Sunday, October 14, 2018

A fun day at The Elegant Farmer

Yesterday, Mom and I took our annual trip to The Elegant Farmer. It was sunny off and on and that worked great for photos. But get this - We wore winter coats! Yeah, the cold weather has officially hit Wisconsin.

So starting with something yummy...

This one is mine. The girl who was dipping these was mid-slice while asking me if I wanted my apple sliced. When I said I didn't, she said in a surprised way "Oh! A bold move!" So that tells you how many people eat these on a stick.

Mmm... reflective caramel!

Mom had hers sliced:

This is the doorway we walked under to get to these treats. I think it could also work as a good doorway to a haunted house, because I felt like we were walking through a big mouth.

While waiting to get through this giant mouth door, I took some pics of the pumpkins next to me.

Check out this stem!

Of course I have to share a pic of the smilin' barn! This is where you can do some shopping for all kinds of food. There was a super long line just to get in and shop, so we didn't do that.

More shopping could be done in a little building next to the barn. This is the area where I took pics of the chainsaw sculptor doing his thing before. He wasn't there yesterday, but I did find these wagons outside the building.

It's cool to look at three different versions of a red wagon. For those of you who like the rusty and crusty:

There was also an old sled out front:

There are some train tracks behind the barn that you guys will probably remember from past years.

This is possibly my favorite picture of the day. It looked like a ghost train coming toward me in the mist. This is about as close as I'm willing to get to an oncoming train.

A little closer...

I can almost hear the rattling.

I took a few photos of... let's call them train accessories because I don't know what the purpose of the next few are. Maybe you guys can fill me in?

When I got closer, I thought this looked like a creature with a big, open mouth. I'm even seeing an eye now!

Some kind of signal?

Coming around the bend...

To the "Elegant Farmer Station"

A few details on the side of the train:

This shape reminds me of a piece of candy.

I took a few pics on the drive there and back. I'm pretty pleased and surprised with how this one turned out, given that I couldn't see what I was taking a photo of. I was just leaning my arm out the window and taking photos of whatever was behind me. See the little horse?

A few trees were changing.

I'm not entirely sure what this is, but we see it every year on the drive. It's some kind of equipment that's been painted to look like a jack-o-lantern. I'm pleased when I can manage to get a pic of it from the car window.

After the Elegant Farmer, we went to Target and Michaels. I've taken a lot of pics at both those stores this season, but there are a couple more things to share.

I hadn't seen this cool arch at the two previous Targets I'd been to this season.

Mom spotted this whole situation. A terrifying new creature! The Gorilla Spider!

Michaels had a pretty clever mini Halloween town on display. This little building reminded me of something out of the show Grimm. This is the "Monster Hunting Supplies" shop. There are a lot of little details to read on this one.

Hehe. This is one of those things that's funny to me and I'm not really sure why. There's just something silly about bloodsucking gnomes that are only about an inch tall. Note the tombstone: "Gnome Sweet Gnome"

The "Symphony of Screams" was in a little bandstand. Cool bat/skull at the top!

Having a glass of "Full Moon Moonshine"

Skeletons in the well!

Sassy cat napkins giving the side-eye to some cat plates:

Those cat napkins might have to be a part of the After Halloween Haul this year...

So there's yesterday! It was a pretty fun day, wandering from place to place. 🍏


  1. Yum! Taffy apples always brings back good memories of making them and offering them to trick-or-treaters (way back), and they had to get through my spooks in the yard before they earned one. You'd be amazed how many children, even with their parents, refused to come near my door. (;

    1. Lorelei ~ Yeah! Yum, indeed. :) True, you couldn't be giving out caramel apples nowadays. When I was trick-or-treating, there was a neighbor who would give out homemade popcorn balls. Doing either of those is a lot of work, especially if you're giving out a bunch. But it had started already when I was a kid, these urban legends about stuff in the treats. So now I doubt anyone is making them.

      Ah, they had to get through a little something to get one of those apples! What kind of spooks are we talking here? Live people in costumes? No, I wouldn't be surprised that people would be afraid! I'm out there just alone in a witch outfit, sitting in a chair and some people seem like they need to think a second before coming over.

      Any tricks to making a good caramel apple yourself? I tried once and it was disastrous! I was using those little caramel cubes and I think something went awry with the temperature. The caramel was stringy and not sticking to the apple!

  2. Yum - your apple is making me drool.

    1. Lady M ~ Hehe! You better go find one! I revisit my caramel apple blog posts during other times of the year, and I have a similar feeling at those times!

  3. I've been having difficulties commenting on some blogs - your is one of them. For some reason I cant comment from my PC.
    Anyway your trip to the farm looked like so much fun! Love everything, especially the trains. Something about the railroad that I love.

    1. Leslie ~ Hey! Blogger has been pretty moody lately. About a month ago, I was having trouble seeing anyone's comments. Strangely, I wasn't emailed the one you left here. I just found it in the "awaiting moderation" comments section on blogger. So who knows!

      It was a lot of fun and I had a great time poking around that train area. I felt like I was making all kinds of new discoveries near the train tracks, which is surprising since this was far from my first time there!

  4. Great pics. I would have loved these toffee apples. Well, chocolate apples.

    1. Guillaume ~ Thank you! :) Oh, chocolate apples might be even better! There were some chocolate sprinkles on these, anyway. Someday, I hope to try one of those caramel apples with M&Ms all over it!

  5. Years of cartoons and video games tell me that metal train accessory is a track switch that allows the train to take different routes. Sort of like a train track intersection.
    The sign is a visual aid to indicate which way the switch is set.

    1. Dex ~ "Years of cartoons and video games" :) Thank you! Makes sense to me! I thought that sign could make a neat graphic decoration even inside a house. There's something sculptural about it.