Tuesday, March 19, 2019

A posing crow, essential oils, and palmistry

Happy Spring everyone! The Spring Equinox is here and it's starting to actually feel that way. We're getting near 50° and that's a big deal after this winter. I took a few photos recently that also feel like a big deal to me. They're a big deal because I haven't taken a lot of crow photos. Crows generally fly away by the time I've gone in to get my camera. But this one was ready to do some modeling! It not only waited for me to go inside and get my camera but gave me a whole bunch of different poses to photograph.

Don't you wonder where the crow's feet are? It's amazing to watch the balancing act of a bird that chooses to cling to the very top of a tall tree on a windy day. But this bird was balanced.


"Just look at my bendy neck!" Did you know a crow could do a 180° with it's neck? I didn't. I guess no one is going to sneak up on a crow! This looks almost Photoshopped or unnatural in some way.

I was at the library a few nights ago and actually ran into a crow book. I didn't end up checking it out, because it was written in a pretty boring way. This is saying something, because I really like crows! So the interest was there. I actually put it back on the shelf, then picked it up again, paged through it and said to myself "Nope, still boring". It was written like the driest scientific manual ever. But someday I would like to read more about crows (in a different style of writing) because there is so much to know. They're some of the smartest creatures out there!

So I didn't end up with the crow book, but I did end up checking out some other books. I think some of you might be interested in these two. The first is about essential oils. That's my groovy skull scarf in the background. It ended up going with the kind of sketchy style of the book cover.

I've only just skimmed this book so far, but it appears to be good for the stage I'm at with essential oils. That stage being that I have a few oils and a few recipes and a handful of questions. This book looks like it will offer some explanations I'm looking for. I posted a pic of the contents here, in case any of you were wondering if this is a book for you.

From the parts I've skimmed, this is a pretty hip and up-to-date book. I could tell it was written recently. There are also some cute illustrations in it. This is a favorite:

He just cracks me up, pointing at his beard like "Check this out".

Another book I brought home was this one about Palmistry. As I paged through it today, I felt like I'd seen it before. This would have been years and years ago. It just seemed familiar. So far it's been pretty flattering in what it said about my hand. :)

The back, to give you more of an idea of what's in here:

The chapters:

The health part was surprising to me. I expected this book to mostly be about personality traits. But according to the health section, various bumps and lines on a hand could signal health problems. I dared to look at that page and I'm doing fine health-wise, according to my hand. :)

I'd be happy to discuss the subjects of either of these books if you guys have an interest. Anyone have a favorite essential oil recipe or use? Or maybe a little palm reading advice or thoughts about that?

P.S. ~ Besides March 20 being the spring equinox, there will also be a full super moon. So it is astrologically a big night! We haven't had a spring equinox and super moon together in 19 years.


  1. We are really into Essential Oil's here, I was a skeptic at first until I had a severe migraine, after rubbing peppermint oil on my temples I was blown away with how fast it worked! I had taken an aspirin first and two hours later it was still killing me. Within 10 minutes of the oil, the pain was fading fast. We also use them for so many other things like heartburn and recently my witch doctor wife made on for my bronchitis and within a few days, It was better than the prescription I used weeks before that did not do as well. So I'm No longer a skeptic I guess. Oh and Happy Spring let it please get warmer!

    1. Bob ~ Hey! Thanks for sharing your essential oil story. Peppermint oil, eh? That's one I've been curious about using, mostly because I like the smell of mint. So I guess I was looking for an excuse to use it. :) I also happen to get headaches. I think it's a sinus thing. So thanks for the tip!

      Good for your wife, solving those problems with oils! I think if something natural works best, that's a real win-win.

      Yes, Happy Spring! Even if I'm not sure where it is yet. I ran into a man today who said something like "Happy Spring! Maybe it will feel like spring in a few hours!" Since I guess that's when it officially will be. So far today, it's in the 40s and cloudy. But, at least there's no snow falling. I'm guessing you guys had a pretty rough winter in Illinois? This past winter for us felt never-ending!

  2. On the off chance that you haven't seen it, look up "Crow in Boots" by Rudi Hurzlmeier.

    1. Dex ~ I have not seen "Crow in Boots" and I will look it up. Thank you! I take it this is one you've read?

      Oh wait - I just looked it up and it is not a book! It's a painting, and yes I have seen it! I just didn't know the title. Cowboy boots, no less. :) I like that crow - he has character.

  3. I'm a qualified aromatherapist Justine. I can recommend the books by Valerie Worwood like The Fragrant Pharmacy as a great place to start.

    1. Alison ~ You are? That's cool! I'd like to talk to you more about experimenting with oils in the future! I just looked on our local library web site for the book. While that particular book is not there, I did find three other Valerie Worwood books. I decided to order this one with the long title:

      "The complete book of essential oils and aromatherapy : over 800 natural, nontoxic, and fragrant recipes to create health, beauty, and safe home and work environments"

      I also just ran across an article she wrote about "Natural Mood Boosters" and that looks worth a look.

      Thanks for the suggestion! :)