Monday, November 1, 2010

A Wonderful Halloween Weekend!

Happy Belated Halloween! I wanted to update this blog earlier this weekend, but was way too busy to get on the computer. On Saturday the 30th, I went to see an author speaking/giving a slide show about local ghost stories. She has written several books about paranormal stories in Wisconsin, and gave a really neat presentation. For those who are interested in Wisconsin lore about hauntings, big foot, etc. here is her web page: Linda Godfrey's web page

Saturday night was a fun night out dancing. I actually got another chance to try some of the fun makeup ideas I've been watching tutorials of on youtube. Here's a pic of how my eye makeup turned out!

False eyelashes are fun - but not so much when you're driving! Here's what my eye makeup looked like when my eyes were closed:

So I had an awesome and exhausting Saturday and had to drag myself out of bed to hand out candy to the kids! For Halloween day I went as a pirate. The kids were so cute and we had a beautiful day to sit out on the porch waiting for them.

After trick-or-treat was over, my mom and I headed over to a street in Bay View where they go all out with the yard decorations! Last year we were lucky enough to run across this street while they were doing night time trick-or-treating. This year it was just us walking down the street. Still, we got some neat photos of the yards!

After checking out the spooky houses, we tried making caramel apples, which was...interesting. Caramel hardens really quickly! Still, anything that tastes like apples, caramel, chocolate, and walnuts is going to be good! :)

I hope everyone had as fun a Halloween as we did! :)

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