Saturday, September 5, 2020

Michaels Halloween and a tiny bit of Marshalls

Get ready for some cool Halloween stuff from the Michaels shelves! Starting with this witchy sign:

I like that bit of jack-o-lantern ribbon on there. Also there was this retro moon sign with some squiggly type decorations. "A night of magic, mischief, & mayhem under the moon". Sounds like something off an antique postcard or invitation, doesn't it?

Jack-o'-lantern jingle bells and some glittery branch picks:

Michaels had rows of little decorations out, things like picks and... well it mostly looks like they had picks. 😆 But there were a lot of picks! And a few wreaths.

So this wreath had a bit of everything: a witch hat, a skeleton hand, a Voodoo doll, and a fancy skull. Oh, and I almost missed that scorpion. Do you see it? That critter is pretty well camouflaged.

Kind of a succulent, rose-type girly skull.

These probably look really neat lit up. I would think a candle's flame would dance off that metal in a lively way.

And they had just walls of floral!

I like these reaching plants. At least to me they look like reaching fingers.

The red truck trend is still going strong! And I am happy if it goes strong forever.

There were lots of those prickly type natural fiber critters. You know what I mean. They had some cute ones.

And this just cracks me up for some reason. I am by no means into squirrels, but this one with a nut steering wheel. It's just cute. And it reminds me of a toy I had as a kid. Do any of you remember that McDonald's toy from the 80s where the Fraggles are driving a car made of veggies? I know that sounds so random.

Wait a minute, is that a panda behind the squirrel? Because that would make no sense.

I'm still trying to decide if I'm into this corn textured pumpkin. It's definitely new to me. I think I like it.

I know I like these!

And these too. How cool would it be to set up a shelf of these kind of retro looking autumn food containers? These two remind me of the antique containers I used to see in the antique stores. It's funny how everyday household items can take on a retro coolness if kept around for five or more decades.

I thought this was clever too ~ A pumpkin pie recipe right there on the pumpkin.

Gourds, gourds, gourds! Michaels had such a strong gourd selection, and a realistic one to boot.

These look like the real deal, right?

And I love a good Cinderella pumpkin.

Kind of a candy corn thing going on:

A very realistic looking Jarrahdale pumpkin:

Michaels had a good selection of ceramic pieces. My favorite on this display is that jack-o'-lantern on the upper left.

This would be a fun one to paint!

This kitty cat reminds me of a pumpkin I decorated with black duct tape years back.

OK, at this point I'm revisiting my photos and thinking about how much I would enjoy painting some of the following wood cut-outs. I could have a blast coloring in all the bright details on this one.

And this! I think this box lights up.

I love that Dracula.

Michaels had a very fun Halloween "Miniature Party Block" out. I felt like I was going on a miniature bar hop. I'm just now noticing some of the details on these structures. We'll start out with my favorite one: "The Ghoulish Gourd Pub & Grill".

Check out this pumpkin slurping away.

I like that giant spider over the doorway of the "Spider Cider House".

OK, these two are actually pretty creepy up close.

Check out that little creeper behind the "Pay Here" sign. I'm just noticing all kinds of fun details here, like those peering eyes in the top window or the design of that "Jack's Pumpkin Farm" Sign with the pumpkin critter peeking over the top.

I have a feeling this guy lights up, because I see a little wire. He reminds me of that Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil girl.

And how about this little guy? How cute is he?

Next door to this Michaels is a Marshalls store. The next few photos are from there. They didn't have a whole lot of Halloween out at that time.

Isn't this retro radio fun? I recognize the skeleton art from a vintage postcard I have a reproduction of. I think the metal bats and pumpkin are a nice touch too. I saw a similar radio at a T.J. Maxx today and I'll be sharing that in an upcoming blog post.

I thought this skeleton plate had a fun chalkboard look to it.

I like these retro kind of light-up trees for Christmas and that's usually about it. But I did like this candy corn one. Those colors with the triangle shape made this work for me.

The "I Scream Parlour"

I've been seeing a lot of Halloween items with this kind of rainbow metallic finish this year. You'll see some more them in an upcoming Jo-Ann's post.

See the little skeleton holding up that wine glass?

And lastly, some sweet Peanuts glasses. I've been seeing a lot of Peanuts Halloween products on the shelves this year.

Well, that's it for Michaels and Marshalls for now. I still have a bunch of photos to go through from Jo-Ann's. They went in a way different direction from Michaels. I think you guys are going to dig the Jo-Ann's stuff in a way where you might even want it out year-round.

And there will be some T.J. Maxx photos coming too. I actually went to the same T.J. Maxx store twice today and was surprised to see totally different Halloween stuff on the shelves hours later. So I guess they sold and stocked pretty quickly.
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  1. What a fabulous selection! Halloween is truly a blessed time in America. ;)

    1. Chris ~ Yeah! And get this - I ended up at a different Michaels yesterday and they had a totally different selection of Halloween goodies. So I am actually going to put up a second Michaels blog post! And yes, it is a blessed time. :) I have blog posts from several other stores lined up already!

  2. Guess I need to hit Michael's. I need to find that pumpkin headed skeleton dude.

    1. Dex ~ Hey! Sorry it took me a few days to answer your comment. Somehow I missed it in my email. Yeah, you do need to hit Michaels! I am going to have another Michaels blog post up soon. I went to a different store and saw a totally different selection of Halloween goodies.

      I noticed while working on my second Michaels blog post that blogger has changed quite a few things. Things like the process of posting a photo or formatting a paragraph! Maybe that's just on my end?

      I thought you might need to have that pumpkin headed skeleton dude! I thought of you when I saw him. :) He's that perfect little action figure size and would go well with the rest of your pumpkin dude crew.

  3. It's not just you, they are slowly rolling out the new Blogger to everyone and I am not a fan. I keep switching it back to the old way (there is a link at the bottom of the Blogger menu)

    1. Dex ~ I am not a fan either! And what's more, I've noticed more changes within the past few days. I had to search yet again for how to add photos, change their size, and spacing. Just ugh. OK, I'll have to check out the old way. Thanks for letting me know about that. I'm not sure why some web sites feel the need to change things when they were fine before...

      I have a somewhat related question: Which browser do you use? I ask because I've had all kinds of issues using blogger with Opera. I can post a blog post on Opera but cannot add a comment with my own google identity unless I use Firefox. Irritating to say the least!

    2. Mostly Firefox and I haven't had any browser related issues. Most of my problems are from trying to figure out the new interface!

  4. Dex ~ OK, yeah Firefox has been the only browser that has worked with blogger for me lately. It's a good thing to have at least one back-up browser! Still, I had the habit of using Opera so it's a little annoying to switch. Yeah, the new interface... I swear they're switching features every few days lately!