Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Another fun pumpkin display!

I have more jack-o-lantern carvings to share with you guys! This time I'll be sharing photos from our local village area. You guys might remember the gazebo where the pumpkins were set up last year.

Mr. Oogie Boogie Man

I was happy to see that the giant inflatable pumpkin was back again. 

These are few of my favorite pumpkins from that night:

This is an adorable idea. I'm not sure, but I think the sunglasses I regularly wear are the same ones this pumpkin is sporting.

This pumpkin looks kind of spotty and rotty which fits perfectly with the design.

From the inside out:

You can see some teeth carved in on this witch if you look closely.

I went back to the gazebo today to photograph the pumpkins in daylight. 

I was sitting on a bench reading a book and heard a rustling. I looked in the direction of the sound to see a squirrel leap into one of those cornstalk arrangements on the side of the gazebo. It just crawled all the way in. I was glad that I'd already walked around inside of the gazebo before that happened. 

Can you imagine a squirrel popping out of some cornstalks right next to you? 

There appeared to be a few leftover pumpkins that did not get carved.

It was interesting to see what some of these pumpkins looked like during the day. I didn't realize at night that the flowers on this one were purple.

You'll remember this one from the night photos. I like how the trees are reflecting in its glasses.

I don't even remember seeing this guy in the night photos. Maybe he was carved the next day? The event went on several nights in row.

We've been fortunate enough to have really warm weather for this time of year, so it's been pretty comfortable to be out seeing all these pumpkins. It was actually near 70 degrees today!

I should be back with some "Halloween Leftovers" next. There are always a few little October moments I haven't gotten around to sharing. 🍁


  1. Happy Halloween Justine! Great photos as always. Jacks are my favourite part of Halloween. Did you get many trick or treaters this year?

    1. Alison ~ Happy Halloween to you too! (Much Belated) :) Thank You! Aren't these some festive pumpkins? There's something so nostalgic about this display. I got more trick-or-treaters than expected. So less than in past years, but still more than expected. I'm trying to tally how many I had. I'd guess around 50, judging by how much candy I had left.