Thursday, October 27, 2011

Justine's Halloween Blog Party!

Welcome to my first Halloween blog party! I asked all my blog friends to send me photos of themselves in costume, from any point in their lives. I was so thrilled with the amount of participation in this!

I think this will be a fun way for us to get to know one another better. I had no idea what some of you looked like before you sent your photos. Actually, in a few cases I still don't know! Anyway, on to the party...

As the hostess, I'll start the party with my costume. In my Little Red Riding Hood outfit, I'm waiting for you guys on the front porch. You can click on these photos to enlarge them.

Here are the guests in order of their arrival. Next to their costume name, is a link to each guest's blog. May I present to you...

Bone Man ~ wicKED from

Bat Man ~ Johnny Zombie from

Death ~ Pensive Pumpkin from

The Creep ~ Dex from

The Venetian Priestess ~ Vivienne from

Zombie ~ Autumn Forest from

Cat Woman ~ Little Gothic Horrors from

Cat ~ Halloween Spirit from

Brain eating zombie ~ Slowdeath77 from

Adsila from

Here's the back view. She probably has a list of directions and ingredients displayed here. I think I see a logo. I'm sure she's ADA approved. :)

The dead school girl ~ Zena "The Real Queen of Horror" from

Old Mister Six-Snips ~ King Unicorn from

Dolly Holly ~ Holly from

This is Holly as a little girl, dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. Her brother is the Big Bad Wolf.

Romeo ~ The Great White Dope from

This is a photo from his performance in "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged".

Leatherface ~ Sean from

Sean was also nice enough to bring some cupcakes to the party!

The Goddess Hel/ Norse Death ~ Kweeny Todd from

U.S. Mail ~ Lisa (the lady in the middle) from

It looks like postal workers know how to party!

Anubis (The Egyptian God of the Dead)
Marvin the Macabre from

Anubis unmasked! How cool that both the Norse Goddess of Death and the Egyptian God of Death are here!

Alice Cooper ~ The October Boy from

Ghostface, the killer from Scream ~ Till the Following Night from

Here he is as Jack Skellington, as well. (if Jack had hair) He makes a pretty threatening Jack Skellington!

Of course, every good party needs some music. So I have the Monster Mash playing in the background! There's a cool B-Movie montage playing with the song.

Time to bring out the popcorn and watch a movie! I think Ghostbusters is a fun party movie. Here are some of the best moments:

Next, it's time for some drinks and dancing!

I'm even going to share my Arsenic with you!

Feel free to dance along with these at home!
Thriller anyone?

We're not done dancing yet!

I'm sure you're tired after all that dancing, so now it's time to sit down and have some caramel apples.

The best part about virtual snacks is they're calorie free!

Of course, we have to end the night with a Ouija Board session! Since we aren't all in the same room, here's the next best thing: a virtual Ouija Board!

So far, this virtual board hasn't told me much. Maybe you'll have better luck with it!

Thank you to every one of my guests! It was so fun to open my email and see your entertaining photos. I will add any other photos that are sent to me over the next few days. So, if you haven't sent me one yet, there's still a chance to visit the blog party!


  1. Awesome Awesome post, SO glad to be part of it and love seeing all the costumes. Thank you again for the invite :)

  2. hey, great post! Sorry I didn't get my pic to you! Drama this week, I'll have to fill you in! Ack!

  3. Slowdeath77 ~ Thank you! :) I'm so glad to have you as my party guest! I love seeing all the costumes too. I'm sure you will be creeping out everyone who visits my blog!

    Stacey ~ Thanks! Hey, if you send me a photo, I'll still add you to the party. Drama, eh? Yeah, you'll have to fill me in on all that this Saturday!

  4. What a Blast! I love the way people are so inventive and creative with their costumes!This was a cool idea!

  5. Dang it! I wasn't paying attention! I missed another cool party! LOL! Love the pics though. Some fab costumes over here. <3

  6. What a lovely idea for a blog party, Justine. Unfortunately, I didn't have any pictures of myself in Halloween costume at home and not enough time to go to my parents to look for old ones. Next time you do this, I'm definitely in :)

  7. I'm gonna stumble in late. Like I usually do with parties. Heh.

  8. Autumn Forest ~ I know! I am really impressed by these costumes. The pieces people put together are perfect! Thanks. :) This is an idea I plan on doing next year too!

    Kweeny ~ Haha, don't worry! You're now a party guest. :) Your costume is a wonderful and spooky addition to the others!

    Max ~ What? Arsenic isn't enough for you? ;) Hey! If you send me a photo of yourself in costume, I'll add some virtual beer to the party...

    Vanessa ~ Thanks! Aww... Yeah, next time! If you happen to run across a photo during the next few days, I'll add you to the party. :)

  9. What a fantastic idea! Lots of great costumes. I really like Old Mister Six Snips in particular. He's the kinda guy I'd want to hang out with on Halloween night.

  10. Great Post. Everyone has such awesome costumes! It was fun seeing everyone dressed up!

  11. Okay, it's time to break out the violins because looking through all the pictures it has occurred to me that this is the ONLY Halloween party that I have ever been to!! So thank you for inviting me!!!

    I am very intrigued by the caramel apples. I've never seen one before. I suppose they're probably a Halloween staple in the US?! They do sell toffee apples at fairs here, but they have a bright red, hard, glassy coating. I've never actually eaten one because they look like they'd shatter your teeth, but the caramel looks tasty!

    You look adorable as Little Red, and I love all the photos of the guests. I'm going to go mingle for a while and check out all your videos. I'm even going to try your virtual Ouija board... another first! Haha!

  12. Arsenic ? LOL !
    What... a Little Demon is not enough for being scary this Halloween Season ?
    You are ruthless !

  13. Those costumes are awesome! I think Zena may need a Band-Aid though... And your virtual ouija board just spelled out "seven days" for me. Not sure what it means but pretty cool.

  14. Fun post! This was a great idea. Thanks for inviting me to join.

  15. OMIGOD. I just tried your virtual Ouija board, and it gave me the same answer your magic 8 ball keeps giving me. How bizarre. Apparently I should stop asking, because it just isn't clear. LOL

    I love your party. It is great fun! Hopefully we'll get to scare some TOTs soon.

  16. Ok your virtual Ouija board just creeped me out a little bit! This was a great idea. Thanks for allowing me to be part of it. Hopefully this will be an ongoing tradition! Party on peeps!

  17. This is wonderful. I'm happy to be invited. This was a great idea for Halloween. I'm impressed by the make-up, the costumes, and the variety of costumes that everyone wore.

    I also enjoy the videos you posted. Ghostbusters is a perennial favorite. And THE TIME WARP is a must!

    You look incredible as Little Red Riding Hood. I just hope you're able to keep the wolves at bay. ;)

    Thanks again, Justine :)

  18. This virtual celebration was a wonderful way to kick off the holiday festivities. I've been to two events now where I was one of only two people dressed for the occasion (the other being my companion), so this is a pleasant change. I'd much rather celebrate Halloween with true fans.

    And who could pass up such delicious treats? Candy apples and haunted cupcakes are always welcome!

    Thanks so much for the invitation and the party planning, Justine!

  19. Dex ~ Haha! Yeah, you and "Old Mister Six Snips" are the two mystery men at my party. :) I can imagine you two out on Halloween night, scaring the hell out of people...

    Jessica ~ I'm glad that you enjoyed this post! Yeah, we have such an array of costumes at the party. If you have a photo, you are more than welcome to join in. :)

    Little Gothic Horrors ~ Oh my! Well, there probably aren't a lot of Halloween parties in Australia, right? You should throw one this year! Although, you'd have to hurry with the party preparation. I'm so glad that you came to this party!

    How interesting! Yeah, a British blog friend of mine mentioned toffee apples too. I've never had one of those, although they are sold here. They do look like they could chip a person's tooth, but they're quite pretty. Yeah, I'd say that caramel apples are a Halloween staple in the U.S. Actually, they're a staple for the entire Autumn season! Lots of people (me included) go to the country to pick pumpkins, and make caramel apples. I thought about doing a post about my trip to one of those places last weekend. I probably should, because my friends outside the U.S. might be interested!

    Thanks for your compliment on my outfit. :) Yes, mingle! There are lots of interesting people here! Tell me how it goes with the Ouija Board. I wish you were around here and we could mess around with the real thing!

  20. Max ~ Haha! Nope, I'm strict like that.

    Sean ~ I think Zena might need an entire neck tourniquet! Don’t go scaring people away from the virtual Ouija Board. Unless, it really did spell that... Just in case, don't watch any weird videos or answer the phone.

    Adsila ~ Thanks! I’m glad you joined in the fun. I think your toothpaste outfit was a great light hearted addition to the party!

    Pensive ~ Ha! No way. I guess the virtual metaphysical tools aren't giving you very clear answers. Or maybe you're asking the difficult questions. :) I'm glad you enjoyed the party! So, will you be scaring the kids in an outfit like the one posted here? I can't wait to scare them, either. We're finally having nighttime trick-or-treating around here! Nighttime meaning, it goes until 7:00. It's a start anyway!

    WicKED ~ Really? What did it tell you? It seems like that thing has been a lot more exciting for you guys than it was for me! It kept spelling out things like “can't answer”. It was about as eventful as the real thing. :) I’m glad you were a part of the party! I hope to make this a yearly event. I can't wait to see some photos from your real life party this weekend.

    Johnny ~ Great! Thanks for coming to the party. :) I was pretty impressed with everyone's effort and creativity too. Yeah, the videos I chose were of what I think of as Halloween classics. I have to watch Ghostbusters and Rocky Horror each Halloween. Thanks for your compliments on my costume! Haha, I'm sure I'll survive.

    King Unicorn ~ Thanks! Yeah, it's fun to get something going a few days before Halloween. Not that this whole month hasn't been crazy! Sounds like things have been busy for you too. Good for you for dressing up for those events. It sounds like the other people there needed some spirit! That sort of thing drives me nuts. I'm not sure why some people don't let loose and have some fun at Halloween. I'm with you ~ celebrating with true fans is the best! Haha, I'm glad you enjoyed the treats. :) Thanks so much for joining us at the party!

  21. I'm crashing your party, and I've come as a ghost...that's why you can't see me. Everyone looks so fabulous and that Ouija board is talking to me- love the skeleton hands on it.

  22. I should probably qualify the statement about Halloween parties because I'm always having fab little parties with Danny, James, and Phoebe the cat, and Halloween is no exception. Hmmm... does size matter when it comes to parties? Your party is more of an event I guess, and I'm very pleased to be a part of it!

    I wish I was there to mess around with the Ouija board with you, too! And go to the country to pick pumpkins, and make caramel apples! It sounds wonderful!! Sigh.

    I've been watching all your party videos between sewing. I loved the "Monster Mash" video. The scenes from 'The Skeleton Dance' were absolutely hilarious. They went so well with the 'Monster Mash' music! Then I watched the 'Ghostbusters' clips. Well... when Bill Murray did the "Yes, it's true. This man has no dick." line, I nearly sprayed a mouthful of coffee all over my computer screen. Hahaha!

    I tried out the Virtual Ouija Board. I have to preface the Ouija experience by saying that our little graphic design biz has taken a beating over the last 6 months, what with the state of the economy, to the point where Danny is thinking of looking for a job until things pick up. So when I was staring at the board trying to think of a question, Danny said "Ask it if I'll get a job in November?" and the response was "Yes". Then I asked "Is there anyone out there?" and the response was "Yes". Finally I asked "What is my cat's name?" (I would have been really freaked if it had come up with the name of my cat Sabrina, who died 2 years ago!) and the response was "Unclear". Interestingly, after the comment by pensive, I asked your Magic 8 Ball whether Danny would get a job in November, and the answer was "It is certain". So there you go. The Ouija and the 8 Ball have spoken!

  23. he he ~ Rock on Party People!
    Having a blast at Justines Halloween Party
    ~ Yee Ha! ~

  24. Thanks for the Halloween party. It was a blast. all the costumes wre awesome and the snacks, yummy!

    Happy Halloween.

  25. Bummer! Can't believe I missed this party.
    It's kind of like the recurring dream where you wake up
    on November 1st and realize you missed halloween!
    Maybe next year.

  26. Best post ever!!! Justine, you are a hoot! :D If I can dig up a decent pic, I'll arrive fashionalbly late to your shindig lol!

    Thanks for the giggles. :D

  27. Trick or Treat ~ Hey! You're right, that must be some ghost costume! :) What did the Ouija Board have to say to you? Yeah, the skeletal salad scoopers worked great for that purpose. We weren't having any salad that night, so they needed to be put to work.

    Little Gothic Horrors ~ I don't think that there's a size restriction on parties. So, maybe you were already having parties, and didn't even know it! :) Events, eh? I'll take that!

    Yes, Autumn is wonderful here. If you ever visit the United States, I'm sure you'll arrive at this time of year! Did you get a hold of your pumpkin yet? I would say that you could try making your own caramel apples from scratch, but it was sort of a disaster for me. That caramel dries really quickly! Do they sell those little cubes of caramel where you are?

    Yeah, I loved the B-Movie clips in that video. There was this one of a monster, or something with googly eyes. It looked kind of like a sesame street castoff. :) I really want to know what that one is from! Also, there were some people ballroom dancing with their faces painted like skulls. I didn't recognize that film, either. Otherwise, those were some great classic clips!

    Hehe... That's a favorite part of Ghostbusters for me! That character had been acting arrogant throughout the film, so that comment was well deserved. Also, Bill Murray's timing in delivering that line was perfect!

    How interesting that the Ouija Board and the Magic 8 Ball gave you the same answer. I'm sorry to hear about the economic problems. I didn't realize Australia was dealing with what we are now. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, because I've been hearing about a lot of economic problems in Europe lately. I guess it's affecting everyone now! I hope Danny gets a job if he is looking for one, and the right thing happens.

    You reaching out to your cat through the Ouija Board reminds me of an old Simpson's Halloween Special! In that one, Lisa tries to connect with her cat and bring it back from the dead. Instead, she and Bart bring every dead person in the town back! I think we talked about that zombie episode before. I'm feeling a little weird, as this person who has to keep referencing old Simpson's episodes...

    Goth Clothes ~ Your photo totally matches what you wrote! :) Yee Ha! is right!

    Vivienne ~ Thanks for attending the party! Glad you enjoyed the mingling and the food. :) Happy Halloween to you too!

    The October Boy ~ Aww! I've had similar dreams. Or, should I say nightmares. Although, I've always had dreams (at various times of the year) where it's Halloween and I'm dressed up. So, I guess that evens things out. It isn't too late! Send me a photo, and I'll add you to the party!

    Spookworks ~ Thank you so much! :) Yes, please send me a photo! I would love to add you to the party. I'm sure you have some great, spooky photos somewhere!

  28. Wow! Everybody looks so snazzy! I'm so happy I was invited to go. I think my favorite one would have to the toothpaste costume, very creative & ORIGINAL! :P

    I love your costume as well, Justine. You look so cute! :)

  29. Real Queen of Horror ~ They sure do! Snazzy indeed. :) I'm so glad you joined us for the party! I love the toothpaste too. She's one of the few non-threatening characters here. Who knew my blog friends were so scary? Well, there might have been a few clues along the way...

    Thanks for your compliment on my costume! You look cute too ~ in a dead sort of way. :)

  30. No pumpkin yet. I'll check on the price today (Sunday here), and if it's still too high I may have to wait until Monday. They're bound to reduce them at the last minute. Who'd have thought Halloween could be fraught with so much nail-biting tension? Haha.

    Now when you say "cubes of caramel", do you mean something that's specifically for cooking - like cooking chocolate - or just regular caramel for eating. Because we definitely have squares of caramel candy. Do you just melt them and dip the apples?

    Yes, that would have to be a favourite scene from 'Ghostbusters', too! There's nothing more satisfying than seeing the bad guy get his comeuppance! I haven't watched 'Ghostbusters' in a couple of years, so you've put in the mood to watch it. Bill Murray really is funny in that film. His humour is so dry, which I always love. He really does have the best lines.

    Actually, Australia is one of the few nations that escaped the full impact of the Global Financial Crisis. We never technically went into recession because we were in pretty good shape when things started to collapse globally. Danny's been at home, running his graphic design business, for nearly 4 years, and it has all been going well. The trouble is that we are getting all the doom and gloom on the news about the US and Europe, and people are starting to get scared. No one's spending. A lot of Danny's clients are cutting back their budgets. Of course, if no one spends, then the economy suffers. Vicious circle. Oh well, I'm putting my faith in the Ouija and Magic 8 Ball! Haha!

    Oh yes, 'The Simpsons' zombie episode is so funny! Oh boy, if you feel weird referencing episodes, then I'm absolutely done for! My whole existence is one long reference. Luckily Danny, and my two best friends are just the same. Now James is even doing it! Haha!

  31. P.S. Oh I just noticed some latecomers to the party. Very cool outfits!!

  32. Little Gothic Horrors ~ Nail biting tension is right! There's a lot of goofiness on my end right now too... I just read on Twitter that you have your pumpkin by now! I guess you did a get a deal, considering...

    Yeah! They're these little cubes of caramel that I believe are meant for cooking, although some people eat them as candy. They taste nasty on their own, in my opinion. Yeah, it is supposed to be as easy as melting them and dipping in the apple, but it turned out pretty weird for me! I did get a tip that adding cream to the mix helps with the consistency.

    Yeah! You got that right. That's a moment I look forward to every time I watch Ghostbusters. :) Yeah, I was in the mood to watch it again after posting all these clips! I have a fun ghostbusters post coming up, actually...

    The whole not spending thing is part of what's keeping us in this mess. I really think the news effects that! People hear negative things and get scared. The funny thing is, I don't think Americans can keep going with this no shopping thing forever. After years of this, people are shopping again, whether they're afraid to or not. I noticed online sales going up this year, and I heard reports of that happening in regular stores too. You got it ~ if no one spends, it's a vicious cycle. There ya go, I consult the Magic 8 Ball on my blog all the time!

    HA! Yeah, I just feel like people maybe get tired of me quoting The Simpsons and Seinfeld. It's just that there's a reference for everything in those shows! I actually just watched the Simpsons zombie episode again yesterday; it never get's old. "My whole existence is one long reference." It's good to know I'm not alone!

    Yeah, I love the latest costume pics! All the party guests are so creative. This was loads of fun!

  33. Ha! Don't get me started on 'Seinfeld'... "No soup for you!"

  34. Sorry I couldn't attend. Maybe next year?

  35. What a fabulous post!! I loved seeing all these pictures!! I didn't get a chance to get my husband to take one of me...I have been down for the count with Vertigo for the last few days...ughhhhh! Next time!!!

    You looked so pretty in your costume!!

    Happy Scary Day!

  36. Little Gothic Horrors ~ Haha, yeah that's a classic line! It can be changed to fit almost any situation too. :)

    Mantan ~ Aww, of course you're invited next year! If you run across a picture soon, I'll add it to this post too.

    LuLu ~ Thank you! :) I hope you feel better soon. I would have loved to have had you as a guest at the party, but I know you had a lot of reasons you couldn't be here this year! I hope you have a scary day too ~ in a good way, of course!

  37. I missed the party! It looked like a lot of fun and really good company too! I would have definitely enjoyed dancing to Thriller and eating caramel apples! Yum!

    Everyone looks so great! I especially like Leatherface and the weirdest costume award definitely goes to Crest Toothpaste! What a random Hallowe'en outfit!

    I had a go on the virtual Ouija board. I asked it if my house was haunted and it said 'No'. I asked it if a good spirit lived here and it said 'Yes'. I then asked it if I had a cat and it said 'No' LIES! I then asked it if it were just a load of bollocks and it said 'Unsure' HAHA!

    I looked for a Ouija Board on eBay just before I went down to my mum's for Hallowe'en and I made a bid on one but then totally forgot about it and lost it! It went for a measly £14... I was quite annoyed with myself for forgetting!

    You look gorgeous in your red riding hood outfit! xxx

  38. Aww... I know! I sent you an email about the party, but you must have been gone on your trip already. I know that you must have lots of great photos of yourself in costume or with fancy makeup too! If you see this, please send me a picture and I'll add you to the party!

    Ha! I thought the toothpaste costume was quite unique and funny. It was a nice, light hearted addition to the group. Leatherface, like many of the other party goers was pretty scary!

    Haha! I got a laugh out of the "LIES!" part of your note. :) I love how the board was unsure if it was full of bollocks or not. I guess it's not a British board, and you confused it. ;)

    Oh, I know how it is to miss an auction while on a trip! That's frustrating, although I'm sure there will be many more boards where that one came from. Hopefully, that one wasn't very unique.

    Thanks! :) Wearing the red riding hood outfit was a fun experience for me! I've been watching a show called "Grimm" lately. It's about fairy tales if they were modern crimes. In the first episode women in red hooded sweatshirts are going missing or showing up dead. I watched that episode shortly after posting this, and I thought "uh oh". ;)