Saturday, January 13, 2018

My Club Tattoo Playing Cards Review

I had quite a fun surprise during my last trip to Walgreens. If you can believe it, I found this awesome deck of playing cards next to the marked down Christmas stuff. And get this - they were marked down to $1.00!

Look at that color! And I know I don't have to tell you guys how cool those skeletons are. You probably noticed that these look like tattoo designs, or are based off general classic styles of tattoos anyway.

This is the outside of the box, showing that they are fittingly enough called "Club Tattoo" playing cards. I was already familiar with the tattoo cards from seeing pictures of them online, so when I saw this box I jumped on it!

The back of the cards matches the box:

The pictures I'd seen of the cards online didn't do justice to them. The color in person is a lot more vibrant than what I'd seen pics of. I'll share the highlights of the deck here.

These are the two Jokers. They're very different, as you can see.

Each of the card suits is based around a different tattoo style and theme. The face cards are of course where the really detailed, colorful art can be found. But the number cards, to my surprise, also had art on them! I expected them to be plain. The drawings on the number cards are more sketchy and sepia tone. I'll show you an example of each suit.

The spades have a "Skulls" theme:

The diamonds have a "Traditional Japanese" theme:

The clubs are my favorite suit in this deck. They have a "Day of the Dead" theme:

I like my skulls happy.

The hearts have what one blogger called a "Hello Sailor" theme:

On the sites where I've seen these cards for sale, this suit has been called "traditional tattoo" but it's clearly old-school-sailor-tattoo themed.

So you see where they're going with the classic tattoo themes. You'll notice in the more detailed art, that each suit has its own artistic style. Now, onto the really fun stuff! The aces:

The ace of spades was as ominous as I would expect it to be.

The classic "Mom" is probably my favorite of the aces, though.

Next, the face cards. Starting with the spades:

The King is by far the strongest of these, in my opinion.

The diamonds:

The Queen card is so beautiful.

I looked over the King at first, without noticing some pretty cool details. Looking closer, I noticed he has this wild snake curling around him and this little shrunken gremlin head on his helmet.

I was going to skip sharing a close-up of the Jack, because he's kind weirding me out. But then I thought, "I bet someone reading this can tell me who this figure is". So if you can, please do!

On to the clubs! Those of you who follow me on Twitter are going to recognize the lady in the middle here.

I love the Queen and the Jack in this suit!

There is actually some pretty good tattoo inspiration in this deck. I've never seen any Day of the Dead themed tattoos on a person, but I assume plenty of people have them.

And lastly, the hearts:

Again, it's the Queen and the Jack that I like best. I don't know what's up with some of the Kings in this deck. Except for the King of spades, which is awesome.

The Queen of Hearts looks like a beautiful gypsy to me.

And I like the way they worked an anchor with those classic birds into the lower half of the Jack card.

I took a pic of my four favorite cards together:

So, it was my lucky day when I saw these at Walgreens, hey? This is one of those purchases where you know it's going to be cool and then you get it home and realize it's really, really cool!

Interestingly, I've seen three options for these cards online, as far as the box/backs go. You can get that gold color I have, blue, or black/white. The black/white set has a completely different design on back. Here's a link if you're curious: Different color options

You might be interested to know that actual tattoo artists designed these cards and the deck is associated with an actual tattoo studio: Club Tattoo


  1. Very cool, thanks for sharing. The Japanese artwork is full of traditional demons and ghosts. I am no expert, but the face that was troubling you might be an "Onryou". See

    1. Stephen ~ I love sharing finds like this! Blog posts like this come together quickly, because I'm having such a fun time. Hey, you're sounding like an expert. ;) Onryou spirits are new to me! The illustration on that page reminds me of that movie "The Grudge". Actually the whole concept reminds me of "The Grudge"! And there at the top of that page it says that Onryou translates to "Grudge Spirit". Now I'm sure that's what they were going for, especially since "The Grudge" was based on a Japanese movie. Now I'm wanting to rewatch it! I think I'll also look over the other ghosts' pages on that site you sent me. Thanks!

  2. These cards are fabulous! I love the designs!
    Oddly enough, I have collected half a dozen wooden card boxes over the years and I have not one cool deck of cards :)

    1. Wendyvee ~ Me too! I feel pretty lucky to have found them, especially since they were the only pack left! You collect wooden card boxes? Are they antique? I'm trying to think if I've ever seen a wooden card box. I looked for some images of some online, and it looks like they hold two sets? As far as finding some cool cards to put inside those wooden boxes, there seems to be a never-ending selection of them online!

  3. Well OMG I better hit a local Walgreens or two! *WINKS* These are Fabulous!

    1. Bohemian ~ Yeah! Get on over there! And good luck! I only found this one deck. I even went back a second time to double-check. Nope, just the one. Let me know if you find yourself some!

  4. Replies
    1. Salti Loca ~ Yeah! I'm super pleased with the artwork on these cards. I'm not surprised you'd like them from what I've seen on your Google+ page. :)

  5. Are those ever pretty! I especially love the one with the Japanese lady on it. Super find!

    1. Alison ~ Yeah! Thank you! It was sure my lucky day when I spotted these. I think the card with the Japanese lady on it would look really cool in poster size. Maybe I'm just saying that because it would match my decorations in that form. :)