Saturday, December 1, 2018

Halloween Night in Cedarburg! 2018

Now that you've seen what it looks like in Cedarburg on Halloween day, get ready to see what it looks like as it gets dark! Seeing Cedarburg at night was a serious treat. Talk about atmospheric!

I'm going to take you from the twilight hour to the pitch black night.

After walking around during the day, we went back to the car with our souvenirs and then returned to the street wearing our witch hats. It was a fun way to be in the spirit of things. There were some adults in full costume, but mostly not. All the kids were in costume and walking from business to business collecting treats. We were even given a few pieces of candy!

So starting with what we saw around the time the sun was going down...

We passed this building back by the car. I never noticed Moonshine Sampling at "The Shinery" before.

This guy must be up in his rocking chair all the time!

This pumpkin looks almost like the cement or stone it's resting on:

Little troublemakers:

Remember him?

I liked the way many of the shops brought the outside into their front windows. You might be able to see all the little twinkle lights in with the leaves here.

Now you can see the light is really starting to dim.

And look who is inflated now! This cat is one of those cool ones that moves its head back and forth.

I love this! He's like the Hamlet of Pumpkins.

Remember that area that had my favorite display? Well here it is lit up:

The snake now has its body!


That's a pretty detailed clock face, that I just noticed is coated in tinfoil. That must have taken a lot of time and patience. 

I thought these white pumpkins looked so pretty with different colored lights inside them. I noticed that a lot of pumpkin displays included different colored lights this year.

And how awesome are these two? They might be my favorite pumpkins of the night. Can you believe this last set of pumpkin photos all came from the same place?

Now this next place always puts up a great display. You might remember it from past years. One time they had a big, black coach with witches inside. Another year they had a huge pumpkin creature out front. 

This year they had kind of a foggy Mary Poppins theme (I think). There were umbrellas hanging with bright purple lights and a woman or creature of some sort was flying down on one of them. 

I love how Zero's nose is a mini pumpkin!

All the stages of a butterfly:

The Stagecoach Inn, which is reportedly haunted:

It's interesting that the lady out front is dressed as a bride, given the ghost story that goes with this place. You can read about the Inn's ghost, George here:

Haunted History of the Stagecoach Inn

Look how many pumpkins are lining the street! I didn't notice the figures in the black hoods before. I think they add something to the picture. 

A closer view of the pumpkins lining the street:  

There are more caramel apples here than I remembered seeing at night. There are three or four rows missing, but I thought a lot more were gone. Maybe I saw the window some time later. I could really go for one of these now!



Pine tree whiskers? 

I wouldn't mind having some of these bright colored lights! I had thought they were glowsticks before, but they're giving off such a strong light. Looking through that green eye, I think I'm seeing the top of a fake candle.

I was glad to capture the movie theater in this bright blue light. I like the way the trees are reflected in it. It looks like the branches go right into the building. Normally, the front of the theater would just look black:

The Rivoli's regular, daytime look

I love what's going on with the colors in this photo! What a neat idea to go warm with the inside lights and cool with the outside lights. And with the sky just turning that bright, going on night blue, the colors really popped! How neat is that multi-color rope light?

So here's that awesome porch I shared earlier, only now very much more lit up. Those white sheets showed up more than I would have thought in the dark.

I like how that ironwork is showing up on the roof!

These two are great. That looks like The Wicked Witch of the West to me.

A firetruck was parked on the side of the road and decorated with jack-o-lanterns.

This is the head of that huge, inflatable pumpkin creature I shared before. The lights were moving around in the head.

And this is the house it was standing in front of. This is the place with the many rooms of holiday decorations for sale.

The porch kind of looks like two eyes and a big mouth.

Now we're onto my favorite house on the block! And with this angle, I think it is looking very much the haunted house. Mom and I walked up the path and were greeted with a "Welcome to the coven!" from a group of women in witch hats. 😄 You can maybe see a bit of the lit figure in the bottom window. As we got closer, we got quite the surprise.

Look at these two! And also look at that amazing ceiling.

The male vampire was petting his skeleton dog, which I just now noticed was chomping on a skeleton rat. He watched me the entire time I walked up the path and was just slooooowly petting his skeleton dog. He really did seem half alive. I'm not sure if those are hanging lights or a reflection, but don't those look like two bright vampire fangs above him?

I didn't realize he had a female companion until I was very close to the window. I decided to creep around the side of the building and take a picture from a side window. Her eye slowly rolled to the side, following me. This is how I imagine a vampire would act. This was actually creepy for real.

And then, BAM! Her head shot to the side, right at me. I was lucky to take my photo at that exact moment. 

And then she turned right back to how she was sitting, perfectly still. My mouth hung open for I don't know how long. This was scary in that fun way that I haven't felt too much as an adult. I was kind of laughing at myself for it.

The vampire moment was the highlight of the night, and how cool for the highlight to happen at my favorite house on the block! 🦇


  1. Wonderful photos Justine! Makes you want to take every last jack o lantern home with you, doesn't it. Kudos to the vampire couple. Thank you so much for sharing this. How many days to Halloween again?

    1. Alison ~ Thank you! :) It sure does! Every last jack-o-lantern ~ what a display that would make! Yes, kudos to the vampire couple alright! It hasn't been often, since being a little kid, that I've been able to experience a surprise scare like that. I appreciate how much effort they put into this. I wonder how many hours the vampires sat there?

      You're welcome! I enjoyed sharing this! I'll probably end up looking over this blog post a few more times, just to let all that Halloweeny goodness sink in. :) Haha! I just checked... 331 days.