Saturday, November 5, 2016

The After Halloween Target, Michaels, and Jo-Ann Haul 2016

It's that time of year again! Time for the After Halloween Target Haul! I'm starting with my favorite photo. The sun was setting when I took this and I love the way the light was hitting this pumpkin.

This pumpkin is carvable and would now be marked down to $1.20. Have any of you tried carving a Target pumpkin? This one's "skin" feels a little thicker than the Dollar Tree pumpkin I carved.

This sugar skull bucket is going to be out year-round. These are handy for holding makeup brushes or pens and pencils. Interestingly, as I was buying this, the cashier told me about her daughter's Day of the Dead makeup. She said it took her daughter two hours to apply it! She had the jewels around her eyes and everything.

I told her that I thought that was cool and hoped to do that someday myself. She said that for her part she found it scary and found her daughter's intense Halloween decorating scary. And I said "I guess you can tell I'm into it too by all the stuff I'm buying!" I think she was as confused by me as I was by her.

It's funny, I guess I forgot because I talk to so many Halloween people online, that some people are actually scared by this stuff! Even something as cute as a sugar skull theme.

These little jack-o-lantern tags might end up around treat bags for next year's party.

50 cents was a super deal for craft paint and Mod Podge! Now, they'd be only 25 cents. Good luck finding some! You never know, all Targets seem to be different. Come to think of it, there were tons of Mod Podge bottles on the shelf.

The paint I really liked was called "Wedding Gold" I guess like a gold wedding band?

Some cute jack-o-lantern socks:

A two pack of these felt flowers would now be marked down to 25 cents. They're something you could use for Autumn in general. I thought they would have clips on the back but they have more of a twist tie back.

So the flowers will be glued onto a few of these little clothespins which were also on clearance.

There was a bunch of general, bright stuff and birthday themed items in with the 70% off Halloween items.

This pom trim might look cute around the brim of a hat.

This metallic spiderweb tape was listed as "paper tape" which I'm going to assume is similar to Washi Tape.

This roll of black rhinestones has the pieces glued on in straight lines. That can be really helpful with crafting when you don't want to glue them on one by one, hoping to get them straight. And who would ever want to sit around trying to get rhinestones straight with a toothpick? I can't wait to do something with this roll of rhinestones!

This large chalkboard house will look cool either standing behind Halloween figurines or with some other Halloween houses. This was such a steal at 90 cents!

And look at the neat shadow it casts! That makes me think about how cool it could look with some candles around it.

You could of course draw on this house with chalk, since it's coated in chalkboard paint.

Pipe cleaners for only 30 cents:

Fuzzy socks for only 30 cents!

Halloween glitter!

Felt eyeballs for only 30 cents! I think these would look cute on the party place cards.

This adorable t-shirt was $1.70 or so.

I'd been admiring this shirt all season and was surprised to find one I could fit in. It was an X-Large in kids, and it's always lucky if you can barely swing that. It depends. I have a few Halloween t-shirts that came from the boys' section at Target.

Pink + glitter + metallic stuff + a ghost! So cute, and lucky since I didn't see any adult Halloween t-shirts I was into this year.

Other places worth hauling are Michaels and Jo-Ann crafts. These adorable mini mushrooms are from Michaels. I think they'd look cute with gnome or fairy accessories.

The Michaels these mushrooms came from had a bit of Halloween stuff left. What was there was marked down 80%. But all that was left at a second local Michaels was foam Frankenstein heads. So you might want to hurry there and see what's left!

JoAnn's is another place to check out. These pumpkin tattoos were marked down to 89 cents.

Here's what they look like on the sheet:

I don't plan to adhere these to a pumpkin, though. They might look cool on a glass vase or jar. Or a super wide picture frame. It's something to think about.

I also picked up what I call a sprig. One of those little jeweled berry branches. Also 89 cents. All the Halloween stuff at JoAnn's was marked down 70% when I was there. Maybe it's a higher percentage off now?

Their general Autumn stuff was also marked down.

So I was pretty happy with this year's haul. I had hoped to pick up a skeleton animal or some monster towels I'd seen at Target, but those were long gone. The only skeleton animals crawling around were scorpions. It was surprising to see how fast stuff had flown off the shelves! 

As of yesterday, everything at Target was marked down 70% except for the candy which was marked down 50%. 

What kind of after Halloween goodies did you pick up?

*Update* What little was left at Target was marked down to 90% off. This was in the first week of November.

So, each of the following cost only 10 cents!

This glittery roll of spider/skull tape will probably go into a scrapbooking project.

And I plan to decoupage these wood tags, over the wood part anyway. I'm going to leave the glitter.

Look at that glitter!

I might do something vintage and Christmas themed with them. We'll see...


  1. Looks like you got a lot of great things for projects. Most places here had Halloween 50-60% before Halloween. I had a few things sitting in shopping carts online waiting for midnight when the prices were cut. Waited a bit longer until Home Decorators had 70% off Halloween and ordered some lanterns. To be honest, I kind of blew the Halloween budget before Halloween this year!

    1. Old Fashion Halloween ~ I did! I'm starting to get a lot more discerning with the Halloween purchases because all this stuff takes up space. So most of this was either tiny, craft supplies, or something I really loved for an amazing price. The chalkboard house fit the last description. How could I pass up something like that for 90 cents? And it will work as a nice backdrop behind other Halloween decorations.

      Oh, that's smart to leave things in your shopping card until the strike of midnight! I've been on the Target web site over the past few days, hoping to order some of what was gone in the stores. But it would appear they're out of stock online too.

      Home Decorators? I don't know about that shop. I just looked them up and this is quite the classy store! This reminds me a lot of Pottery Barn. I searched for Halloween stuff on there and am checking out the selection now. Looks like there's some Martha Steward stuff. Lots of skulls. The only lantern I'm seeing now is the Martha Stewart square skull lantern. Is that what you ordered?

  2. Oh, I here you on storage. Having owned a Halloween business and sold it, I still have SO many things!

    I bought this lantern:

    The skeleton photo op banner came from that shop and an apothecary sign. Its been years since I spent so much on Halloween.

    1. Old Fashion Halloween ~ Oh! I didn't see that lantern. That's pretty cool. I bet it looks great, especially lit up at night!

      What kind of Halloween business did you have?

  3. Justine, looks like you had a good haul! I bought a black pumpkin with LED lights in it. Very spooky, and very heavy. Not your usual ceramic, but thick and heavy, and reduced at a local grocery store. I collect pumpkins, so this was my grab of the year!

    1. Lorelei ~ Yeah! This year's haul felt pretty successful, especially considering that the stuff was moving fast! I wonder what's left at Target now and if it's 90% off yet? In past years, I've picked up some great 90% off deals, but now I'm wondering if anything will stay on the shelves long enough to be marked down that much.

      Grocery stores sometimes have some amazing after holiday finds. I found this little guy at Pick 'n Save a few years back:

      Happy Jack-o-Lantern

      I'm surprised that you found a ceramic jack-o-lantern at a grocery store. That sounds like a good find!