Saturday, October 8, 2022

Halloween at Stein's ~ A Bright and Cheery Display

Happy October Everybody! Well, it appears I haven't blogged since Christmas... yikes. Hopefully everything works OK with my blog now. It appears that Blogger has made some changes while I've been away and I now find myself unable to leave comments for you guys! Heck, I don't know if I'll even be able to leave comments on my own blog!

Anyway, I have been taking some photos of Halloween displays at the stores, so there is some content lined up. Today I have some cheerful photos from a sunny day at Stein's. You guys will probably remember that store from seeing photos of it the past many years.

I would call this the "centerpiece" of their outdoor display. This photo is my computer's wallpaper right now:

This classic planter idea is one that I say I'm going to do some variation of every year. And then I don't. But it seems like such a cute and simple DIY.

They had a nice array of metal yard signs out, and they were all new to me.

I think Stein's had just gotten a shipment of pumpkins in, because they were so well stocked!

A sea of pumpkins and various other gourds:

I always try to get a picture of a cornstalk reaching up to the sky. This one looks more like a hand to me than usual.

I love these little guys!

Two swans:

These pastel pumpkins are fun. They look so much like the imitation pastel pumpkins you might see at a TJ Maxx.

These ceramic pots were something new this year. I think this one looks a little like a pumpkin combined with a strawberry.

You'll probably remember these ceramic pumpkins.


This pumpkin man is here every year. I probably write the same comment about him every time, but here it goes again: Do you think you light a fire or place a candle in his belly?

Stein's had some beautiful fall flowers on display. They are regularly a garden center.

Do you know what kind of flowers these are?

This one looks like a fuzzy brain.

I always enjoy seeing the decorative peppers appear each fall.

And with the decorative peppers come the decorative cabbage and lettuce plants.

I am especially happy with these two photos!

I'll end with a few photos I took on the way out. This is the front of the store.

I am just now noticing those ceramic pumpkins in the window. I love taking photos of window displays. There's something so old-timey about them and if I manage to snap a window photo without a glare it feels like a major accomplishment! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this trip to Stein's! It feels good to be back blogging. It's hard for me to say why I've been away from my blog for so long. It was probably a combination of being busier than usual and just in a strange mood the past year. But here I am again and I will have more store pics to share!

As I said before, hopefully the blogger technical difficulties get worked out and I'm able to comment again. If anyone has a clue as to why I can't comment with my google account after blogger updated, please let me know!

I look forward to catching up with other people's blogs and just generally getting back in touch on social media this month. Now is the time, right? Hope you've all been doing well! 💖🎃


  1. Welcome back. Great pumpkin goodness photos. You might try different browsers and see if that makes a difference. I get sent to an additional page before clicking through to people blogs. No one has been able to tell me why. Stuck in an ugly blog template afraid to mess with anything. Crazy busy this year so I am behind on posting too.

  2. Gorgeous photos as always Justine! I was home to Canada in August for a month long visit and could have brought home trunks full of Fall decor if I had been able to. Autumn seems to go by too quickly.

    1. Alison ~ Thank You! :) I'll be interested to hear about what you did take home with you!

  3. Old Fashion Halloween ~ Thank you! :) Oh yeah, I love photographing pumpkins and autumn displays in general.

    I'm feeling a little limited with browsers since my computer is older, but I could try looking around again. I know some people have kindly designed browsers geared towards older computers. Right now I'm using Opera.

    I get sent to an additional page before I can comment too! Or try to comment, anyway. Blogger still isn't letting me comment with my Google account for some reason. But I can comment on my own blog now that I changed the comments from embedded to pop-ups. Yeah, from the frustrated comments I've read online, no one knows what's going on with blogger! It seems they made some sort of update in September and since then there have been problems.

    You can't change your template either?

    Yeah, I think we've all had a crazy busy (emphasis on the crazy) year. ;)

  4. Glad to see you back! Got a little worried there after not seeing anything since your Christmas walk post in 2021.
    We had a similar issue with trying to comment on other Blogger posts this past year. For whatever reason the comments would fail to apply after trying to submit them. This was using Chrome web browser on Windows 10. We even had some weird issues trying to sign out of Blogger from our profile menu, saying something like the account wasn't available, even though we were logged in. Ended up using "Guest" mode in Chrome to go to the Blogger website and log into our account, and all those problems, like not being able to submit a comment to someone else's Blogger post went away.

    1. Haunted Eve ~ Somehow your comment was not sent to me! I was just now checking my comments in blogger and found it. So I'm a little late here. Yeah, I don't even know how to explain my absence really. I just sort of checked out of the internet for a while. But there is absolutely nothing to worry about here. There was no great drama while I was away and I have remained healthy. Thanks for caring and thinking about me, though!

      Wow, you had a lot of blogger issues! I am still trying to work my way around the changes. I never had much luck with guest mode. I am now using Chrome to comment and that is working pretty well. It's slow moving, but I can't really complain. It's just nice to be able to comment at all! And I can leave replies under each person's comment with this browser.

  5. I get around the blogging comments in a number of way - there is a post atom link at the bottom of some pages that I click and it downloads something on my computer and I am able to comment. Other blogs I have to sign in every time. Still other require to leave cookies and others I cannot comment from my reading list but have to just search them online and comment like that. It is all crazy but I think Old Fashioned Halloween is right and it has something to do with the browser - I use firefox and chrome/google does not like it. They punish me.

  6. Welcome back Justine. Love the photos. I ran into the same thing with posting comments and switched to Chrome instead of Safari and that solved the problem

  7. Lady M ~ Oh, that's interesting about the post atom link. I'll take a look for that. I wonder what it downloads on your computer? It's all so complicated! I've had some issues with Firefox and Blogger in the past. I'm feeling like Safari worked OK at one point, but it was so slow moving that I stopped using it. Maybe it's time to look around for an entirely new browser. Thanks for the tips! :)

  8. The October Boy ~ Thank you! :) Oh, Chrome... How'd I forget that one? I'll give that a shot.

    It looks like in further weirdness, my comments are going to be out of order here. Maybe because I switched from embedded comments to the pop-up comments?

    How has your summer/fall been? Anything fun going on in our same general neck of the woods?