch. It was chilly out there, probably around 40° but at least the sun was out in the beginning. I was actually pretty warm with the many layers I had on over and under my outfit.

I had a wonderful time out there, handing candy to the kids. This year instead of spooky sounds, I had a CD of kids Halloween music going, and then what I'd call Halloween lounge music. If you'd like to hear the lounge singer I listened to that evening, I found the album on YouTube. Here's one song from it:

And a link to a playlist of the entire album: Halloween Party CD

What was hilarious to me was all the kids who were dancing in the street to the music! I would definitely choose dance music instead of sound effects like frogs croaking and clocks ticking in the future. It's a lot more pleasant for me to listen to for three hours!

One of the dancers was this kid doing breakdancing type moves. There was a pack of them, maybe middle school age boys and they were all dressed like rappers. These looked like 90s rappers to me. Not like I'm really up on what's new with rap. I went on to show my age by asking one of them if he was supposed to be in Run DMC. He had the hat/glasses/chain. And he was like "Huh? Who?" So I asked again. "Nope" As the boys left I heard one say "What did she ask you?" "She asked if I was DMC" "Huh?" Haha!

In other funniness, some of the parents thought I was a prop and were cautioning their kids about coming to the door. There had been a lull at one point and I was nodding off in the chair. So I probably did look pretty prop-like. That veil on my hat was down too. So I hear some voice in the distance saying "I don't know if you should go over there. I think that's one of those life-size props" She probably thought I was going leap up at her kid or something. So I woke up and gave them a wave. She said "But you were sitting so still!"

In other funny parent stories, several told their kids "Don't be afraid, she's a good witch." And this takes the cake: "Don't be afraid she's a good witch. See, she's offering you candy." Haha! How many stories of a wicked witch start with her offering the kids a treat? The witch in Hansel and Gretel with her candy house. The Wicked Witch who gives Snow White the poisoned apple. Not to mention all the stories I heard growing up about strangers offering you candy. Which I know is logic you're supposed to throw out the window when you're trick-or-treating. But still it struck me so funny.

Some parents came dressed in a costume to match their kids. There was a hilarious father/son duo dressed as Mario and Luigi. The kid was young, so there was tiny Mario with a giant Luigi, complete with giant foam belly! The kid high-fived his dad on the way and nearly bounced off that fake belly. There was also a Little Red Riding Hood who came to the door with a large, furry wolf. The wolf had the Grandma hat and dress/apron on and even spectacles. You really couldn't see who was under there. I gave the kid some candy and then said "Grandma Wolf, you have some too!" because the adult was actually dressed up more than the kid. To my surprise, a deep, manly voice came out of the wolf. "Thanks" and what was clearly a man's hand reached out of the furry sleeve. So that was a funny surprise. I don't know if I really thought Grandma was under there or what.

This is more or less what I saw. Except with an apron.

There was a funny sister and brother who came to the door. The girl was one of those lucky kids with the down coat over her costume. I could see a bit of skirt coming out of the bottom. She said in her best mysterious voice "Hello Mother" and I said "Oh? Are you a witch?" Thinking that if she wasn't, I wouldn't know what to do with this one. She said she was a witch and kind of winked at me. It was so cute. So I got to be Mother Witch.

And then her brother comes up with this really creepy mask peeking out of a hunchback outfit. This black robe over a lump of a shoulder. The mask under that robe looked like some old skin stitched together. And I couldn't even see the eyes behind it! It was seriously creepy. So I said "Oooh you're scary! What are you?" And he says "You know... I don't know!" This always cracks me up when they don't know. So I said "Well, you're very scary whatever you are." The kid walks away and then turns around and bows saying "Thank you M'Lady" Those two were a trip!

What else was a trip was the little kid dressed as a werewolf with the full furry mask and plaid shirt outfit. He couldn't see well at all in that mask and the light was getting dim. I saw him walk into a tree!

Oh and speaking of people who may have had questionable eyesight, I saw a man in one of those fox heads! You know those mascot looking heads they were selling at Target this year. He actually looked pretty cool.

Here's the one scary moment of the night. As it was getting darker, near the end of trick-or-treat I went inside. Because you have to eat at some point. A couple little kids were at the door, but there was someone in the full "Ghostface" Scream costume in the middle of the walkway, just standing there. This person was more adult sized. So I gave the kids some candy and the person kept standing there silently. I ended up just walking over to the Scream person and giving them some candy. Then they left. I'm going to assume they went with the kids? That was a genuinely freaky moment, especially with it being dark. I guess those movies stuck with me!

So onto the jack-o-lantern display at night! How cool is this? They had a lot of participation this year.

I think they look great with that lit up gazebo. I'll probably pick one of these pics for my computer wallpaper later today.

Check out the spooky moon up there!

Is this one a snake?

One of my favorites:

I thought this was a unibrow at first, but I think now that it's glasses.

Alice Cooper!

Cute bowtie man:

Owl eyes?

I like how some of these lights came out red. I have no idea why they would, since all the pumpkins are strung through the back with the same string of lights.



Jack Skellington

Cat-eye eyeliner pumpkin?

They had some "Halloween Radio" music playing that must have been streamed from somewhere. If there really is a Halloween Radio station on the actual radio, I should be listening to it! This kid was dancing and dancing in the gazebo, flinging her little witch hat around. It was so cute.

And the spooky moon that night!

Well, I wish you all a very Happy Halloween! I'd like to hear some of your trick-or-treat stories or what you're up to today! 


  1. Replies
    1. Lady M ~ I was giving out treats last Sunday. We all do it the Sunday before Halloween around here. Happy Halloween! :)

  2. Great pics! Looks like fun. :) HaPPy HaLLoWeeN!

    1. Uncle Tree ~ Thank you and welcome to my blog! :) It was a fun day from beginning to end. Happy Halloween to you too!

  3. We had almost 60 kids last night! Not bad for a small town. We had several people tell us they appreciated our decorations and wished more people would decorate. I love the JOL's on the bleachers. Very cool!
    On a side note - our fireplace is meant to burn coal. Thus the iron surround. Will do a post in the near future about it. A very cool art-deco type design is on it.

    1. Jeanne ~ Cool! Yeah, 60 is not at all bad! Congrats on that. Maybe you even got a few extra because of your cool decorations? Glad to hear they were appreciated. :) I wish more people would decorate too, but I think more are decorating than used to. I managed to collect enough photos of decorations while walking/driving about town this year.

      I love the JOL's on the bleachers too. I think it's a fun way to display them and it works well with how they are all lit from behind with that string of lights. I imagine it keeps them on an even level.

      Oooh, OK. Neat, I look forward to that blog post. I'd like to hear more about your fireplace. I'm really into ironwork. Oh, it's art deco! I could see there was some kind of design there, I just couldn't tell what it was.

  4. That Jack-O-Lantern Display all lit up looks Enchanting and I thought the one losing it's Cookies was hilarious and my gross favorite! My Grandson gave up trying to carve his Heirloom Pumpkin when two tools broke on the thick bumpy skin so he drove a nail thru it's head and called it a day... which actually made it a big hit with the Trick-Or-Treaters! *LOL* We too had a great turnout and handed out almost an entire tub of Treats and enjoyed Kids and Parents dressed in Costumes, I Love when everyone participates! Happy Dia de los Muertos this day after Halloween from the Arizona Desert...

    1. Bohemian ~ Haha! I thought the cookie-losing pumpkin was creepier than those normally are because it had some of its guts hanging down. Plus that one wasn't lit, so he just has this glow coming off of the others. I love what they're doing with that area, lining all those different jack-o-lanterns up. Yes, "enchanting" is a good word!

      That story about your grandson's nail pumpkin is hilarious! I bet that was a hit with the kids! I was just thinking about how hard it could be to carve those bumpy pumpkins when I saw one the other day. I've never tried. I'd like to see a pic of the nail pumpkin if you have one. :)

      Glad to hear that you also had a great time handing out treats! Yes, I love seeing everyone get into the fun. It makes it more entertaining for us, doesn't it?

      Happy Dia de los Muertos to you too! :) I've been working on a blog post from a recent Day of the Dead event, and that will be up later today. There are a lot more photos coming!

  5. Great pics! I think we had about 30 kids, which is about average. Of course, I leave the house around 6:30 to go to Salem so I never have an idea if it gets "busy" later on.

    1. Dex ~ Thank you! :) 30 is good! Yeah, and who knows how many more dropped by while you were out! Did you answer the door as The Salem Creep?

    2. No, I usually have most of the costume on minus the hands and head/hood. My stepdad is prowling the area dressed as Freddy. I figure one horror is enough for the little kids.

    3. Dex ~ So, you're wearing the robe? ;) I'm sure the kids are freaked out by Freddy roaming the neighborhood! Years back my mom and I were at one of those nighttime trick-or-treat events on one of those blocks that goes all out. And there was this guy dressed as Michael Myers just slowly following us down the sidewalk! This went on for a few blocks and we were really freaking out. So, having a Horror icon "prowling the area" can be quite effective!

    4. Yeah, some people in the neighborhood expect him! A couple years ago the mom of a couple of young boys (around 8 or 10 I think) came to our door asking where Freddy was.


    5. Dex ~ That's so cute! I bet kids look forward to seeing him each year. He looks great posing in that picture! He even has shreds in his sweater, which gives him a more authentic look. He doesn't look like a store-bought Freddy!