Sunday, October 30, 2011

Who ya gonna call?

Ghostbusters! As well as a locksmith. Yeah, it was that kind of night...

Last night, I met some friends to celebrate Halloween and a few of their birthdays. In looking at this picture, you'd never know that my car had been sideswiped earlier in the evening. You also probably wouldn't guess that the guy with the goggles had locked his car keys in his car. In the ignition. Yeah, it's funny how we all manage to smile for photos...

The evening started off fine. I did my cat makeup, put on some cat ears, and was ready to hit the town!

cat clock eyes

For those who are interested, I used this makeup tutorial for part of my cat look:

After getting ready, I wrapped my friend Stacey's birthday gifts. I was really happy to find this little coffin box. It was actually made to hold silverware, of all things!

So, off I went to meet my friend for her dinner party. On the way there, I got lost and as I mentioned earlier was hit by a very fast moving car. After hitting my car, it continued to move away very fast. So if you're wondering, there's no way I have a license plate number. I was grateful not to be hurt, although my car was. In a shaken up state, I went to the restaurant.

Everyone managed to calm me down, and I had a pretty nice salad. Next, we were off to meet our college friends, Derek and Troy.

(Derek is on the left and Troy is on the right)

We rolled up in Stacey's car, because we weren't sure if mine was safe to drive. We drove up to find that Troy had locked his keys in the car. He was on the phone with a locksmith, who was lost. The locksmith continued to be lost for about 45 minutes. He eventually showed up in a very beat up car, that was missing its hubcaps. Everyone asked if it was the car that hit me. (It wasn't, but wouldn't that have been great?) Anyway, this guy didn't appear to work for a locksmith company and English was definitely a second language for him. So I didn't understand a lot of what was going on, except that it was going to cost $150 to get in the car. The reason given for this was that it was "a holiday". Maybe for him it was? After all this, I just started to laugh. You know how it gets ridiculous when that many things go wrong? Well, this was one of those times, and it made me laugh!

Back to Derek and Troy. After paying the locksmith, they were able to get into the car and get their Ghostbuster equipment. Let me tell you, this stuff is extensive! They even built their own proton packs. In case you're wondering, these weigh 45 pounds.

The straps that are holding the packs on, came from an army surplus store. As you can see, there's a lot going on here!

They also brought their ghost trapper with them. It moved around and lit up after the little doors closed!

After taking some photos, we were off to the Safe House! You might remember that I mentioned this bar in my Prohibition blog post. The bar resembles a speakeasy. It is hidden behind a regular door in the middle of an alley. If you weren't looking for it, you wouldn't find it.

I think it's the third door down on the left... This is the only picture I can show you, because the Safe House is top secret. That, and my other photos didn't turn out. The place really does have a mystique to it. You need to know the secret password to get in, and you have to do all kinds of dorky things if you don't. These dorky things are displayed on a TV screen inside, for all to see. This is my Safe House "temporary visa".

As we walked in, the DJ played the Ghostbusters theme! After that, he played Michael Jackson's Thriller, while a guy dressed as Michael did a little dance. Then he played the Time Warp. In just that order. So it was exactly like my blog party!

We then headed down to Water Street, which is a busy street full of bars in Milwaukee. There were tons of people in costume wandering around there, so there was some good people watching! I had to include my picture of the Spy vs. Spy guys after mentioning them in my Plague Doctor post.

Throughout this entire evening, my friends got lots of attention. It seemed that a voice yelled out of every passing car, "Who ya gonna call?" To which my friends would answer "Us!" This was cute the first 100 times... I was wishing that the people would think of something more original to yell as they drove by! Actually, there was one guy who yelled "Nice Protein Packs!" That was pretty funny.

My friends also got lots of attention from the ladies. Lets put it this way, if you're a guy who would like to be approached by every woman in the room, wear a Ghostbuster costume. It was unbelievable! It was also fun to watch. I got to experience what it's like for people who are the non-famous friends of celebrities. People acted like my friends were the real Ghostbusters!

I think they should get some kind of gig where they get hired for parties. All they need is two more guys and the Ghostbusters car!

After that eventful night, I was grateful that trick-or-treat hours in my town were pushed later this year. The only problem is that it rained this evening. So, only a few clusters of kids came by. The wind was raging and their costumes were drenched. I ended up giving handsful of candy to the kids who stopped by, and there's still plenty left over!

This was such a weird weekend, that I'm happy I celebrated Halloween throughout October. There was one part of the weekend that went smoothly and that was the Day of the Dead parade on Friday. I got some great pictures to share with you guys, but I'm saving them until early November.

So, how were all of your pre-Halloween weekends?


  1. I'm really glad to hear you're all right!! That's terrible that the other car didn't stop!! And the locksmith guy... what a rip-off!

    Well I hope all the weird stuff is over now, and that you can enjoy the rest of Halloween. I was surprised that there had already been some trick or treating. I thought it would only happen on the actual night of Halloween. Is that usual?

    I've decided to stretch Halloween out over both Australian and US time. As usual I want to do too much, and it's taking way longer than I thought, so I'm going to do part of it today and part of it tomorrow. That way I may still be sane by the end of it all! Haha!

    Happy Halloween!

  2. Little Gothic Horrors ~ Thanks, I'm glad I'm alright too. :) It's one of those things where I was upset, but am very aware that it could have been worse. I'm assuming that the driver was drunk, like many of the other drivers were last night. Yeah, I think we were all pretty shocked by the locksmith guy! That was just bizarre. I had a scary Halloween weekend, but not the kind of scary I wanted!

    I hope the weird stuff is over too. Oh, it's pretty normal to have trick-or-treat on the weekend before Halloween. In some communities it was on Saturday, and in others it was today. If Halloween doesn't fall on a weekend, you don't get trick-or-treat on that exact day.

    Hey! That's a good idea! You can never have too much Halloween. :) Yeah, it would be good if you don't drive yourself nuts, so you can still have fun! I can't wait to see some photos of your Halloween festivities.

    Happy Halloween to you too!

  3. Oh, I also meant to say that the cat make-up is ADORABLE!!

  4. Wow, that is one busy and interesting weekend. Glad you are okay and hope the car recovers :)

    Happy Halloween to you!!


  5. OMG! What a crazy night. I'm so glad you're okay, although I'm sorry to hear about your car. Hope the damage isn't too bad.
    My parents came up for the weekend, so we spent a lot of family time together. :) Also, Will took me out for a pre-birthday celebration to a fabulous dinner and the Boston Symphony! A wonderful time was had by all.

    Happy Halloween!!!!

  6. Sounds like a fun night, except for the hit and run of course!

    I've been to the Safe House a few times. My friends and I used to trek out there for GenCon in the 90s and the Safe House was usually our 2nd hotel room. LOL

    We went to a Duran Duran concert Friday night. After the show, people were milling about in the lobby as usual and from the street walk in 4 Ghostbusters in full gear like your friends. The lead one had his PKE meter out and they were all talking to each other and moving through the crowd with a purpose. So that was a pretty cool, and unexpected start to Halloween weekend.

  7. I am glad you are ok. Hope tonight makes up for it all!

  8. It was quite a crazy night wasn't it! In the end it was a fun time though:) I still can't get over all the attention Derek and Troy got! It makes me want to really step up my costume for next year. I think I'll be purchasing those contacts after all.

    Oh! Tonight my 'hood has trick-or-treat:-) So, some communities do have it on Halloween night. gonna be dressing up in my witch attire. It looks like we have a good night for it.

  9. Little Gothic Horrors ~ Thank you! :) I had a lot of fun with this look. There were tons of kitty cat makeup tutorials on Youtube to choose from. Speaking of makeup tutorials, did you ever end up trying your hand at one?

    The Frog Queen ~ Haha, "busy and interesting" indeed. I always think "interesting" makes a nice euphemism for something else. :) I'm grateful to be OK, and I'm sure the car troubles will get worked out. My car is at least drivable at this time. Happy Halloween to you too!

    Max ~ Hey there! I was wondering how to follow your blog, because I can't find a follow button anywhere. Is there a secret way to follow you? :) Happy Halloween to you too!

    Marisa ~ OMG indeed. Thanks, yeah I'm OK physically. I was still shaken up emotionally yesterday! It's just so startling. I heard the crashing and scraping before I even saw the car. It came up that quickly. The damage is dents and scrapes.

    That's nice that your parents came to visit you! Sounds like Will planned an awesome birthday celebration for you. Happy Birthday and Happy Halloween. :) I hope you got my card. You guys haven't moved since you went to Boston, have you? I only had one address, anyway. Well, someone probably got a card! Haha

    Dex ~ Haha, yeah aside from the hit and run, and the locksmith fiasco, it was a pretty entertaining night out.

    Hey, that's cool! Yeah, Milwaukee used to get a lot of visitors because of GenCon. I don't know why they moved that convention. Wow! You were at the Safehouse that much? Do you have any fun stories from going there?

    You saw Duran Duran! That's awesome. I'd love to see that band sometime. How cool that you saw some Ghostbusters too. Yeah, one of my friends had a PKE meter. :) He kept whipping that out at people. Talk about an ice breaker! Yeah, my friends were definitely walking with a sense of purpose. The outfits must have that effect on people, hey?

    wicKED ~ Thank you. :) Yeah, I think tonight is going to be a lot more pleasant and safe! I plan to check out a block in Milwaukee that goes all out with their Halloween decorations tonight!

    Stacey ~ Yes! Very crazy! I couldn't believe all the car trouble. Yeah, things got more relaxed by the end of the night. I can't get over the attention, either! People do love those movies, though. That and the Ghostbusters are seen as heroes. I bet you'd be freaking me out in those contacts!

    Really? I thought you guys had it on Sunday. I stand corrected! The kids in your town are lucky to have a dry night. You should have seen the drenched ones stumbling up to the door with their umbrellas last night! Have a great time scaring the kiddies. :)

  10. Sorry about your car. Sounds like you ended up having a great time anyway. The ghost Buster costumes are cool as is your cat and pirate costume.

    Happy Halloween!

  11. Vivienne ~ Thanks, yeah after adjusting my mood a little, I was OK. :) That night was just a weird series of events. Oh, well. At least I can't say my life is boring! (Trying to look on the bright side.)

    Yeah, my friends' effort paid off with their awesome costumes! They work on those outfits and tech props year round. Thanks for your compliments on my costumes as well. :)

    Happy Halloween to you too!

  12. I didn't get a chance to try out a makeup tutorial. Time's been against me at every turn this year, but I've filed away the links you gave me. Maybe next year! There was a really dramatic purple and black look with a spiderweb and a spider around one eye (from memory). I'm not fond of spiders, but I thought that looked very cool and glam at the same time. I've got that idea tucked away for the future.

  13. Little Gothic Horrors ~ Oh! I know the look you're talking about. That's a good one. If you ever try one of these, I want to see pictures! It's nice of all these talented makeup artists to share their secrets with us. I just love YouTube for any kind of how-to video. That site has helped me learn to do a lot of things!

  14. Wow - that's quite an evening to report. The fates certainly made you work for your good time!

    I'm also struck by how many Ghostbusters are apparently available at a moment's notice in October for random free-floating apparitions that need dealing with.

    I hope your Halloween evening was delightful and filled with all the magic you help inspire for the holiday. Cheers!

  15. King Unicorn ~ Haha! Yeah, the fates were making me work, alright. On the upside, I do have some stories. :)

    Well, my Ghostbuster friends are actually paranormal investigators. So, they were in town to give a culinary ghost tour. They told paranormal stories, while people sampled food from Milwaukee restaurants. They did stop at some haunted places, so in a way they were looking for "free-floating apparitions" that night. I had to laugh at that part of your comment, because that sounds like the kind of remarks they were making all night!

    My Halloween evening was delightful and I hope yours was too! How sweet of you to say that I help with Halloween inspiration. That's one of the major goals of this blog! :)

  16. You certainly did have a crazy night! I'm so sorry to hear about your car being hit! How scary!! It's a shame you couldn't get the number plate too. Have you reported it to the police? There may have been a CCTV camera near by which could have captured it! I bet the driver had been drinking! Idiots!

    Love your friends as Ghost Busters! I bet they loved all the attention! They deserve it after all the effort they put into their costumes!

    The Speakeasy sounds so fun and mysterious! I want to know what Dorky things you have to do to get in?!

    The Spy Vs Spy outfits are amazing! They probably looked quite creepy! Especially the white one. I can imagine walking down a dark alley and then suddenly seeing him appear in the distance would be quite shocking haha!

    I'm glad you had a good time despite all the rubbish that happened at the beginning of the night! xxx

  17. P.S. I adore you cat makeup! I have watched that YouTube tutorial before and I love the leopard print on the eyes. So creative! x

  18. Yeah, it was crazy all right! As weird as it sounds, I'm still a little hyped up about my car a week later. I even had a scary dream about a car chasing me last night! No, I didn't have anything to tell the police. This happened while I was driving down a neighborhood street with no cameras. It wasn't near an intersection or anything like that. Yeah, the driver was very likely drunk. We saw so many drunk drivers out that night. People were just acting strange behind the wheel. I guess any time a person goes out for Halloween night, New Year's, etc. they're taking chances!

    Oh, my friends had a great time dressed up as Ghostbusters. Yeah, they spent a long time putting those outfits together. They got so much attention, I couldn't even believe it! You should have seen all the women approaching them! Everyone wanted their photo taken with those two. I think they should offer to go to parties as entertainment.

    Yes, the Safe House is mysterious. The alley it's located in is pretty spooky in itself! Every time I'm there I learn about a new hidden passage way or a door that opens to something strange. Well, I think people have to sing songs or do dorky little dances in front of the camera to get in, if they don't know the password. :) I don't know of anything weirder than that, but who knows!

    Yeah, the Spy vs. Spy guys were cool. I didn't even notice that the one in white was carrying a knife until I downloaded my pictures! That looks kind of ominous to me. Hopefully it was plastic...

    Yeah, I'm glad that night got more fun as it went on! I was shaken up, but at least I had some fun distractions.

    Thanks! :) There are so many cool cat makeup tutorials out there. The leopard print part is neat, but I didn't want to try it for the first time that night. It looked like something that could be messed up easily!