Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Halloween at Pick 'n Save

You might not expect to find a good Halloween selection at a grocery store, but our local Pick 'n Save had a pretty extensive one. And they had some totally different stuff too! Like this adorable blow mold cat. I just realized that the pumpkins in front of it spell out cat.

And there were also a few blow mold dogs. These are probably the cutest Halloween items I've blogged in a while! And check out that photobombing spider. You'll see more of her in a minute.

There were some decorative and fairly large planchettes.

A skeleton hand air plant holder, among other cool plants and planters.

This is part of a large canvas with a sort of shimmery coating. As you can see, there's part of a skeleton on it and a big rose and butterfly.

Now here are those spider balloons again. These might be the best Halloween balloons I've ever seen.

And check out this super shiny ghost balloon!

A "Poop-o-Lantern" with "lights and sound":

And yes, it "tells jokes". Can you even imagine the jokes?

I know I've said multiple times this season that I've seen pretty much every animal skeleton that could be invented, but Pick 'n Save had some totally unique ones. Like this teddy bear:

Skeleton flies:

Actually, I've seen a T-Rex already, but this one was larger.

I thought this alligator was pretty cute.

And a mermaid, or should I say "Mer-Man". I keep thinking of Zoolander with that. I don't know, it says "mermaid" but it looks masculine.

And a classic:

Outside the store doors, there were quite a few ceramic pumpkins on display.

And some real ones too. How awesome is this twisting stem?

This was a surprisingly good Halloween section for a grocery store, wasn't it? I thought this store was actually on the same Halloween level as Target this year!


  1. Too funny, I just loaded photos from the grocery store owned by Kroger with more terracotta lanterns. Bought that planchette! Some really nice inventory this year!

    1. Old Fashion Halloween ~ What a coincidence! Pick 'n Save is actually owned by Kroger now, so that makes sense. So I might be seeing some pics from your trip to the store on your blog? Good choice with the planchette! I can imagine that sitting around decoratively in a lot of different places. It's nice the way it stands up.

  2. I like that little alligator too.

    1. Lady M ~ That little alligator was probably my favorite skeleton there. It's a cutie!

  3. Those blow molds are so cute! If they were around here, I'm sure I'd have some in my yard.

    1. Dex ~ I'm sure you would too! I actually thought of you as I was putting those pics up. I was thinking "I bet I know someone who'd like these..."