Friday, August 10, 2018

Halloween has arrived at Tuesday Morning and it is amazing!

Tuesday morning had a fresh supply of Halloween merchandise in today! I saw those shelves and was instantly excited, I mean excited like I was a little kid seeing Halloween stuff. Even though I've seen Halloween decorations at several stores lately, these were by far the best. I was jumping from aisle to aisle with my camera, just not knowing where to go first!

There were so many great items at this store that I have enough pics to categorize. So, starting with the skeleton category, I love the personality on this one. It looks like it is actually posing for this photo. And what a cool outfit!

This is like the Betty Boop of skeletons. She's so cute with those eyelashes.

As you can see, there was quite the skeleton selection. Watching all these skeletons dance, you can almost hear the music.

I've been happy to see so much Day of the Dead themed stuff in stores the past few years.

Now, this one actually freaked me out. I think it freaked me out more than anything else I saw today. I'm not sure why, really. I suppose this is supposed to be a skeleton bride, but it looks like some kind of ritual statue.

Some wild pillows:

How cool is this!? Of course I wanted to give it a try, but I couldn't get the dial to spin.

These yoga skeletons look like they're doing some painful poses. Yow! Gritting those teeth. Look at that leg!

I love these sugar skull coaches!

There were plenty of happy sugar skull/Halloween creatures.

In with these sugar skull creations was this Day of the Dead gingerbread house. At least that's what I'd call it. Or maybe a witch's house? It looks kind of like the witch's house in Hansel and Gretel with the European type roof, although it's obviously Mexican looking in a lot of ways. I don't know if you could put a candle in here, but I think it would look cool lit up.

Onto a new section: the pumpkins! Tuesday Morning had some really nice ceramics. Note the little photobombing skeleton girl.

How fun is this shelf!? I was like "Weeee!" by the time I saw these. Bright colors, pumpkins, glitter!

I think glass pumpkins are so pretty, in part because of the reflections they cast. I only just now realized this was a candleholder. I bet this would look really, really pretty with a lit candle inside.

This next pumpkin is wild! It's like some kind of 80s Cher outfit as a pumpkin.

I love these crawling hands. Remember that one I took a pic of in the antique store years ago? Looking back, I'm not sure that wasn't the exact same hand! I wanted to think it was a super creepy antique hand at the time. Anyway, I think these hands could look great placed in all kinds of places.

In other witchiness:

How cute and vintage is this?

I'm always happy to see a pretty witch. Love that glittery eye makeup!

These next pieces were some of my favorites. I see these as being part of a Halloween carnival theme. I think part of why I'm liking these miniatures so much is that they're reminding me of Something Wicked This Way Comes. I imagine this one as a gypsy fortune teller tent.

How fun are these? We're really getting into Something Wicked territory here with the haunted carousel figures.


This lady was creeping over on the way out. Seriously, how creepy would this be on the wall at night? Like if you didn't know it was there and walked past it in a dark hall? I think my heart might skip a beat!

So, pretty great stuff, hey? This might be the most impressed I've ever been with Tuesday Morning's Halloween displays!


  1. I just recently walked around my local Michael's store and was happy to see the fall and Halloween decorations.

    1. Julie ~ I just now saw your comment an entire month after you left it! Blogger was being so strange with comments but it looks like it's back on track. One of my next blog posts is going to be about the Halloween stuff at Michaels, actually! They have some fun decorations out.

  2. Loving that carnival stuff! I had forgotten about this store, I think the last one in my area closed a few years ago.

    1. Dex ~ Me too! Some of my favorite things there were the carnival pieces. I'm starting to really like the Halloween miniatures I'm seeing. Sorry to hear your Tuesday Morning has closed. We've had ours a good decade and it's hanging on, despite a lot of other stores closing. As far as I know, we have just one local Tuesday Morning.

  3. The Sugar Skull Bride {swooning} and the Fortune Telling Skeleton... would love to add those to my Halloween Decor collections!

  4. PS: A lot of our Tuesday Morning Stores have closed down, don't know if I can even find one locally anymore?

    1. Bohemian ~ That sugar skull bride actually spooked me a bit! There was something about her that reminded me of an old religious icon. I think we're talking about the same one - the little figure in white and gold. That fortune telling skeleton is awesome! I'd love to add him to my collection too.

      Well, there's only this one Tuesday Morning around here as far as I know. I looked up Tuesday Morning stores in Arizona and found this page:

      Hope that helps! :)