Saturday, July 20, 2019

Happy 50th Moon Landing Anniversary!

I'm sure you guys have been hearing a lot about today being the 50th anniversary of when the first man landed on the moon. There have been many interesting TV shows about that event and I've learned a lot from them. I wasn't alive to experience that moment, so I can only imagine what it was like. I'm sure people were on the edge of their seats. I still can't wrap my head around how it was possible. If any of you were alive at the time of the moon landing and would like to share some memories of that day in the comments, I'd love to hear about it.

This is a photo I took of the last full moon, on July 16. I wanted to be sure and take a photo of the full moon that appeared closest to the date of the moon landing anniversary.

So, you guys know I like taking photos of the moon. I decided it would be a fun moon landing tribute if I shared a few of my favorite moon photos. These two are from July 15. Look at those clouds!

Amazing how much the sky can change overnight, hey?

These clouds look like they were drawn with charcoal. Anyone know what that little bright light is up to the left? I think it must be a planet since it looks too large to be a star.

This is July of 2018's Super Blood Full Moon. It's so incredibly bright and a little bit pink.

June of 2018's full moon silhouetted by a branch:

I like the way it looks like the branch is cradling the moon.

May 2018:

There were several great moon photographing opportunities in February 2017. This one looks almost iridescent.

The wicked cat's eye:

October 2017's full moon rising:

Another pic of the moon from October 2017:

Looking at this, I remember that was a hazy night. Those are phone lines you're seeing under the moon.

December 2016:

June 2016:

If you look closely, you can see that slight circle shape around the sliver.

I'll leave you guys with what looks like a classic harvest moon, even though this pic was taken in April of 2016. Wouldn't that have been a perfect Halloween moon?

It's amazing to me that I can, with a pretty normal camera, zoom this far to the moon. I look at these photos and think about someone actually standing there. Standing there and looking back here! 


  1. Those are some beautiful pictures of the moon. I especially like the last one. But the wicked cats eye is also very cool.

    1. Lady M ~ Thank you! :) Those are two of my favorites too. Favorites of the favorites, anyway. ;) That last one puts me in the Halloween spirit.

  2. I love your Moon photos Justine! The coverage of the 50th anniversary of the landing was great to watch. Have you seen the movie "First Man" yet about Neil Armstrong? Wouldn't it be something to see a decade like that one again.

    1. Alison ~ Thank you! :) Yeah, there were a lot of great shows on about the moon landing. I learned a lot about aspects of it that I never even thought about. I couldn't believe all of what went into making the space suits and parachutes. But it makes sense that every detail had to be done right. It took so many talented people to make this happen. I can see how the people who worked on this project were on pins and needles every step of the way!

      Nope, I haven't seen "First Man" but I've been hearing about it. Have you seen it?

      Yeah, there are a lot of events celebrating their 50th anniversary this year. It goes to show what a year that was! There was a lot going on.