Monday, February 11, 2019

A surprising autumn find for this time of year!

Hey everyone! I hope you're staying warm. Anyone in the Midwestern U.S. knows what I'm talking about. Feeling more or less snowed in or frozen in, there hasn't been a whole lot of blog material to work with. However, something popped out on a shelf at Target that definitely fits with this blog's theme. It was this "Pumpkin Nutmeg" candle:

This candle smells so good! After searching through a shelf of fall and Christmas candles for a pumpkin nutmeg scent, I'd only found one and it was a blend with two other scents. Well, that and one that was in a funky looking container. Then, on a side shelf with some towels, stationary, random stuff, etc. was this! Just look at this beautiful glass vessel it's in.

And it glows in such a pretty way in the dark.

Another cool feature is the wick. This "Nature's Wick" brand is one I'd never heard of before.

The wick is wood and it makes a crackling sound as it burns. I'm finding it really relaxing to listen to this candle. If I close my eyes, I can imagine that I'm sitting in front of a fireplace or campfire. And that makes me actually feel warmer!

I'm not sure if this container will become a holder for other candles or a vase in the future.

I have one other find to share with you guys:

This lighter came from Menards, but I've also seen them at Dollar Tree. Either way, it's $1.00. They come in all kinds of colors, but I loved the pink one! I'd actually watched some YouTube reviews of this lighter and people loved it, especially those who smoke pipes. I guess it's just the right length for pipe lighting. You get a super powerful flame out of this. It's a little different because you press a button to get a light, instead of the old flicking of the metal. You know what I mean. The brand is crocs:

A guy on YouTube thought maybe the croc shoe people branched out into lighters, but I think this is a different crocs. :) Whatever the case, I recommend it! It worked well in lighting the candle I just shared.

So, have any of you used a lighter like this one or burned a candle with a wood wick? Those were two fun new experiences for me. 😁


  1. I've never seen a wood wick before. Does the candle burn slower or faster with it or is it for the effect? I keep meaning to get one of those lighters. Makes it so much easier to light jar candles when they are burned more than halfway down the jar. Hope Spring isn't too far away for you. Its like Spring over here right now!

    1. Alison ~ I'm thinking the wood wick is partly there for effect but I also imagine it is healthier to breathe in what's coming off a wood wick than what's in some of those other wicks. I just double-checked before typing this, and found what I remembered: that candle wicks with a metal center most likely contain lead. According to what I just read, about 30% of candle wicks in the U.S. contain metal, even though they're not supposed to. So many things to think about... Anyway, I love the sound this wick makes. It's like having a little mini fireplace next to me. :)

      Yes! Get one of those lighters! It's a good use of $1.00! :)

      Ooooh... Lately, I'm feeling like Spring is never going to get here. I'm all excited to actually be going out somewhere - anywhere! today because the temps are back up in the teens. We've had a huge stretch of extreme cold and snow. I am so jealous of your weather! What kind of Spring temps do you have now?