Monday, October 30, 2017

Halloween decorations around town - Part 1

This has been a fun blog post to assemble. All through October, I've been on the lookout for local Halloween decorations. It became what I called an "adult trick-or-treat" because I was going around the neighborhood looking for Halloween surprises. There ended up being a whole lot of surprises! So many in fact, that I am going to split this blog post in two. This will be the daylight edition and in the next blog post, you'll see Halloween decorations at night.

I'm going to start with probably the most outstanding local yard.

I lucked into some wind on this day, which makes the little ghoulies fly around nicely.

Beyond the ghoulie tree, these decorators have created a whole cemetery scene.

There are lots of tombstones with clever sayings, and skeletons posed in all kinds of playful ways.

They built an arch made of what look like Dollar Tree skulls. I wonder how they're attached?

It looks like there's some sort of thick wire threaded between them. I had guessed it was pipe under there.

So, here we have a skeleton helping to lift another one up.

And I guess this one is giving his friend a ride, before putting him together again?

The skeleton dog walker:

He's fierce!

How adorable is this? Two little skellies sharing a bike.

There's one of those wooded witch silhouettes back there, although I know she's kind of hard to see. I just now noticed those giant hands holding up her cauldron.

This pic was my computer's wallpaper for a while.

Have you ever seen a red tombstone? This is a wicked one with the vampire teeth. I can't imagine anyone too great would be buried under this one!

Cool snake skull stone!

"Hue Morris" 😁 I thought this one had a real, weathered look to it. I think that's printed on some kind of paper or plastic and then stuck on foam? I'm not really sure.

You'll notice on the "Claire Voince" stone, that they have staked these down really well. This is the first time I've seen someone do that. It's a really smart idea. I've noticed less and less tombstones in another neighbor's display, with each gust of wind.

Hehe! A Simpsons shout-out: "Seymour Butz" I wonder if this person carved into the foam themselves to make a few of these.

On their front porch area was this awesome creation. This is like the pumpkin version of Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors.

And they also had a shrunken head scarecrow.

There's a shop in our downtown village area where you can always expect to see some cool displays. I've shared some photos of it from past Halloweens and Christmases. They carry antiques and newer items, and a lot of antiques that have been upcycled.

Check out this cool old baby carriage! I like the little round window in the side.

A stenciled pumpkin:

Nice contrast with the turquoise!

These pumpkins are probably the most this old chair seat could handle, and that orange one in front looks like it's in trouble!

I remember they used this old chest in their Halloween display last year.

If you look up near the entrance, you'll see these dramatic umbrellas.

This one is like a ladies hoop skirt upside down.

And this one is such a Tim Burton style umbrella!

A cute birdhouse that looks like it has a face:

I love the colors on this pumpkin! Anyone know the name of these?

There's a kite shop in the village with all kind of fun whirligigs. That's what I call these, anyway. Maybe they're called spinners? Whatever you call them, there were a bunch of Halloween ones.

I saw this witch in someone's yard this year.

This was the perfect day to photograph these, since there was a lot of wind. They were bound to move in some way that I liked.

This little guy might be my favorite of the bunch. I love a skeleton in a top hat.

Our skeleton friend is doing a bit of photobombing here.

I really like the look of old fences with holiday decorations, especially natural decorations.

The late afternoon light is perfect for photographing pumpkins.


OK, now we're on to people's yards again. I love this one with the plant hair! What a little character they created.

A tiny pumpkin on a flower pot:

I was seeing these black cats everywhere this year! This is part of a yard that you're going to see more of, in both day and night. This guy did a lot as he always does for holidays. You ought to see his place at Christmas!

I just noticed that spooky lady's picture there. He has so much going on, that I was bound to miss something.

I spotted this clown first at night. That will be a story for the next blog post. Anyway, here he is in the daytime, still looking like a little creeper.

This pumpkin person really swings on that tree limb. Love those legs!

This pic is of a local business. You might remember this place, because they always dress up the stone lions out front. You'll have to trust me that these are lions this time! I got a kick out of the way that one is tied at the bottom. But again, we've had some very strong winds lately. It would be a shame if these sheets blew off into traffic.

I wrote the above part of this blog post before this afternoon, when I decided to go out and get a few last minute pictures. The trick-or-treaters came here in the evening, so I had a little time to search out more decorations before that.

I walked around an area I hadn't checked out this year and found some great decorations. How cool is this? Even the stem is colorful.

You might have seen these spiders before. They had these up on their shed last year.

A cute, vintage looking blow mold.

I spotted a few more of those whirligigs in the downtown village area.

We have a Norman Rockwell statue I've probably shared pics of before. How great is this mask someone put on him? It looks almost like there are real eyes back behind it.

A perfect pumpkin:

Back to people's yards here... This is sort of a skull jack-o-lantern, with the sides cut out.

One of those adorable Cinderella pumpkins:

These people went all out with the inflatables!

Speaking of inflatables, I felt like I found the motherload when I saw this!

The timing felt perfect for me to see this, after reading/watching Jaws recently.

That same yard had this cool haunted tree inflatable out too.

And also this row of pumpkins:

Look at that wicked little white one! The one next to it probably has the silhouette of the family dog carved into it?

Crazy spider tree!

And a spider with a hat. 😊

It's kind of hard to tell here, but one of those pumpkins was painted with some metallic paint.

So, this photo goes with a highlight of the day. I happened to be walking by this house as a man was lining these pumpkins out in a row. We struck up a conversation and he told me how these are all the result of last night's party! Each of his guests carved one. There were over 20 out there and they were all really well done!

He told me they were carving into the night, until 1:00 am! I asked him if I could take a few pics and he said "Go for it!" That one with the alien is so cute.

He told me that he was in the process of stringing lights into all of them from behind. I told him how I planned to be back in the neighborhood at night and would be sure to stop by. Wait till you see what these look like at night! That will be in the next blog post.

He lit them right after I got there, but that doesn't show up much in the afternoon light.

Talking to him was one of the highlights of my day, because that was the only time someone was in the process of decorating when I came over to take photos. It was just fun to talk and hear more about what was out there.

This was the last decoration I saw on my way to the car. What a great use for one of these vintage masks!

So, that's it for now. Next, I'll have some pics from after dark. You'll see a few of these same decorations again. Unfortunately, the people with the cemetery/skeleton display didn't light up their yard at night. I thought that was a missed opportunity! I've seen so many of your displays, with the tombstones nicely lit. Anyway, get ready for some spookier pics in the next post! 👻


  1. If there is one thing Halloween is great for, its bringing out the creative in folks! I love all the photos Justine. Will you get many TOTs this year?

    1. Alison ~ So true! I was glad to see so many people took the time to decorate their yards and pumpkins. Thank you! :) I enjoyed putting this blog post together and revisiting all of these places.

      Well, judging by how much candy was gone last night, I got a minimum of 75 kids. It felt pretty constant. I'll have a few stories to share about trick-or-treat night in an upcoming blog post.

  2. That Cemetery Scene... those Umbrellas... Thank You for the visual Inspiration of your Adult Trick-Or-Treating Adventures around Town! Happy Halloween from the Arizona Desert...

    1. Bohemian ~ You're welcome! :) I feel inspired to decorate when looking over these pics too. A Happy Halloween to you as well!