Thursday, March 2, 2017

The rocks have teeth!

On first glance these icicles look like sharp teeth, and on second glance this looks like a large alligator's head.

If you click on the photo and make it larger, you'll even see his little eye peering over at you.

Today was a cold day as you can guess from the icicles in that photo, and being by the lake made it feel even colder. All that chilly air was blowing off Lake Michigan. At least it was a pretty day.

Cool clouds, hey? I didn't doctor the color of that sky; it really was that intense blue. You can still see a tiny bit of snow on the sand. Not surprisingly, this was not a busy day at the beach. Funny, how no one wants to lounge around on the beach in 20° weather. This is pretty much the only creature who didn't mind the cold (as far as I could tell).

I don't think I've seen a light brown, speckled seagull before.

I had to think about the "Polar Bear Plunge" that happens in Lake Michigan every New Year's Day. That's when brave souls run into this very area of the lake. I wasn't even comfortable in a winter coat today!

Brrr.... That just looks cold.

Walking along this beach today, I couldn't help thinking of The Fog. Those of you who've seen the movie might remember the part where the little boy is walking along the beach and finds a piece of wood. The wood is from an old ship wreak.

I ended up having to take some photos of my computer screen as the movie played to get these two pics. Funny enough, no one bothered to put stills of this part of the movie online.

Well, what should I happen to see while walking along the beach today?

Ooh spooky... You know what else is spooky? That dark piece of rotten wood next to it that looks like some old leg bone. No, I didn't take the piece of wood home so I could get haunted like that kid in the movie. Well, actually it's his mom who gets haunted.

As I said above, I was playing the movie online. I actually found The Fog in its entirety on YouTube. The catch is it's in Italian. You won't need to know Italian to understand what's going on in these parts, though. If you skip to the 23:54 mark, you'll see where the kid discovers the old piece of wood on the beach. And if you skip to the 43:05 mark, you'll see what happens when his mom brings it to work.

Now you see why The Fog crossed my mind as I looked at that piece of wood on the beach!


  1. Hey those icicles look cool, reminders me of Maine. Nice beach. That beach air is always very chile, have you noticed that? I think it may be the moisture in the air. I thinking today that being in nature there is a haunted feel to it, In comparison.

    1. Matt ~ I bet that would remind you of Maine. Not that I've ever been there, but I have this idea of Maine. :) Oh yeah, that's why it's so nice to go to the beach on a hot summer day around here. And there's always that mention of the "colder lake air" on the weather report. Maybe it is the moisture making things colder, and the air carrying whatever cold there is in the water with it.

  2. Those are absolutely beautiful photos of the beach, except for the icicles you would never know it was 20 degrees. Very spooky finding the piece of wood! Love the wood that looks like a leg bone--I would have been tempted to take it home!

    1. Ravenswick ~ Thank you! :) I agree! I was looking at those photos later, thinking that if I hadn't been at the beach that day, I wouldn't have any idea how cold it was from the photos. Aside from seeing those icicles, anyway.

      Yeah! That "leg bone". I didn't even notice that until I was home looking at the photos. :) I was so focused on that piece of wood that looked like the one in the movie. There could have been some actual bones there and I probably wouldn't have noticed at the time. I was so intent on taking a pic of that piece of wood and getting out of the cold at that point. But yeah, that "leg bone" could make a nice prop!