Monday, January 21, 2019

Super Blood Wolf Moon

How's that for a title? Pretty spooky stuff and quite a mouthful. Last night we had a Super Blood Wolf Moon. That's an eclipsed full moon that appears red (blood) and occurs in January (wolf). And I was lucky enough to see it! I didn't see it for long since it was 15° (Fahrenheit) out there and I got cold. It felt colder than 15°, maybe because we had a wind chill situation going on. My camera also gets cold and appears to take blurrier photos when it is. So I was hopping outside the door and back in pretty quickly!

It may have been freezing out there but it was a clear night, so I could clearly see what was going on in the sky. Over about an hour's time, the moon did visibly become shadowed and took on a red/blue/purple tint. I took a few photos, but this one is my favorite.

That photo isn't retouched whatsoever! Look at that purple and red. Amazing. I've never seen a moon quite like this and I can't expect to see one again until 2022. If you're on the Pacific coast of North or South America, you have the possibility of seeing one in 2021.

Here's another shot that I used less of a zoom on. In this one you can see that bright blue on top of the moon.

Isn't that cool? This wasn't one of those times where my camera made things look brighter than they were. If anything, these pics look slightly less bright red than what my eyes were seeing. The sky really gave me the feeling of being in a werewolf or vampire movie.

So did any of you get a look at last night's moon? If you took some photos, I'd love to see them! From the photos I've been seeing online, people in different areas saw the moon in slightly different colors. Either that or they had some fun with Photoshop. ;)

This GIF looks similar to what my eyes actually saw last night, as far as the intensity of red, not the fast movement. Although how wild/terrifying would it be to see an eclipse moving this fast in front of your eyes?

P.S. ~ I was curious to see if any astrologers had something to say about last night's moon. It seemed like a pretty big deal so I expected to find something. Well, I found this list of horoscopes and they're all good:

This Super Blood Full Wolf Moon Eclipse Kicks Off 2019 In the Best Way

Reading over this page, it sounds like the Super Blood Wolf Moon is bringing something positive for everyone. And this Wolf Moon is in Leo. So how's that for some powerful animal forces? A wolf and a lion. If you read that page, I'd be interested to know if your horoscope resonates with you. 


  1. Yes it was cold. we could see it from the bedroom window but did not stop my girls from running outside to check it out and running back inside, it was too funny. And look at that I'm a Leo so I guess I better read up on that!

    1. Bob ~ Sounds like your girls had the same kind of night I was having! Jumping out to see the moon, realizing it was super cold out there, and jumping back in. :) The windows were all fogged up or icy here, so I couldn't see a thing out of them.

      Was the moon you saw about the color of the one in my photos? We're near enough that I'm guessing we saw about the same thing.

      Cool! Yeah, maybe this will be an extra powerful time for you as a Leo! That's what it says on that page. I liked that every zodiac sign got something positive. I checked to see that there weren't any stinkers on there. ;) I'm a Libra and what was posted for me made sense.

  2. I remembered it was happening but there was no way I was sticking my head outside in that cold!

    1. Dex ~ Haha! Understandable. :) I was so torn between "I'm cold!" and "I need to see this!" And also "I need to photograph this!" because you know I love getting the moon photos and this was a rare sight to see.

      About how cold would it have been for you out there? You guys got hit with a bunch of snow again recently, right? I thought I heard something about the East getting hit. I heard we might be getting a lot of snow tonight, and I'm really hoping that's not true!

    2. I got maybe 4-5" but it was also a snow/rain/sleet mix which made the snow very dense and heavy. On top of that, we have bitter cold yesterday in single digits (without wind chill!) so my driveway is a skating rink now.

    3. Dex ~ Ugh. We got some of that today. Not the 4-5", but the freezing rain. I know what you mean about that kind of snow. It's great packing snow if you'd like to make a snowman, but it's no fun to shovel! And then with the super cold temps, you don't want to be out there shoveling. Your driveway is a skating rink? I hope you have some salt or sand on hand.