Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween! Enjoy a few virtual treats!

Happy Halloween everyone! Here are some virtual treats for you. This is the candy mix the kids got yesterday when they came here trick-or-treating. I stored the candy in this little cauldron.

I normally have my pirate skull out there in the treat bowl, but this year she was acting as a witch and guarding the treats.

I was also dressed as a witch. I sat outside in my chair and waited for the kids to come by. It was a good night for wearing layers, because it was probably in the 50s out there. Trick-or-treating is now from 4:00 to 7:00 in the evening, which I think is a lot cooler than the old afternoon time slot.

I had fun with the witchy green eyeshadow.

So I sat out there, sampling the candy, listening to my spooky sound effects CD, and waiting for the kids.

I didn't have to wait too long. Based on how much candy was in the bag (90 pieces) I can see that about 90 kids showed up. (Give or take the candy I sampled) By the end, I was having to raid the Werther's Originals supply.

The kids were a riot this year! It's something new and crazy every year. Overall, the popular costumes were ninjas and sharks. I'm not sure with those shark costumes if the kids were sharks or if they were supposed to be inside a shark? Anyway, I was surprised to see so many of them.

By and away, my favorite costume was Bob Ross! This pack of boys came walking up to me and I could overhear this one saying "Oh, I have to fix my curls" as he was plumping this homemade wig made of what appeared to be cotton balls painted brown. And I'm thinking "Oh boy, what is this going to be? Napoleon Dynamite?" Well, he gets up to me and I see that he has a beard to match and a name tag that reads "Bob Ross". I got such a laugh and said "Oh! You're getting extra candy for that one!" and he deadpans in his best Bob Ross voice "I see many happy trees around here". That made my night.

Another funny kid was the one who was carrying a cauldron exactly like the one I was giving candy out of. He came up and said "Hey! We have the same one!" And I said "Yeah, Witch Power!" He says "I'm not a witch" Oh, OK. So I said "Sorry, I mean a Warlock" He said "Nope. I'm a Wizard!" I thought I finally had the right answer here. "Oh! You're Harry Potter" "Nope, I'm Ron" At this point I'd about had it and said something like "Meh, whatever" and the kid seemed really amused. I think the wand he was carrying was two pens duct taped together. 

OK, one last story from Trick-or-Treat night. This kid slumps up to me with his friend in a costume that I couldn't quite figure out. It looked like some brown, furry mascot outfit from the neck down. The head was hanging limply in front of him. So I asked what he was and he flopped a bear head back on. The bear's hat sort drooped off his head. And he holds out his bag to get some treats, but the plastic bag handles are completely wound up and twisted. So I have to take it and unknot the thing for him to get the candy in there. And he says "Thanks, this has been happening all day. I can't do anything with these paws on." 
This was his level of bear energy

And in a low energy, burnt out way, totally fed up with his paws and flopping head, he stomps off. Well, a few seconds later, I hear "Oh no!" I look up and see that the back of that bear suit has split all the way down to the tail! Luckily, the kid had some clothes on under there. I was trying not to laugh or act like I saw that. I wonder how much of his costume was left by the time he got home! 

Other highlights were a kid in a half Hulk/half Batman outfit, a teenager in a Winnie the Pooh costume except for her face, which was painted as a skull, the very polite little ninja who said "I hope you have a fun time this evening" and the uncostumed adult woman who may or may not have been carrying a real baby. The jury is out on that last one. 

I had a very fun time last night and it occurred to me that I have as much fun handing out the candy as I did as a kid when I went out in search of it.

Now I have a few treats for you guys! These two musical goodies are something I've been saving for Halloween night. Be sure and listen to this first one in the dark!

The House Beyond The Graveyard by Nox Arcana:

And this one is a collection of eerie and beautiful songs that make for perfect Halloween night music. This is a mood setter!

1 Hour of Dark Music:

And here are some fun quizzes for you to take! Some of you might also get the MeTV station. If not, it's a TV station that plays a lot of retro shows. They have an awesome newsletter filled with trivia and quizzes. Here are some I enjoyed:

Can you name the show by its Halloween decorations?

Which TV character should you be for Halloween?

This was super accurate for me:

We bet we can guess your favorite Halloween candy based on these questions.

And here's a little virtual pizza from tonight's dinner.

He's a happy Jack-o-Lantern pizza. :)

I hope you all had a fun Halloween! I'd like to hear some of your stories from Trick-or-Treat night. Tomorrow looks like it's going to be the day for our annual trip to Cedarburg! So expect some photos soon!


  1. Wow! You've really been busy this month. Enjoy Cedarburg! You're trick or treating time is interesting because when I grew up we always had to wait until the sun went down to start. Trick-or-treating couldn't start till dark. It made the Jack-o-lanterns really look cool. No electric ones back then, all candles. You look great as a witch as always. Looks like you're working magic spells to look younger as you get older! Yeah, I always tell people I'm a wizard instead of a Warlock to, I don't want them to think I'm too evil! You're candy selection looks good. Sitting outside you don't have to worry about answering the door 800 times, good plan. Happy Halloween, Justine!

    1. Matt ~ Yeah! I don't know where October went! This October seemed busier than most. I can't wait to go to Cedarburg! We have another unusually warm day today - 70 degrees on Nov 1 in Wisconsin is very unusual. So it should be a nice day to walk around and take in the scenery. I just hope they left up all their Halloween decorations from last night!

      Jack-o-Lanterns look a lot cooler at night! I would think everything does for the trick-or-treaters. I grew up with afternoon trick-or-treating, although a friend in a somewhat near community always had it late on Halloween night. For a few years, I handed out treats with her at night. I might be the only person who is excited about giving out treats at night around here. I overheard one of the kids saying that only a couple people on the block were giving out treats! I don't know if the night time switch has anything to do with it or if there are some Halloween Grinches around!

      Wow, all real candles too. That sounds magical. Actual real candles in pumpkins at night.

      Haha! Thanks! :) Oh, that was so funny with that Wizard kid. It seems like the kids either are super specific about what they are or haven't a clue what they're supposed to be.

      Exactly! I like being outside anyway but there are some added bonuses like not having to run to the door. And from what I saw from the porch, it's good to keep an eye on some of these kids. They were messing with some of the porches, decorations, etc. at other houses. Maybe leaving the house during trick-or-treat hours isn't the best idea! Besides being Grinchy, those people might have come home to some surprises...

  2. Looks like you had a great turnout - I have only had 18 treaters so gave each one a big handful of candy. I still have lots left. You are such a pretty witch!

    1. Lady M ~ Yeah, it felt like there were a lot more kids coming by than usual! And they came in clumps so it was like I was in factory mode. :) Wow! Only 18! That's cool, because you can give each one some special attention. Like more treats or time talking about their outfits. I had some wanting to talk about what they had on, but then it was like they were holding up the line.

      I hope the candy you have left over is some you like! I was giving out the green apple and watermelon flavors first because those aren't my favorites. :) But it didn't matter anyway, as it all went! Good thing I snacked on a bit of the chocolate while waiting...

      Thank you! :) I'm thinking I might incorporate that green eyeshadow into my everyday look.

  3. Happy Halloween Justine!! You make a very lovely witch! I wish that we had the wonderful cool temps that you had. We were in the 80's, yuck! I was in TEARS reading about all of the funny trick r treating encounters the you had =D My husband thought something was wrong lol I'll be reading them to him shortly :) Glad you had a great night!

    1. Heidi ~ Happy Halloween to you too! Thank you. :) Your comment just showed up now for some bizarre reason, who knows with technology!

      The 80s! Yikes. Is that unusually hot for you at this time of year? I was out there thinking it could be a little warmer, but it did feel like Halloween with those lower temps.

      Ha! I love that you got that much of a kick out of my stories! :) That's great. Yeah, we really get the characters coming by around here. I was remarking on the many funny encounters I was having while a lot of the neighbors weren't answering their doors. I was thinking how they were missing out on a lot of entertainment! It's great, sitting out there just waiting to see what comes by. And the kids are so chatty! I think they're used to me by now. They're not even phased that I'm sitting out there like that anymore and they just walk up and start chatting about what they have on.

      I was actually nearly in tears again today recounting the story of the bear whose um... "fur" split down to his tail. :)

      I hope you guys had a fun trick-or-treat night! You do so many cool things with your yard, and I'm sure the kids love it!

  4. Unfortunately we live too far out in the country for anyone to come by. Oh well. I do miss that part, but I sure love my quiet, and this huge park my husband takes care of. I'll be posting pictures in my blog soon.
    Until next Halloween, Justine!

    1. Lorelei ~ Cool! I'll keep a watch for your Halloween pics! Yeah, there are pluses and minuses for living anywhere. Quiet is definitely a plus! I'd miss having the trick-or-treaters come by, but I get the feeling most of the neighbors wouldn't miss them! I say that since they either left for the day or did the old "take one candy" routine with the bowl on the porch. Anyway, I hope you had a very Happy Halloween! :)