Wednesday, October 20, 2021

A Moonlit Walk Around Town

Are you guys ready for a night tour of the local village? The main street area is getting ready for Halloween. All of the decorations are pretty cute and homemade, but they take on a slightly spooky feel in the dark.

The Headless Scarecrow! He's wearing some merch from a company that plants flowers in the village. 🎃

This crow almost looks real in this lighting. I really like what's going on with the lighting here, between that nearly full moon, the twinkle lights, and that spotlight on the crow.

This dimly lit parking lot is probably the spookiest image I will have to offer here.

This spider has been busy, and with two types of web! 

You'll no doubt remember the whirligigs from the kite shop. I'm used to seeing this zombie, but I think the scarecrow was new.

I imagine this will look pretty cool when those lights are on.

There were a number of pumpkins out on haystacks. I had some choices as far as which ones to share. 

This old school desk was sitting in front of a store. There's something charming about a pumpkin on an old desk. How old do you think this desk/seat is? I don't think I've ever seen one with stripes of different colored wood. 

I think I'm seeing a hole in the top of the desk. Do you think that's for ink? I just looked up some pics of old desks, and I think that is actually a hole for an ink well! That definitely gives a clue as to how old this desk is.

I always like to photograph shop windows, especially when they feature autumn displays. This one has something different: A Christmas tree decorated with either fabric or paper pumpkins. I'm finding the flat little pancake pumpkins sort of sweet and homespun. 

Isn't this a beautiful window display? That forest scene is actually printed on fabric. As you can tell, this shop sells bird feeders and other bird-related items.

The string lights added a festive feel. There were more string lights up than ever.

I love how this one turned out! 

These street scenes were well lit by the nearly full moon. I'm glad I took a pic of it last night since tonight's actual full moon isn't visible. This looks pretty darn close to full!

You guys will probably be seeing more pics from the village soon, because the carved pumpkins will be on display again! Hopefully, people will carve me lots of good photo opportunities. 😉


  1. The full moon has been lovely. Your little village looks deserted at that time of night - spooky.

    1. Lady M ~ It has! Well, the almost full moon anyway. We had a big rainstorm last night, so there was no way I was going to see the completely full moon.

      Sometimes it's surprising how even the most quaint area (like what you see here) can look spooky at night! It was nearly deserted, which was nice. Photos are a lot spookier without people wandering into them, depending on the people I guess. ;)

  2. Beautiful pictures! Looking forward to seeing the jack-o-lantern pics from the village.

    1. Haunted Eve ~ Thank you! :) Cool! I'm looking forward to seeing those jack-o-lanterns too. I hope to see lots of creative carvings this year. I think they start appearing several days before Halloween, but I'll keep an eye out.

  3. I like that witch on bike spinner, it's so cute with the black cat in the basket.

    1. Dex ~ Me too! She's out in front of the store every year, although I think I only just now noticed the cat! :) If you're into kites as well as spinners, you'd love looking around that shop. They have an amazing selection. Kites that look like giant frogs or dragons. Very cool!

  4. I live Halloween through blogs like yours and so enjoy the photos. Over here, I've seen one house with a bit of seasonal decor .... Looking forward to the jack o lantern pics next!

  5. Alison ~ Aww, That's nice to hear. I really appreciate hearing that people like my photos. :) I better get some good pics of those jack-o-lanterns now that I've mentioned them! ;) I'm sure it will be a nice display. They're always put out by that gazebo that's lit up by old-fashioned party lights.