Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Shopping for Halloween Lovers

I wanted to write a blog entry tonight, but because of all the Christmas festivities, it's been difficult to get in the Halloween mood. Then, while browsing a very cool online shop, an idea occurred to me! A way I can combine the Halloween and Christmas themes is to compile a gift list for Halloween lovers! So here it goes...

Black Cat Ornament for $7.99: To see this and many other Halloween ornaments, Follow this link

Skull Socks for $7.95: Follow this link

Skeleton Lady Necklace for $18: Follow this link

Skeleton Apron for $25: Follow this link

Remote Control Zombie for $27.95 (at least if you hurry and get it for this price on Amazon)

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark - Get scared all over again with this classic! From $12 at various stores. Follow this link

Anything that is Nightmare Before Christmas themed! Both the movie and soundtrack make great gifts. There are even some pretty cool action figures from the movie! All this stuff is more or less $20 from what I've seen...

Last but not least, my Halloween Old Maid cards make a great gift for any time of year! You can find those by: Following this link

Well, I hope this list helped those who are doing some last minute shopping for the Halloween lover in their life! 

(Here's an image to inspire you in wrapping these Halloween themed gifts!)

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