Saturday, July 9, 2011

All dressed up and nowhere to go! (Where could I go in one of these?)

I saw something today that I had to share with you guys! This will be short and sweet, since my last blog post may have caused you to have sensory overload. :) Remember when I shared some photos of the skeleton dresses displayed at Paris fashion week? (If you need to be refreshed Click Here) Well, the runway is going goth again! This time Dutch designer Iris Van Herpen has done more than paint a skeleton on a dress. Instead of endoskeletons, we now have exoskeletons as the skeletal structure becomes a dress it its self!

I actually find this beautiful and delicate. The reason I'm not disturbed by this design is that it doesn't take the shape of any real creature's body. It's more of a bone sculpture.

I would have gone with white heels, but whatever.

Iris also designed this snake dress! What kind of material do you think this is made from? I bet it's surprisingly light weight. Is it gross if I say this reminds me of intestines?

Some shoes Lady Gaga would approve of!

I realize that no one short of Lady Gaga would wear looks straight off the runway. (I'm actually starting to think her style is influencing runway looks.) Even toned down, I'm not sure where a person would wear these outfits. Maybe to open the door to trick-or-treaters? Although, if someone were to open their front door to children while wearing the first look, they might be arrested...

If you would like to see more of Iris' creations, here is her web site:

P.S. ~ My blog buddy VainGlorySinner, suggested the perfect pair of shoes to wear with the first outfit! Check out these spinal cord heels:

I'm not into ankle boots at all, but if these heels were attached to something a little more delicate, I'd wear them. In my opinion, skeletal shoes are subtle enough to wear in public. If these shoes are your thing (and you just won the lottery) you can buy them HERE.


  1. The bone dress is really interesting - it reminds me a little of a coral reef structure, as well.

    The snake dress freaks me out!! Even if it's just made of some kind of plastic material, I couldn't bring myself to touch it.

  2. Yes, it does look like coral reef!

    That snake dress looks like it's writhing around. Yeah, the only thing worse than touching that dress would be having to wear it!

  3. That bone dress is soooo me! I want it. It's probably like THOUSANDS of dollars but...I'd wear it out to dinner or maybe on my wedding day. Lol. I'm serious though.

    The snake dress is a little freaky like, Little Gothic Horrors said. And those crabby looking shoes..I don't think they're for me.

  4. Yeah, I bet that dress is expensive! Now you have me wondering how much it would cost...

    On your wedding day!? Well, I guess it is white anyway. Can you imagine it with maybe a little skeletal tiara and veil? :)

    Hahaha "crabby looking shoes" I wonder how anyone would be able to walk in those?

  5. I like the skeleton dress too. It would look awesome with Skeleton Wings or even better, a long skeleton tail! heh

  6. Gosh. The snake dress is disgusting (almost brought my breakfast up). The skeleton dress is quite interesting but seriously who in earth would wear these for real (apart from Lady Gaga?)

  7. The bone dress is absolutely gorgeous! If a dress were to have a skeleton beneath its layers of material that would be it! It's so bizarre but so beautiful! I think skeleton shoes would have finished it off well, like those white ones with spine for a heel.. they're crazy!

    I would say the 'snake' dress looked more like slimy eels! It looks like something out of Ghost Busters haha!

    I think Iris Van Herpen is slightly mad but her imagination is on another level and her creations are so visually stunning that they just grab everyone's attention. She must be doing something right! xxx

  8. That skeleton dress is the coolest thing I've seen all week! And when I scrolled to the photo of the snake dress, I immediately thought "intestines".

    It looks like one of those last-minute balloon Halloween costumes.

  9. I love the first one but the second is just a bit too "vinyl"....And I agree, white shoes would've finished off the dress or even red shoes. And maybe an overlay of filmy white fabric - like a shroud.

  10. Oh, I love waking up to comments! :)

    L ~ Oh, skeletal wings would be beautiful with this! The ensemble could be some kind of deathly fairy costume. If a tail was added to this, the wearer might resemble a fossil. :)

    Mrs Munster ~ Haha, yeah don't read my blog right after breakfast! I can't think of any celebrity other than Gaga who would wear these, although I can imagine the skeletal dress being reused for a ballet performance.

    VainGlorySinner ~ Yeah, isn't that dress great? I love it when something beautiful is conceived from dark/macabre subject matter. When an object that is thought of as negative is turned into something positive.

    If this structure were worn under fabric, it would be a bit of a corset. It sounds like a neat idea, although the wearer would appear to have some massive hips!

    Oh, shoes with a skeletal heel! OK, you made me want to google that idea, and guess what? I found the perfect shoes for this outfit! I'll be adding a picture of those to my blog today, so thanks for the idea! :)

    Yes, the snake dress does resemble a pile of eels. Especially given the color of the dress. Haha, out of Ghostbusters? Are you referring to a specific ghost in the movie? I've seen that a million times, and I can think of a match.

    So, it sounds like you're familiar with Iris' designs? Yeah, some of her outfits look like they're from another planet! I watched a youtube video of her being interviewed yesterday and found her to be surprisingly tame. I think sometimes a person's full energy goes into their work!

    Halloween Spirit ~ Haha, your balloon costume idea gave me a laugh. :) Yes, wrapping a bunch of black balloons around yourself could be the knock-off design of this dress! Maybe I should go as the crazy balloon lady this Halloween...

    Jeanne ~ Yeah, it could be made of vinyl, I can see what you're saying there. Yes, red shoes would be outstanding with it too! Red shoes are cool, period. Yeah, the shroud look would be neat. I imagine that just a full skirt and bustle would look good cascading down from the skeletal top.