Friday, October 26, 2012

Justine's Halloween Blog Party 2012

Are you ready for a Halloween party? The night is still and the moon is shining brightly. A mist of clouds floats past the moon, and somewhere overhead you hear what might be bats. It's a perfect night in which to walk to my party.

You don't have too far to go, if you take that shortcut through the graveyard.

Whew. You made it through there pretty fast. I hope no one followed you out...

Ah, there it is up ahead - the party house!

I've been waiting for my guests in my scarecrow outfit:


First to arrive is Dea from The Pumpkin Cottage Press. She has arrived at the party in her four year old clown form. :)

Joining Dea at the little girls' table is the Pensive Pumpkin who is dressed as a fierce tiger. Look at those claws!

The Pensive Pumpkin was so thoughtful that she brought along some treats for the party!

Chocolate covered Snuffalufagus Spiders:

and No Bake Cookies:

Another guest who arrived with treats to share was Julie, known as Perky Jules on Twitter. Julie is a Nightmare Nurse and her eyes are really freaking me out! Anyway, if chocolate isn't quite your thing, Julie prepared a nice hand and lower jaw for the party!

Also spooky with his white, glowing eyes is zombie Ked! Known as wicKED, Ked is rocking a slimy, rotten sneer. I think he might be just the one to snack on that platter of treats above!

I learned about a new movie from the next party guest's costume! Eric, known as Lugosi6 on Twitter is dressed as one of the Baseball Furies from the movie, The Warriors. After watching a few YouTube clips from The Warriors, I think I might need to find that movie...

The Spooky Vegan is here as Wednesday Addams!

Leatherface has made an appearance in the form of Yadkin KustomScares

The Halloween Spirit (also known as Orange and Black) has dropped by with her severed head!

What is that soft shuffling noise down the hall? Eek! It's Tanja who is making a very unnerving appearance. She slowly approaches the group, resembling a certain terrifying young lady from The Ring... 

There's another scary person in our midst: Jack the Ripper! He is about to attack his last victim, Mary Kelly. Jessica Penot is portraying Mary, and her husband is portraying Jack.

Chad Fidler, known as blackcat13brew on Twitter, crawled out of his tomb to join in the fun!

Mike, The Mad Scientist from The Corner of Terror stopped by after... Well, maybe it's best if we don't know which experiments he's been up to! There's an awful lot of blood on his arm.

An antique hearse carried Heidi and her husband over from the 2nd Street Cemetery. Here they are in their beautiful, Gothic anniversary outfits!

There are lots of activities to keep the guests entertained, like apple bobbing...

... and sharing scary stories. Actually, if you'd like to hear some scary stories (and go down memory lane with me), I found an animated reading of More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark! This is the complete audiobook:

Of course, every Halloween party needs some good music and I know just what music to play! I'm going to share my favorite song from each mix CD I was sent for the recent CD exchange. I had such a fun time listening to the mix CDs you guys sent! Every day leading up to Halloween has been sprinkled with CDs arriving in the mail. This has been like the 12 Days of Christmas, only it's the 12 Days of Halloween.


Look at all the effort that was put into the CD packaging! You guys are so cool. 

Each one of you put together totally different mixes, and my collection of Halloween music feels very complete! Here's each favorite song in the order in which they were sent to me.

Alice Cooper ~ Keepin' Halloween Alive
from Dex at AEIOU and Sometimes Why:

The Groovie Ghoulies ~ Graveyard Girlfriend
from Shawn at Branded in the 80s:

Hedwig's Theme ~ The Harry Potter Soundtrack
from Countess VonRauber at 2nd Street Cemetery:

Concrete Blonde ~ Bloodletting (The Vampire Song) from Pensive Pumpkin at:

Susan Tedeschi ~ Voodoo Woman from Wendy at Roadside Wonders:

The Reverend Horton Heat ~ The Halloween Dance from Bob at It Came From The Man Cave!:

Ministry ~ Every Day is Halloween from The Spooky Vegan at:

Molly Hatchet ~ The Creeper from Little Gothic Horrors at:

Camille Saint-Saƫns ~ The Carnival of the Animals - Aquarim from Dea at The Pumpkin Cottage Press:

Thanks to everyone who participated in this exchange! I learned about a lot of great new music and now own some of my favorite songs. For those who have my mix, which song was your favorite?
My Twitter friend Matt dropped by with quite a few music selections too! I had to limit myself with what to include here, but there's lots more where this came from. Follow Matt on Twitter, where he's known as: _METALHEAD_ if you'd like to learn about some new spooky music! Here's my favorite of what he sent me ~ The Suspiria Theme by Goblin:

It's a beautiful song, but don't blame me if it leaves you with a few nightmares tonight. ;)

Matt was also nice enough to leave his skull as a decoration for the party! Every Halloween party needs a skull.

Thanks to everyone who came to my party! There's still time for anyone who'd like to arrive fashionably late. I'll add costumed pics as they trickle in over the next few days. If you'd like to see last year's party, here's a link:

Justine's Halloween Blog Party 2011


  1. Sorry I couldn't attend in person this year. No new photo to share lol.

    I wish I had photos of myself from childhood at Halloween.

  2. Well, you did help with the musical entertainment! :)

    If you end up with any new costumed photos before Halloween, send one to me! I'm sure some guests will be walking in over the next few days. I have a feeling that "The Creep" will be doing something spooky this year!

  3. Such an awesome party! I think I'll have some of the chocolate covered treats vs. the ones I brought ;)

    LOVE all of the costumes and photos! Looking forward to listening to all the music later on.


  4. What a fun post, felt like I was really on my way to the party!

    Some brilliant photos and songs too, perfect way to build up for Halloween =) Woohoo!!!

  5. Perky Jewels ~ Haha! Well, they might be more easy to chew than that jaw bone...

    I'm sure you'll find something you like in the music selection here! I'll probably be revisiting this blog post to listen to those songs. I was sent some awesome new stuff!

    Happy Halloween to you too! Thanks for coming to my party. :)

    Cherry ~ I'm glad you enjoyed this one! Cool! That's just the way I wanted you to feel while reading this. Although, I know it's funny to mention that bright moon, while it's still morning. :) Well, that's what imaginations are for!

    I hope you enjoy the music! You're welcome to be a part of this if you have a photo of yourself in costume.

  6. Probably no new photos before Halloween. It's an odd call this year with it falling in the middle of the week.

    Last year, people were out in force the weekend before and the night of was kinda below par. I'm guessing people will be out this weekend but I've been sick most of the week and don't know if I'll make it into town over the weekend, which makes me a little sad.

    As long as Sandy stays the heck away and doesn't ruin everything, I'll be ok!

  7. Dex ~ I know what you mean about Halloween falling on a Wednesday. I surprisingly enough found something going on that night! A lot of the weekend events in Milwaukee seem to be happening tonight instead of tomorrow, which is a little surprising to me.

    Sorry to hear you're sick. It seems like everyone is getting sick! I think it's some kind of Halloween illness that's hitting people because of high stress levels. That and a change in the weather.

    Yeah, I hope you're not hit with a storm! Have fun with whatever you end up doing. You could always wear your costume and watch some scary movies for Halloween! :)

  8. Fantastically haunting party! I love everybody's costumes and the walk over sure was spooky! Great music as well!

  9. Pumpkin Cottage ~ Thanks for attending and supplying some musical entertainment. :) Your photo is so adorable. Good, that's just how you were supposed to feel on your way to the party! That's the fun part about a virtual party, you have a full moon, graveyard, ghosts, and a castle at your disposal. ;)

  10. Thanks for inviting me:) Great food and awesome music!

  11. Thanks for being the (g)hostess with with mostest! Super-fun party and I'm so happy to have attended. :D

  12. Eric ~ Thanks for attending! I have to smile looking at that picture, even though the character you're dressed as turned out to be kind of scary...

    Yeah, we had some interesting snack choices at this party. :) I recommend listening to all the music here, if you haven't yet! Some of my favorite new Halloween music is featured here.

    Spooky Vegan ~ Aww! "the (g)hostess with the mostest!" I feel all Beetlejuicey now. ;) I'm happy you attended too! Your costume is so cute. I had to think of your pic today when I was watching some old episodes of The Addams Family!

  13. What a great round-up :) Everyone did such a great job with packaging their mixes ... I feel like an under-achiever!

  14. Wendy ~ Are you kidding me!? Your shimmery floral envelope was gorgeous! I was so excited to see that pretty package in the mail. Not to mention those groovy water skiing witches. I thought you did a wonderful job. Everyone did their own creative thing and I loved that!

  15. Agh! I missed it again! I've been so busy!!! Great post! Super cute idea! :)
    My fave from your mix is "Living Dead Girl"! I simply cannot get it out of my head!!!
    Hope that you have a great Halloween! We're having our Halloween Anniversary party this weekend! I'll be blogging more after Halloween is done :)

  16. Countess ~ Hey, the party isn't over yet! You're welcome to join in if you have a photo you'd like to share. Haha! Yeah, Living Dead Girl is like that. :) There is absolutely no way I can keep from saying the intro when I hear it. It's physically impossible for me!

    You have a happy Halloween too! I know this is a really busy and fun time for you. I look forward to reading your updates when you have some time!

  17. This is an awesome party. Thanks for inviting me!

    You know my least favorite, heh, but my fave song from the mix is The Time Warp. I do love me some Tim Curry.

  18. Pensive ~ Thanks for attending, and for bringing the chocolate treats! :)

    Ha! Yeah, I know which one was the problem song for you. ;) I've never met anyone who doesn't love them some Tim Curry! Rocky Horror always makes me think of Halloween because it's been shown at old theaters around here on Halloween for decades. Well, Halloween and every second Saturday of the month. I'm proud to say that one of our local theaters has the U.S. record for continually showing that movie. :) Still, most people attend for the midnight Halloween showing.

  19. You've done a beautiful job with your blog party, Justine! I adore the mood you created with your lead-in photos and you make such a cute scarecrow that the crows clearly aren't afraid of you! ;)

    Thank you for including me via my mix tape song, even though I wasn't able to attend properly this year. I love all the costumes of those who participated and I'm looking forward to working my way through all the music!

    I've been listening to your mix tape over and over. I love it and it has been cheering me up while I've been feeling under the weather.

    Happy Halloween!

  20. Fabulous Post. What amazing costumes everyone has!

  21. Little Gothic Horrors ~ Thank you! :) I had fun with the introduction to the party. Why not have a spooky walk over? Plus, I'd been collecting a bunch of eerie images on Pinterest. So I decided to use a few of those for the party and also for my Halloween night post.

    Haha! Yeah, I was out for a walk this morning and a crow flew over and cawed down to me. I'm kind of a crow magnet actually. So I was struck with the irony of that scarecrow costume!

    I recommend listening to all those songs. I would have liked to have posted everything I was sent, although that would have been the never ending blog post! This one is getting slow loading as it is with all these photos and videos.

    I'm glad that you've been enjoying my music mix, and that it's given you some entertainment as you've been sick! I've really been enjoying your mix too. There were so many fun new songs I'd never heard before on there!

    Happy Halloween to you too! :)

    Jessica ~ Thanks! Yeah, it's lots of fun to see everyone's creativity, and get a view of the people you write to!

  22. Hmmmmm... I think I could use that hand over in "The Corner of Terror"... I'm trying to create my own minion with HTML knowledge. LOL

  23. A truly Great Halloween Post , Dear Lady... Halloween Greetings from the "Crypt"... the Doctor

  24. Michael ~ Oh, wouldn't that be "handy"? Har-di-har! ;) If I had a hand willing to do extra HTML for me, I wouldn't even care if it was severed!

    Dr. Theda ~ Thank you! Halloween Greetings to you too. :) I hope you enjoy the holiday!

  25. Thank you for sharing! I agree, you simply must have some Rocky Horror Picture Show music for a Halloween party. Great photos of everyone.

    Happy Halloween!


  26. Ali ~ Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! If you have a costumed photo, I'm happy to add you to the party. :) Yeah, everyone is looking good here! There's a nice mix of cute and spooky costumes. Yes, Rocky Horror is a necessity! I might just need to watch that in the next few days...

  27. Happy Halloween Justine! I totally forgot about Concrete Blonde! Great song. Here is two links to song's I wanted to include on the mix as well but they are long
    Helloween - Halloween

    Type O Negative - Black #1

    Next year I promise I will dig up a photo.

    Thanks for the invite

  28. Vanessa ~ Happy Halloween to you too! Have fun however you celebrate today. :)

    Bob ~ Happy Halloween to you too! Yeah, wasn't that Concrete Blonde song perfect for a Halloween mix? It's so moody and catchy at the same time. I like songs that paint a picture in your mind like that one does.

    Thanks for sending the songs! I didn't know about the band, Helloween before now. I really liked that video! 80s music videos were the best, and most imaginative in my opinion. That guy with the pumpkin head was fun, and how about that lighting in the woods? So cool! I like the idea of a Halloween concert in the forest at night.

    The Type O Negative video was really scary. I instinctively covered my neck during part of that! Wow, that guy can make some unnerving faces. Good song, but those visuals were freaking me out! Although, that's probably what they were going for. :)

    OK, You have a year to put something together! ;)

  29. sprry I missed this fantastic looking party! What great costumes. The horror movie marathon ate my brains and now I feel like a zombie.

  30. Kweeny ~ Hey, if you have a costumed photo, you are still more than welcome to attend! :) Wow, you must have watched a lot of movies. What did you fit into that marathon?