Thursday, September 29, 2011

The winner of my giveaway and other contests to enter

Last week I advertised a contest to celebrate having 100 followers. Today I chose the winner from the antique cauldron I found at the estate sale:

 I reached in, and pulled out...

Congratulations Vain Glory Sinner! Just email me your address, and your candy art print will be on its way. By the way, if you guys aren't following Vain Glory Sinner's blog, you should go take a look. Her blog is a mixture of makeup, antiques, and Gothic goodness in general.

If I didn't pull your name out of the cauldron, there are still plenty of Halloween contests for you to enter. For instance, I just ran across the Trick or Tweet Halloween giveaway from This blogger is giving away lots of generous prizes! You also have the possibility of winning a rock. Hopefully it won't be a very large rock, because I can't imagine the shipping charges for that!

You won't win this specific rock, I just thought it was a fun picture. I found it on a web site called: where, you guessed it, people post pictures of various things wearing googly eyes. But I digress...

My blog buddy LuLu is also holding a giveaway for a lovely Halloween crown she made! You have until Oct. 7th to try for that: LuLu's Spooky Crown Giveaway

Also, not to be missed is Raven Fae's giveaway for a set of Grandin Road Halloween Goblets! Raven was the blogger who sent me the lovely bottle labels. You only have until 9:00 CST tonight to try for these, so
get on over to her blog: Raven Fae's Goblet Giveaway

Of course, there's still the duct tape pumpkin contest that I mentioned last time. You have until November 1st to try for that. I'm starting to get some design ideas for that one...

Well, tomorrow is going to be a fun day in blog-land! Many bloggers will be participating in the zombie blog walk. I'll share some zombie thoughts tomorrow and post links to the other participating blogs!


  1. Oooooo! :D :D :D You have made me a very happy bunny!

    I actually let out a loud squeeling Oooooooo! Pyf was wondering what was wrong with me haha.

    I'll email my address to you right away! xxx