Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gorgeous Halloween Makeup

I ran across this amazingly talented makeup artist on youtube! She goes by the name MissChievous and has some elegantly spooky ideas for Halloween looks. Here is her newest creation:

See more from MissChievous on her blog:

I've already tried some of her looks this year, and decided to go with her "fall runway" look with my witch costume. Although, this could really be worn year round!


  1. I was just searching around to see if I could find a picture of your Jack Skellington style cake, when I stumbled across this post. This is exactly the makeup look that I was mentioning recently that I thought was pretty cool!! There's so much on here that I've missed prior to discovering your blog! I'll have to eventually explore the whole thing!!

  2. Little Gothic Horrors ~ Oh, you won't find that cake here! I've stored pictures of some past desserts on my Halloween Forum page. I can send you there or just email that picture to you. I hope you enjoyed what you found while picking through my blog anyway. :) So, this is the look you were going to try? How funny! One of my friends tried this look on her sister last Halloween, actually. Great minds!