Thursday, November 9, 2017

The After Halloween Target, Jo-Ann's, and Walgreens Haul!

It's time for the annual After Halloween Target Haul! I lucked out and found some great deals this year, even the coveted 90% off sale. To my surprise, I also scored an item at 90% off at Walgreens. I had thought I was going to end up doing most of my hauling at Walgreens and JoAnn's this year. I didn't see a whole lot I was interested in at Target before Halloween. But after Halloween, all this cool stuff that must have been buried before, became unearthed on the Target shelves.

So, I'll start with Target's (day after Halloween) 50% off stuff. You guys have probably seen these cute little metal cans at the front of Target stores for $1.00. So this was a 50¢ find. This is going to be a year-round decoration, holding pens, pencils, etc.

Check out the inside of the can! Oooh... It's kind of like a kaleidoscope in there. I just noticed part of my hand and camera reflected in the bottom.

A cute little pillow:

It's kind of hard to see the pom-pom fringe in the last photo, so here's a close-up:

Like the pillow, this little pumpkin was the last one there. The 70% and 90% off sales are awesome, but if you've been wanting something at Target all season, you might want to jump on the day after Halloween sale. Stuff moves so fast!

Speaking of pumpkins, did you guys see many at Target this year? I'm only remembering seeing one light up jack-o-lantern all season. There were a few plain pumpkins and velvet pumpkins but they must not have stocked many jack-o-lanterns this year.

This leaf garland was a useable find. I can think of a way this could be used with autumn, Christmas, and spring decorations. Depending on if you mixed it with different colored leaves, red berries, or flowers.

Some cute gel clings:

Now, this little guy wasn't marked down. He seems pretty autumny to me. Still, none of the birds were on sale. They were nearly sold out, though! Did you guys see this series of birds? There was a funny one with a beard too. This one was named "Fisher" so I think that's a little fishing hat and fishing basket.

Now we're getting into the 70% off stuff. I saw 50% signs on the day after Halloween and 70% off signs four days later. The 90% off sale was six days after Halloween here.

So, for the most part what you're going to see next cost 30¢. How neat are these cardboard doilies? I can think of all kinds of uses for them!

They look nice on the packaging, under those caramel apples. I'm thinking of them for under figurines.

It's hard to see here because I left this "eek" wrapped in its plastic, but it's covered in a fuzzy black coating.

It's always fun to find craft supplies at these sales. They're something you can use right away, unlike some of this that has to be saved until next Halloween. I see these sequins as bronze colored.

And these I'm thinking could work well with Christmas stuff. Like maybe to hold a gift tag on a package or fasten a gift bag.

Bat clings! I didn't see these until after Halloween. I love bat clings on the windows.

And these have cute little faces and bowties, if you look closely.

Speaking of bats, how cute is this? It's going to go so well with the vintage fan type hanging decorations!

It looks like there are a few parts to assemble. You can see what he'll look like better here. Pretty darn cute!

I'd been after one of these metal lace buckets for a while. It was maybe a year since I'd seen one. 30¢ is a nice price for one of these! I saw only one of these during my trip to Target and it was in the kitchen section between bowls. It was one of those finds that someone just set down in a random place. This will be a year-round decoration. I think it would look neat with a candle inside.

You can see more of the lace design as you turn it.

OK! Onto the 90% off finds! This was a Thanksgiving pack of wood critters and general autumn stuff. I saw these earlier and liked them but I couldn't think of what to do with them. I'm trying not to pick up anything I don't have a plan for even if it's adorable and nearly free. But between seeing them the first time and returning to Target, I thought of a use for these. I'm going to paint them and decorate a frame with them.

Looking at these now, I'm thinking they could work on a wreath too.

It's kind of hard to see what's going on here because of the plastic wrapping, but I didn't want to take this banner out because it was wrapped up so nicely. It's made of triangles of thin burlap type fabric, covered in black glitter. It's tied together with black velvety ribbon. It looks like the kind of banner that could be fit behind something else or you could add something to.

I picked up several packs of Halloween treat baggies. Wilton treat bags for 10¢! Those of you who buy baking accessories know the Wilton stuff is normally pretty pricey.

This is another item I'd passed up before, but seeing it again at 90% off I thought "Hello! You go to those Day of the Dead events!" So maybe I'll wear this sugar skull temporary tattoo to one of those. Or it could look cool on a pumpkin.

Look! It's metallic!

These are called pumpkin tattoos but I doubt I'd use them for that. I'd be more likely to adhere these to a clear candleholder, or maybe the cover of a notebook. I got two packs of these for 10¢ each!

I'm thinking of adhering this pumpkin tattoo and a few others to scrapbook covers. These tattoos are pretty big, so I think that would work great. I've been collecting Halloween photos to scrapbook for years, and I think I'm finally going to get to putting them in a book this winter.

This pic on the package shows what this would look like on a pumpkin. That's pretty cute too!

Same deal here, only it's a glow-in-the-dark jack-o-lantern face.

OK, this looks pretty funny, but it was the only way I could think to show this "child's boa" 🤣 This would be for the very small child or a baby or maybe a small dog. This will be used for more decorative purposes than costume purposes. Although, I kept seeing it where I tossed it and thinking it was my adult-sized scarf that looks a lot like it.

This little cutie was only 10¢. It's a fabric bag that I think would work well to hold little Halloween decorations, stuff like spiders.

This was one of my favorite finds. I ended getting a couple of these for 10¢. Again, it's made for pumpkins, but I'm thinking of using one on a scrapbook cover. The second one will go on a black tote. These are made of felt.

This one is definite scrapbook material:

A close-up to show the bling:

I think this felt set will go on the actual scrapbook pages. There are definitely a lot of Witch Party photos I could scrapbook!

Onto the Jo-Ann's haul. There isn't too much here. I knew I wanted some more of those little wood cutouts after painting some for the Halloween party. That "Ghoul's Night Out" is a favorite. I'm picturing that one in a bright, slime green.

And these wood skulls can be strung together to form a garland. I'm thinking that each will be painted individually as a future party favor. Then maybe I'll make them into magnets.

Jo-Ann's also had this neat Thanksgiving cutout that I'm going to paint. I was hoping they'd save me one after Halloween and they did - exactly one!

They had this one too. I hadn't seen it before. I like that kind of Victorian gingerbread look it has. These were nicely marked at 70% off as well!

My one Walgreens purchase was this set of gel clings that were 19¢!

So, there's this year's haul! I really got a feel for how much there was in this haul, while putting up these pictures. When stuff costs 10¢, you can forget how much you tossed in your cart! 😊 So how did you guys do with your hauls this year? Was there much Halloween stuff left at your local stores?


  1. I think there were four "hipster" birds, two boys & two girls. We picked up a few Halloween ones early on and it's a good thing because they were gone quickly!

    I was a bit disappointed with Target this year. It seems no two stores had all the same stuff and there were things I saw people posting online that I never saw in any store.

    1. Dex ~ "Hipster" birds. :) Yeah, they did look like little hipsters. I'm not sure I remember any girl birds, although maybe they were the ones without the facial hair. It strikes me so funny to see birds with beards/mustaches! I think I saw your Halloween birds, maybe on your Flickr page. I'm remembering a little ghost bird.

      Yeah! My local Targets had a very different selection. I was surprised to hear from someone in Ohio that she saw all the same stuff I posted here at her Target, aside from one item. Does much of this look familiar to you? It's sounding like at least some of this wasn't in your Targets.

    2. I think part of it too is that they put the stuff out too early but if you try to wait, you end up missing out.

      They had these little Universal monster figures with light up eyes and they play sound clips. I had to go to 3 stores before tracking down the Creature one and it was the only one I ever saw in person.

      I wanted to pick up a spare to try and take the light up eyes out and never saw the figures again.

    3. Dex ~ Yeah, they put the stuff out real early! Which is fun for me, but I still don't want to see it all gone when October gets here. I wouldn't be surprised to see Easter stuff on the shelves now! I agree, if you really want something, you need to get it right away. I used to just say that about Dollar Tree, but now it's looking like it's going to be the same at Target. I saw some Christmas dishes at Target the other day and actually felt tempted to buy them before they're gone. But I can't seem to make myself buy Christmas stuff now.

      I never saw those Universal monster figures! Those sound great. I was going to say I should look them up, but you've probably blogged about them. So I should just check your blog. I have a lot of blogs to catch up with! You were lucky to get the Creature you found. I think they saved one just for you. :) This was like the year of the Creature at Target, with you getting that great outdoors figure/prop too.

    4. I didn't blog about him but I should have. I had most every day planned out in advance so it was hard to try and squeeze him in. Maybe in the upcoming weeks

  2. You get the best buys Justine. It helps that you have such a big variety of things in several stores, so the after holiday sales are better. Have you packed up your Halloween decorations now? I've only just put mine away for another year.

    1. Alison ~ Thank you! :) I enjoy going out and seeing what I can find. It's always fun as more things get unearthed on the shelves and I find myself saying "I didn't see that earlier!" Yeah, we have a pretty good selection of stuff here.

      Yup, the Halloween stuff is for the most part put away. Some of it can be stretched into a general autumn theme, like the pumpkins and some dried flowers. I left the Day of the Dead stuff out too. Skeletons feel year-round when they're happy. :)