Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Tonight's Pink Super Moon!

I'm happy to say that I had a very clear view of the moon tonight! At times it looked like a warm harvest moon and at other times it really did look pink. According to what I've read online, this pink moon gets its name because of the pink ground phlox blooming at this time. But I sure see a pink hue here.

Isn't that a cool and unusual color for the moon? Oddly it seemed to change before my very eyes and my camera's lens.

I also got this sort of spooky photo of tall grass while accidentally leaving the flash on. I love how this pic turned out. It looks like a bunch of creepy crawly miniature hands reaching out.

And without the flash...

So I'm sure that like me, you guys have realized that night time is the right time to be out and about. (to quote George Thorogood)

"In the night time, that's the right time..."

In my case, it's the right time to go out in public. Although, does it count if the public isn't really there?

I keep meaning to take some night photos around town, although I'm not sure what of. 😆 It's just that blog material is a little scarce right now. But I'll get resourceful and think up something.

Oh, I did end up watching another one of those last minute movies from the library. Appropriately for this blog post, it was Night Shift. I liked it! It's a quirky one. And Michael Keaton is just off-the-wall manic in it.

To give you an idea:

"Nice Frame." 😄

I hope some of you got a chance to see the moon tonight. Maybe you still have some time to get out there. If you'd like to read a little scientific info about tonight's moon, has an interesting page up:

April's Super Pink Moon is the biggest full moon of 2020. Here's what to expect.

According to this page, tonight the moon will be at its closest point to earth for all of 2020. And you guys will find this interesting: on Halloween of 2020, we'll be getting a "minimoon". On Halloween, the moon will appear 13.8% smaller than it does now! Now, we may be getting a miniature moon this Halloween, but according to this page from Farmer's Almanac, it will at least be a full moon! And that's pretty cool.

I hope you are all feeling well and hanging in there. Have you guys been out at night much? It's a great time to be out if you don't want to see too many people and it was definitely worth getting out there to see the moon tonight!


  1. That moon was awesome last night great pictures too. I watched Night Shift when it first came to VHS so its been a long long time. Be safe!

    1. Bob ~ Thank you! :) Yeah, that moon was so cool. I went out tonight and was shocked to see how large it was. Tonight it was looking soooo much closer than it did last night and it was a dark gold color. I don't think I've ever seen the moon look that close.

      Night Shift was so fun! I'll be rewatching it. You should revisit it too, since VHS was a while back. This is a good time for a laugh. You be safe too! I'm still feeling healthy and hope you are as well. :)

  2. Your photos are great as always. The moon most definitely was not pink here, but it was still pretty.

    1. Alison ~ I just now received your comment in my email! I guess blogger is being a little slow. Anyway, thank you! :) Yeah, it was a funny thing - the way the moon appeared to change color in the time I was out there and the way it definitely looked different in the photos I took. Interestingly, the night after I took these pics, the moon looked massive! Probably the largest I've ever seen it appear.