Wednesday, July 6, 2011

You're unique, just like everyone else!

A few blog entries ago, I mentioned that I like to google every one of my blog titles after I think it up. I do this because I'm curious about how original I really am. One of my blog buddies, Copyboy suggested that I share some of these search results. (By the way, you can learn all sorts of things you didn't even know you wanted to learn in Copyboy's blog, which is titled: Not Worth Mentioning) Anyway, I decided to take his suggestion! Those of you with blogs may have fun trying this experiment with your own titles, but I warn you it's a little tedious.

Every one of my blog titles is listed below. The titles that are highlighted are the ones I found exact matches for. When I say exact matches, I mean the phrase was used as the title of an article, web page, book, song, movie, piece of art, video, etc. It didn't count if only a part of the phrase turned up in the middle of a sentence somewhere. Any title that isn't linked to a page, was unique to my brain. As of today, I have written 74 blog posts and 28 of my titles are also the title of something else. So, I'm feeling pretty original! There were multiple options for some of these, so I just linked to what I thought was the most interesting search result.

If you check out every link in this post, you'll get a treat at the bottom of the page! I know I can trust you to follow every one of these links, right? ;) Just kidding ~ Feel free to eat the dessert before the meal on this one! Oh, and I have things set up so that each link will open in a new window. That should save a little annoyance.

Alright, so lets start with today's title. I will admit to not being original with this one. Someone I follow on Twitter posted this quote and I liked it. Anyway, here are the results:

You're unique, just like everyone else!
Don't go making phony calls (If you'd like to study the song lyrics more closely.)
Monsters are Good (Umm...I'm not sure if everyone should be allowed to put themselves on youtube.)
Out of the fog (Another movie with this title)
For the Cultured Werewolf
And the Winner is...
Guardians of the Tomb
Celebrating 50 Followers with a Giveaway
A Venomous Villain (Venomous Villain is also the name of a rapper, but I liked this Disney villain themed makeup too much not to link to it)
Morbid Makeovers (If we're being technical, her title is Morbid Makeover, but that's pretty close. Here's something from a mind that is more morbid than mine!)
Cultural Differences Among Zombies
The Death of a B-Movie Star
Poe's Heartbreak and Loss Performed by my Favorite Witchy Woman
A Mystery Solved with Frenzied Voodoo Rock
Neo-Gothic grandeur
Bold and British (Don't bother visiting this page, unless you're into aircraft economics)
Flash Freezing (If you're a Phantom of the Opera fan you might enjoy this. For my part, I can't believe the amount of comments this received!)
Blood Sucking Bunnies and Cruelty to Peeps
My First Guest Blog Entry
A Grand House Once Sat There
Gallery Night and Night Gallery
My Encounter With Them!
Scandinavian Easter Witches
Waxy and Wacky
Barbie's Darkside
Killer Trivia About "The Birds"
Howl at the Moon (This place looks fun!)
Skeletons on the Runway (A totally different spin on this phrase)
Deadly Decoupage
Thrilling Graveyard Dance
Chenille Macabre
Remedios Varo - An Artist You Will Like
Glee's Zombie Makeover
Sassy yet Sinister
Something to do while hiding from the cold
Pumpkins singing The Ghosts' High Noon
When the night wind howls
Alcatraz ER Restaurant
Oh My Goth!
Impressive Makeup Artists
Animated Poe Movie
"The Raven" Starring John Cusack
Edgar Allen Poe's Birthday
A little gothic shopping
A friend for the scary vegetable
The Scariest Vegetable
Guess who was on the roof? (Sounds like this person was on their own roof)
Haunted Gingerbread Houses
Frightening Fred (It would appear this is the name of a race horse?)
Lunar Eclipse
Christmas Shopping for Halloween Lovers
Spooky Amityville Radio Show
Terrifying Beauty (Something to seriously run from)
Young Frankenstein Movie
Bizarre yet Addictive
Extreme Pumpkins
Pumpkin Creatures (I feel so fancy now that I'm sharing titles with Martha!)
Halloween with Everyday Minerals
Young Frankenstein Musical Review (not as favorable a review as mine)
I'm Seeing Young Frankenstein Tonight!
After Halloween Target Haul!
A Wonderful Halloween Weekend! (Aww, so cute! Although, I have no idea what I'm looking at here.)
A Community of Zombies!
My Witch is in this neat collection!
Halloween Floral Arrangements (Crafters sharing Halloween display tips)
Gorgeous Halloween Makeup (Definitely worth looking at)
The Launch of Justine's Halloween (I'd start getting paranoid if this one showed up anywhere else)

OK, so here's your treat! A video of Nellie McKay performing the "Clonie" song. This seemed like the perfect song to include in this post, because I was searching for my blog titles' exact matches. The lyrics in this song are so witty. You might unfortunately have to watch a commercial before this, but it's worth the wait.

Aside from Lady Gaga, Nellie is the only singer I've found entertaining throughout the last decade. There are all sorts of interesting thoughts lurking under her adorable demeanor.

Here's another one of her videos ~ Do the Zombie! This has basically nothing to do with today's topic or really much of anything, but it's a cool song and it fits with my blog's Halloween theme. Besides that, there are lots of fun people in the video who are either acting like zombies or are in some drunken state. You might have to turn up the volume on this one.

So, back to cloning...Do you think if you had a clone, it would be your BFF like the one in Nellie's song? Or do you think it would be evil and want to do away with its competition? Sometimes it's hard to get along with the people who have the most in common with you! I always thought it would be convenient to have a clone around, because as a team we'd be a lot more productive than I am alone. That's assuming that her brain was enough like mine to have my same goals! After all, no one has figured out a way to clone a brain. So it would impossible to predict the personality of a clone. If it was possible to have a clone made of yourself, would you go for it?


  1. Wow, interesting exercise. Most of the titles to my small collection of posts are boringly straightforward so I'm sure they would bring up tons of results. I did check out, 'Phoebe with Mr Pointy', although I was bracing myself for something porn-related to show up. Fortunately, it turned out to be an original!

    No clones for me! I have enough trouble coping with myself!!

  2. Hey Little Gothic Horrors!

    Thanks for the laugh. :) Yeah, I'd be a little nervous to google 'Phoebe with Mr. Pointy' as well! It seems like searching google images for almost anything will give you an x-rated result. I now have my google search settings set to child safe mode, because I'm tired of being flashed.

    Yeah, a clone could be trouble. I think having a twin would be difficult enough! Although, all the twins I know seem to be best friends.

    P.S. ~ Did you receive your Old Maid cards yet? I know they had a long distance to travel...

  3. The cards haven't arrived yet, Justine. It usually takes a couple of weeks from the U.S. so I'm sure they will be here any day now. I'll let you know when they arrive.

  4. Aww...Well, I guess it makes sense that it would take a while! Yeah, let me know. I hope they get to you really soon!

  5. Hum, some of my titles are nothing creative but I will have to see if my more cleaver titles have been repeated.

  6. That's very thorough of you to do this Justine! heh, from what I've seen of your blog, it's very original!

  7. Adsila ~ Yeah, you might be surprised by what you find!

    L ~ Thanks! Yeah, I was feeling a little OCD while putting this together. :) Good, because I want to be original! Oh, by the way I watched 'The Witches of Eastwick' last night. I have lots to say about that, but I'll probably post it in a comment on your blog. That way, you'll be sure to see my review. :)

  8. I love it and I feel oh so honored!!! You rule!

  9. Copyboy ~ Aww! I'm glad you enjoyed this post! Thanks for giving me the idea for this. :)